Rebbe On The Run

By Shmarya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah blog)
April 11, 2013

ZIY writes about Shuvu Banim Breslov leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland, who is reportedly wanted for questioning in Israel for allegedly sexually abusing many women and girls, some of them minors below the age of consent:

The fascinating unfolding of the Berland saga - it seems that:

(1) recently the "kabbalist" R' Yeshayah Pinto, who is under investigation for bribery etc., went to visit Berland in Casablanca

(2) The Spinker Rebbe of Donolo (Israel) traveled to Switzerland before Pesach to visit Berland before the latter took off for Morocco

(3) Berland instructed his students to leave Morocco, under the behest of the local authorities, &

(4) Though [Berland's] next destination is for now uncertain, the rumor is that Brazil may be his next stop (so claims Shaulson on "Beolamam shel Chareidim" blog). Remember, this is where [convicted kabbalistic child abuser] Elior Chein & others ran off to when under investigation [in Israel].

And then there is this email making the rounds of Breslov supporters, forwarded to me earlier today by Nick:

Member and friends,

Many friends asked me to get clarification, all those stories of 'defamation' and 'Rcilot', perhaps, and with great hope, the end of the day, it turns out that it really was all just' libelous' ... And consequently all the Bizivnot' and bloodshed, now passes Rabbi Berland sixth standard laser, and his sixth standard, and a large community in Israel sixth standard.

I settled very first whether I should take it off or not. But after some thought, I decided to take to respond and clarify.

The truth is, at first had decided to clear things only in those forums in several different media, which is very besmirched his name. And so I did. But now, after that some people who have a primary interest to make the stories will be published and will be compensated in all directions, and it made it that recently then even inside the camp, between fear the Lord, and think his name is, do not stop talking and blabbing all over the place and took on the thorny issue of this (and Just as in the past, forums of various media, and the general media, most fearing D abstain from them), I Lmskna, take it and make things clear, even in response to an answer to all my colleagues and friends who receive my sixth standard updates via email.

I'll try to explain things as many shortcuts and extract.

And if I was wrong and atone for sin is merciful.

1) so long turn out the Shmuot' these witnesses are acceptable and true, and according to the standards of inquiry according to the opinion of Torah and Halacha, it not only did not have to believe all the rumors, but maybe, probably, by law, also should not believe all rumors, and certainly not accept them as absolute. All this even if it was a simple man from Israel, KW When the person who was being held today as a scholar working Wednesday., And despite all the objections that were against him in the past, many large Breslov, all sorts of other radical leaders and the like. Mountains Still, every Jew, as mentioned, has a presumption of kashrut, and certainly a man like him., especially when it's more than fifty years who know him thousands and thousands of Israel, which for decades had also been able to return back thousands of sons and daughters of Israel and all the other colonies, and heard never be anyone come to the plot and the rumor of this kind ... although as stated above were rabbis from Breslov opposed to all kinds of leadership other extreme of his many areas, especially in matters between man and man, but a rumor like this - go for serious crimes serious matters of holiness and purity - we have not heard or seen to this day ... and therefore, it is the honesty and truth to the rumors, and suddenly decide, on a clear day, after decades of study of the Torah and the work of the Lord, and devotion in many areas in matters of work D. matters between people and things between man place, and decide a clear decision and say it turns out retrospectively every work Wednesday and his Torah study singular and plural was all a lie and cover acts such ... and perhaps should do about this inquiry went with rabbis jurisprudents qualified, if the reality of a time like this, after the rumor already left, perhaps, we should act according to the law with the rule: "You only have to worry about" - "Lmihs Mibai."

2) In particular, when there is a 'legs talk to God Adoiot' and Hshmuot' bloom are correct, and have, perhaps, an entirely different purpose ... Rumors are that most people are me, at least, Ktzt' 'dubious' and 'eccentric'. (Such as people who were in the past, and there are also those that are still present, addicted to drugs and alcohol ...). In particular, when the situation in community life, the past two years, is a state of emptiness and void and desolate, with regard to civil matters, disputes and fights almost every field.

3) In particular, whoever knows the R. Laser last thirty years can say that such a complicated and misunderstood soul and, arguably, is the soul of madness ... He was also able to do it on purpose ... I mean: R. laser can turn all kinds of tricks and tricks, and go to the limit of the permissible and the forbidden, and all that to make out it a bad name like that, and he still continues all the way to convince the Everyone who came in contact with him that he sinned and missed ... It sounds a bit fanciful and far-fetched, but anyone who knows him the last thirty years knows that he can do things like this - and why? What is its purpose? Some would say to get disgraced himself, arguably, to accelerate redemption, and will say that it is probably because of megalomania ... (Perhaps, he caught to such extremes, according to his understanding of the words of Rabbeinu Moharan Part A Torah Rogers' Ayish well, and see also Bh"b turn Fg' end.) That is really climbing the most difficult and complicated to explain and understand. that is really climbed this is not normal, and this is not expected, one could easily believe that he is able to stand behind this surreal story ... I'm not saying for sure that it was indeed true - but I say there is still room to say it, maybe even some parts of the puzzle '... that is such a complicated it can also persuade some of his students and his students Shialilo him that, and he will do things with them last to the end of the permitted and forbidden to "confirm" the plot ... and he still will convince them of it will have Some of salvation and all his Eden Gardens ...

4) and all, when it comes to actually each and every one: even if, God forbid, it turns out, demanding kosher testimony and investigation according to the opinion of Torah and Halacha, that Rabbi laser failed ... It is certainly 'moral' terrible ... How no one in the world "insurance he will not fail ... That if a scholar and a work fourth one can fail - what they say if they were not so smart students and staff Wednesday ... Therefore, the conclusion is: be careful and beware now all the Protections Settings us sages, in terms of the ban, uniqueness, and it comes with enormous care with regard to each area of ??consideration really needs others stood out instead, and with regard to all matters of between one person and another, and so on it ... and if we all difficult and painful story that only Mskna it: and it was rented by R. laser!

And I will refrain myself from adding a few more clarifications (especially when it comes to Section 3), also to not spend an obstacle hands. And I'll try to clarify my remarks more so, because God forbid me, and I never thought you could by such indecent acts to bring redemption and salvation ... And what I wrote and I made was as follows:

5) Anyone who knows R. laser better in the last 30 years, can tell, this man, charismatic, is not simple complicated soul. And I personally do not know of any other such type of people. And has certainly these data, arguably, may he himself is behind all this evil rumor spread about him. So, he thought, that was it "rumor" such and such will have disgraced himself ... It will atone for the generation, which will hasten the redemption ... Not forbid and "hmashim themselves "will bring redemption, because actually, this line of thinking, the non Such acts were never", but, as he himself made the S"iirah as if they were, God forbid, such actions. " .. And following the humiliations he will be following these rumors ... And he will also remain silent on the disgrace it is what will make atonement for sins.

6) and clarified beyond any doubt: even if these were his thoughts and goals of R. laser, then I certainly do not agree with him that ... And I really regret that ... In part because of desecration D caused great result, and less serious defamation fight the world, and causing damage to many educational and daughters of Israel ... But could well be that this is some of the 'puzzle' of this sad affair image.

7) and on many asking whether such a situation they can still turn around, see a laser, and hear teachings, and to quote? Again, clear, and says: Because I hope so, and many others like me hope very end of the day will be resolved, R. laser did not sin and not missed anything in the world, in terms of bad rumors being spread about him now ... And because in my eyes, see laser is a very complex character, as noted above, be said that he himself also organized all cleverly affair ... Therefore, since there still, now, a place to say it all about, hence thinking I still anyone who decides, force his own choice, he wants to hang around in the shade, despite the leadership extreme that environment, and continue to believe in his innocence and power spiritual, and hear the words teachings - allowed him to continue to do so.

8) and an interesting point, another point to think about this: it can not be denied that even at this moment, see laser continues to study and pray most of the day and night ... And continues to make everybody followers took to study and pray and keep the commandments ... And I for one do not know the state of it makes someone into fantasies of Sbtaot' ... With regard to this sad affair.

9) What is more, usually when a person 'really' failed actions such as what is being spread now see laser ... And especially when it also published this scale, it usually can break it and break it mentally mentally moral ... And here, in R. Laser opposite happens, he goes on all matters of Torah and all matters of work Wednesday - that it speaks volumes! All this shows how he truly a very complicated ...

10) Moreover, I must clarify, to remove any doubt: if, God forbid, it turns out, that the defense tried to defend is not true, and God forbid it turns out, the investigation and the demand by the faithful witnesses according to the rules of the Torah and Halacha, the evidence of the attesting indeed the truth are , then I would fully identify the view that such a completely disqualified from serving as a rabbi and as a character. Of course there is also an answer to such a man, Parshas Vayikra learned 'that President sin, and Sages add:' Blessed are the generation that President confesses roofs and Zdonotio "... But if, God forbid, it turns out that there was a real one, not just a desire and thinking of bashing himself and receiving lysine, etc. ... And it turns out, God forbid, that sin was also dressed in messianic thoughts of nobility and like it ... And it turns out that there is also public confession of remorse and shame and acceptance for the future ... It is probably already there is a deviation of Sbtaot' ... And will not, for most people, get close to him and hear him Torah. Then I would have to be of Rabbi Meir who has learned from Elisha Ben Abuya even when the discovery was bad. So bland and request and hope murky and complicated differentials that will be resolved very soon on her good side and will be removed soon wrath of God over all Israel.

In conclusion, stated again:

Because, to this day, with all the criticism that many rabbis Breslov against the leadership's radical R. laser, but most of the rabbis and affects Breslov, as well as great men of Israel and its rabbis, would meet with him and go from admiring erudition, genius, working d of it, the conversion of thousands of people through an act of His grace ... Again though they had also criticized him, especially against radical approach in every area ... There were some really Breslov rabbis fought in all kinds of internal matters of leadership Bratslav, but everyone admitted that he was working Wednesday ... There were those who argued for many years that he just "too much genius" and the limit of the 'madness' ... but it is clear that nearly fifty years who know him tens of thousands of sons and daughters of Israel and never went to any bad rumor and no such libel, which, God forbid, a suspect pass such prohibitions and acts ...

All this, together with other branches as well as the above, bring me to a place, as long as all the rumors against him are just a 'Shmuot', and proved to be clearly true by valid witnesses and faithful through demand an investigation by the rules of the Torah and Halacha, it is that I felt and all, the duty of care, not to accept the defamation "and" Harcilot' and libel, and still has the duty of all of us, try him harshly (not the acts attributed to him ... only it himself ... ) I hope anyway, truth become clear very quickly that he did not sin nor a crime ... Otherwise, desecration D. wrath D is the terrible!

And since we are now these days of "Omer", certainly a must doubled rests on all of us to run up to the last tip that many disputes in Israel. And duty imposed on each run until the end of last Mlhcfis every person in Israel, KW scholar, and his large family in Israel, and a whole community of Israel ... and the Jewish people throughout the world drives these days few signs of mourning and grieving the deaths of 24 thousand students of Rabbi Akiva ... and we need each year to fix this terrible flaw, "not disrespectful of each other" ... and to be a disciple of Rabbi Akiva said: "This is a great rule in the Torah and love your neighbor as yourself" ... and a disciple of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai said: "Annan Bhbibotih thaliana Milta" ...

And May, we hypothesized heavenly purity Spirit from above, to increase peace and tranquility always love and brotherhood and friendship between man and man and between man and wife. And clean perfectly the words of Rabbi Rabbi Nachman zy and student trustee Rabbi Nathan of Breslov zy, talk a lot in the books, the obligation constant imposed on each one to try and ensure there will always be a bond of love and affection between all parts of all Israel and all the other colonies, and thus bring our their salvation and the redemption of Israel and soon out of pity and charity, to send us a Saviour justice from on high, to rush our salvation and redemption ourselves.

And that Aqua have contributed my bit, and left by my duty, to be Mazby of many, causing controversy eliminate Israel, and increase love and peace between all the people of Israel.

ברוך מרדכי

Update 5:12 am CDT 4-12-2013 – Here is a video of Berland in a synagogue in Morocco [Hat Tip: Burich]: