By Yerachmiel Lopin (Frum Follies blog)
October 12 2012


(see update about police protection on bottom of posting)

Satmar Williamsburg under the leadership of R. Zalman Leib Teitelbaum harbors the molesting Rabbi Avrohom Reichman in its schools and defends indicted child rapist R. Nechemya Weberman who was a “torah therapist” to girls from their school. They kept R. Reichman in spite of credible lie detector tests they administered with the accuser, advocate Joel Engelman and the accused, Reichman. They organized a massive fundraiser for Nechemya Weberman and have harassed the young woman who will testify against them and have thrown her nieces and nephews out of schools. This protection of molesters and harassment of witnesses must stop. This demonstration should help persuade potential donors to give their money to more honorable mosdos.

Please join us in a demonstration outside a fundraiser for Satmar in Flatbush on Sunday Oct 14, 4 pm outside the home of Mr and Mrs Shimie Lax, 1342 E. 31st Street, Brooklyn11210.

Sponsors of this event include:

  • Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg
  • Rabbi Yosef Blau
  • Mark Appel of Voice of Justice
  • Yerachmiel Lopin, Frum Follies
  • Mrs. Pearl Engelman, advocate, Williamsburg
  • and other individuals and groups advocating against Child Abuse.

Groups Publicizing this event and encouraging attendance include, Survivors for Justice,,, The event is also being publicized on facebook pages by Rachmona Utzlon (Ari Mandel), Zaakah, and many other pages. Marci Hamilton, prominent constituional lawyer who works on advancing legislation to protect children has also tweeted the event to encourage attendance.

See a longer posting about this fundraising event here.

Some of the protest signs will say, “Satmar Rebbe, Stop Protecting Child Molesters!”

Update- Sunday Oct 14, noon- There will be police present to maintain the peace if the other side gets unruly. Remember this is intended as a peaceful demonstration with picket signs, leafleting, and press coverage. All of these activities are constitutionally protected free speech. Just don’t block anyone else either on streets or sidewalks, and dont use any sound systems. If the police set up barricades respect them. If there is any improper behavior by Satmar, capture it on camera, video, and sound recordings and share it with me via this site or my FaceBook page (Yerachmiel Lopin).