Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Surface At Orthodox Jewish Camp

By Vos Iz Neias
August 12, 2012

New York State Police are investigating allegations of sexual abuse at Camp Shalva, an Orthodox Jewish camp in upstate South Fallsburg.

The New York Post reports ( that surveillance video captured footage of an intruder entering and exiting the bunks belonging to seventh- and eighth-grade boys from Brooklyn this past Wednesday, early in the morning. The suspect is accused of molesting several of the campers. The perpetrator is identified as a truck driver for a kosher-food business and is possibly a registered sex offender.

Sources say the boys reported the incidents in the morning to camp supervisors, but were told not to tell their parents just yet.

Criminal-defense attorney and former Sullivan County prosecutor Stephen Lungen said anxious camp officials called him at approximately 3 p.m. on Thursday to ask how to proceed. “They were very upset and concerned about how to deal with it,” Lungen said.