Camp Calamity

World Jewish Daily
August 15, 2012

Shocking molestation charges have surfaced at a sleepaway camp for Orthodox Jewish pre-teens in upstate New York, the New York Post reports.

According to police, now investigating the matter, an assailant crept into Camp Shalva in South Fallsburg, a popular summer destination for Brooklyn-based boys, and molested several of them sleeping in the ‘just-Bar Mitzvahed’ bunk.

But what makes the incident even more shocking is when the boys complained to the camp supervisor, who confirmed their story by watching surveillance tapes, he instructed the young men to remain silent about the matter. Then, according to those with whom he spoke, he frantically contacted a local lawyer and a sex-abuse advocacy group, who put him in touch with the District Attorney as well as the Office of Children and Family Services.

The police have not yet released any information on the suspect who is believed to be a kosher-food deliveryman and possibly a registered sex-offender.

The camp has not yet made a statement regarding the shocking allegations, which were first posted on a Yiddish-language Web site.