DA's Vaunted Haredi Child Sex Abuse Hotline AWOL

by Failed Messiah blog
May 14, 2012

CBS 2 in New York City decided to test the Brooklyn D.A.'s claim that his Kol Tzedek hotline created for haredim to report child sexual abuse is open 24/7 and regularly staffed.

Here is what they found:

CBS 2 called the [Kol Tzedek] hotline over a period of several days, at different times of the day. Out of a total of 25 calls, only two were answered. The rest went straight to a recording....

A spokesman for Hynes said that the hotline is operated "24 hours" and is manned during some of those hours by a licensed social worker. The spokesman could not explain why earlier calls from CBS 2 went unanswered....

The DA's office claims to have helped Mordechai Jungries when his son was molested, but Jungries said that this is not true.

"We were alone, looking for a therapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, everything on our own. No help from the DA," he said.

In response to Jungries' comments, the spokesman for Hynes said that, "It's really our decision what is part of Kol Tzedek."

And it actually is your decision whether Charles Hynes stays in office. You don't even have to wait for the next election if you feel strongly about this and believe you can muster enough votes to recall him, if that's what you think should be done.

Hynes, having a truth-challenged interview, it seems, also told CBS 2 that there have been almost 100 accused haredi child molesters brought in through Kol Tzedek. Hynes said this despite the fact that newspapers like the Jewish Week, the Guardian and the New York Times have shown that a large bulk of those claimed cases did not come to the D.A. through Kol Tzedek, and that many did not enter the system through his office at all. In fact, some cases claimed by Hynes even preceded Kol Tzedek's creation.

But as Hynes and his spokespeople regularly claim, "It's really [Hynes'] decision what is part of Kol Tzedek," – not ours. And even if Kol Tzedek exists largely as a figment of Hynes imagination, the make believe world in Hynes' head is absolutely real.


Because Charles Hynes says it is real, facts to the contrary be damned.

And so goes the circular reasoning of Brooklyn's District Attorney.