60K Expected At Sold-Out Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rally Against Internet's Evils Sunday

By John Del Signore (Gothamist)
May 18, 2012

We were excited to go check out this Sunday's "Ultra-Orthodox Jews Against The Internet" rally, which we're putting in quotes here because that's not technically what it's about. The rabbinical group organizing the event says that contrary to initial reports, they're not trying to stop the Internet, but rather raise awareness about its dangers. Apparently it's a message people want to hear—not only did they sell out the 40,000 seat Citi Field, but the 20,000 seat Arthur Ashe Stadium, which was rented for overflow, is also sold out. (And only men allowed.)

Some media outlets are having a hard time getting access to the event, but fortunately, there are tickets for the anti-Internet rally on eBay! They were originally sold for $10, but now some bids have soared as high as $124.50! Is Thom Yorke supposed to do a surprise DJ set or something?

There will also be a counter-rally outside CitiField called "The Internet Is Not the Problem." Organizer Ari Mandel says his goal is to draw attention to child molestation in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. "It's infuriating that these rabbis are so focused on the Internet, instead of far more serious dangers," Mandel tells the Times, which has more on the hottest ticket in town.