Tensions Boil Over Outside Fundraiser For Accused Rapist In Williamsburg; Arrests Made

Vos Is Neias
May 16, 2012

A debate over how to report sexual abuse crimes in the orthodox Jewish community was tense and at times violent as it spilled into the streets on Wednesday night.

Police arrested at least two people from Jewish community after rushing the gate where protesters carried signs and voiced criticism for the fundraiser intended to raise money for a man accused of abusing a teenaged girl.

At the center of it all is Nechemya Weberman, a Jewish counselor charged with forcing a girl to have sex with him over a three year period.

His supporters don't believe the charges are true.

Inside the event, a collection was set up. Some people dropped off checks.

But the protesters say the fundraiser is about more than a rally and represents the attitude to protect the accused and criticize the accuser.

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