Brooklyn Child Rape Monster Avrohom Mondrowitz Continues To Meet Troubled Kids In Israel
June 3, 2012

Abraham Mondrowitz, the most notorious New York, child molester lives unpunished in Israel.

Called the "Bin Laden of pedophiles" by one of the victims, the Rabbi that falsely self-proclaimed himself as a psychologist fled the United States in 1984, just before the police raided his Borough Park, Brooklyn, home to an order of court search. They found a stash of child pornography and lists of hundreds of names of local children, most referred to Mondrowitz for Jewish families and service agencies for counseling for children and their style yeshiva program.

"He was known in the island community as the go-to therapist, mentor a child," an outspoken victim of Mondrowitz, Mark Weiss, whose parents sent him to Mondrowitz at age 13. "He had a skill given to children."

Weiss says Mondrowitz treated him to restaurants and amusement parks, then took him to bed for a week's stay at his home. Weiss, at 18, finally told his parents and a rabbi about the sexual abuse, they "left it to die. Any story I told was canceled and buried."

However, years later, the New York police finally caught up with Mondrowitz after receiving anonymous complaints. He was indicted in 1985 on charges of sexual abuse and sodomy against four Italian-American boys ages 11 to 16, who lived in the neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Detectives also found many Orthodox Jewish children who sobbed as they spoke of horrific sexual assault by a man they trusted, but their families were not allowed to press charges.

Community pressure to keep the shameful secret accusations continues to protect child molesters today, advocates and law enforcement authorities say.

"He got away with it," said a spokesman for Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes.

Last week Mondrowitz, 64, was spotted wearing religious dress in Nachlaot neighborhood in central Jerusalem near his apartment on the street Jezreel. He wears a facade of piety and respectability, even leading prayer services at the local synagogue. But the documents show that he continues his love of pornography and continues to seek contact with children with problems.