Letter to NY Times

In response to Police vs. Prosecutor in ’94 Brooklyn Kidnapping Case Against a Rabbi:

The coverups of child abuse in Brooklyn have been going on since I was a kid more than 50 years ago, when I was growing up in Crown Heights. My pleas as a child for someone to do something about it were ignored. The experience of being a victim of domestic violence and rape radicalized me and forced me to leave the community. Everyone who tries to stop a victim or victim's family from reporting should be busted for obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting and any other charges you can dump on them, starting with Yaakov Perlow and David Zwiebel who make a mockery of the organization my father, Volvie Friedman, and his best friend, Moshe Sherer, built to give Orthodox Jews some power. This is not the kind of power they had in mind. As my mom said two weeks ago, when she heard what these two said about reporting to rabbis before dialing 911, she is glad they are both dead and didn't live to see the day that the organization they spent decades creating would turn into a protection haven for perverts. Prosecute them and get rid of Charlie Hynes for being their protector.

-Jeanette Friedman, NYC