Brooklyn DA Hynes: Orthodox Jewish Sex Abuse Victims Face Intimidation

By Oren Yaniv (NY Daily News)
May 31, 2012

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said the intimidation of sex abuse victims in the Orthodox Jewish community went beyond the bullying tactics the mob uses to silence witnesses.

"I haven't seen this kind of intimidation in organized crime cases or police corruption," Hynes said Wednesday. "Nobody gives a damn about victims [in that community\]. All they care about is protecting the abusers."

Hynes said he has put together a panel of officials to develop strategies to stop bullies.

The aim "is to put people in handcuffs [if they] intimidate, harass or otherwise threaten victims or their families," Hynes said.

Hynes has been under fire recently since enacting a policy of refusing to name accused molesters. He said that decision was to prevent victims from being harassed.

"They would engage, this community, in a relentless search for the victims. . . and then the victims will be intimidated and threatened and the case would fall apart," said Hynes.

Victims face expulsions from yeshivas and difficulties in arranging marriages, he said.

Since he enacted the no-naming police three years ago, the problem has subsided but hasn't disappeared, he said.