Jerusalem Haredi Man Convicted Of Sodomy And Indecent Assault On Haredi Kids

By Shmarya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah blog)
January 23, 2013

Binyamin Schatz, a 46-year-old haredi man from Jerusalem, was convicted today in Jerusalem District Court on sodomy and indecent assault against charges. Schatz sexually abused several haredi children in 2009 and 2010. The youngest child was seven-years-old when he was sexually abused.

Schatz lived alone on Hanatziv Street. In 2010 he confessed to police that he had abused children there and at another apartment in a different haredi neighborhood where he had previously resided.

He told police that when his neighbors in the other haredi neighborhood found out he was a serial child molester, they forced him to move to another area of the city. If Schatz refused to move, the neighbors told him they would report him to police.

Schatz was eventually arrested after a complaint was filed by the mother of a five-year-old boy in his new haredi neighborhood who had been asking his mother to allow him to shower many times a day. The mother also reportedly found signs of abuse on her son’s body.

When police searched Schatz’s apartment, they found an album photos of neighborhood children.

Schatz reportedly lured children into his apartment by offering them candy. He also threatened some of the children with harm to them and their families if they told anyone about abuse.

After he was arrested, other haredi parents told police about abuse and sodomy of their children by Schatz.

When arraigned, Schatz denied abusing any of the children. I “would never do such things,” Schatz reportedly said.

No information is available of Schatz’s sentence.