Hynes Right on Sex Abuse Cases

NY Daily News
June 15, 2012

There are many who are too quick to judge Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes' integrity and the motivation behind his handling of sex abuse cases in the Hasidic community. Hynes has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to prosecuting complex and difficult sexual assault, trafficking and domestic violence crimes. His office has been on the cutting edge of combining victim support with new prosecutorial techniques to proceed with the prosecution of difficult cases.

Coming forward to expose a perpetrator, especially in a close-knit community, requires extraordinary courage. It must be accompanied by sensitive intervention that takes into consideration a victim's circumstances, community supports and cultural constraints.We have worked alongside Hynes for changes in culture that reduce sexual violence, as well as on legal reforms that result in more successful prosecution. We hope to continue.

Mary Haviland, executive director,
New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault