Kolko Trial: Why the Lakewood Establishment is Scared

By Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn (Da'as Torah blog)
May 7, 2013

Regarding the trial - there are two factors that are being directly challenged. One is the severe intimidation by the Lakewood establishment. The letters I received about Kolko from Lakewood mentioned that their identify needed to be kept secret or else they would be ruined in Lakewood. It is not just the askanim but the rabbis who threaten all those who are different. The second issue is that this time around the victim's father has clear unambiguous halachic support for his position and is well aware of it.

At the end of the trial it will be clear that halacha has been subverted for the sake of power over the community. There is no question that Kolko will be found guilty and thus these two issues will be the point of focus.

Lakewood in general is in for some significant surprises and shocks. In contrast to the Weberman case, the victim family is highly respected and there is absolutely no question of credibility - beside the fact that Kolko has already confessed to the social worker who will be required to testify. There are also respected rabbis who will testify in support of the victim's father - against the Lakewood establishment. There are also clear halachic rulings in this case by gedolim that the Lakewood establishment does not want publicized - but which will be publicized.

Consequently Lakewood image of being the Jews who are truest to Torah will be tarnished. Their moral authority will be severely questioned and they are scared. I don't expect you to believe any of this but just keep it in mind when the trial is over and the dust settles. There will be no attempt to deliberately besmirch Lakewood - but there will be a clear revelation of the truth. That is what they are afraid of!