Rabbi Sprayed With Chemical in Attack

By Jim Dolan (WABC News)
December 11, 2012

A rabbi is recovering after a brutal attack.

He was sprayed with a substance that burned him.

The rabbi is an outspoken critic of sex abuse in the ultra Orthodox community.

It happened just one day after a well-known Orthodox Jew was convicted of sexually abusing a young girl that he was supposed to be counseling.
"Unfortunately, in this community, people feel if you go to the authorities, you're a rat," said Abe George, a Williamsburg resident.

Abe George says that is why Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg was targeted Tuesday afternoon as he walked along a street in Williamsburg.

Rosenberg, a staunch supporter of victims' rights in the Hassidic community, claims he had bleach thrown in his eye right as he walked in Williamsburg.

"I couldn't believe it myself. It happened right in front of me," said Primo Santiago, an eyewitness.

Primo Santiago was just opening up his liquor store when he saw the attack.

Rosenberg was a regular presence at the trial of Rabbi Nechemeya Weberman.

Weberman was convicted Monday of molesting a young girl over several years, and Rosenberg and his attorney feel he was targeted because of his activism supporting the young victim.

Rosenberg was not seriously hurt. He may have been lucky.

"I'm glad he had his glasses on," Santiago said.