Man who molested boy in Jewish bath house gets five years — and an earful from the victim whose life he ‘ruined’

By Oren Yaniv (NY Daily News)
May 1, 2013

A man who sexually assaulted a Brooklyn boy in a Jewish bath house was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday after hearing his unforgiving victim blame him for ruining his life.

Meir Dascalowitz, 29, had pleaded guilty to abusing the boy beginning when he was 12 and continuing for about a year. But before his sentencing, he got a chance to hear the impact of his repulsive acts.

"I will never forgive to you for the things you did to me," the now 17-year-old boy wrote in a letter read in Brooklyn Supreme Court. "You ruined my life."

"I have been hurt and this hurt will continue throughout my life," the victim continued, revealing that he had been kicked out of school and lost friends after reporting the abuse to authorities.

Airing such dirty laundry is frowned upon by many members of the insular, ultra-Orthodox community. In rare cases when victims come forward — as in last year’s trial of Hasidic counselor Nechemya Weberman — the victims are often subjected to the trauma of intense grilling on the witness stand and shunning by their neighbors.

Prosecutor Kevin O'Donnell said his office agreed to Descalowitz’ plea deal "so the victim won't have to see his abuser again and will avoid the ordeal and the trauma of testifying."

Still, Dascalowitz will likely be back on the street in about two and a half years, owing to credit for time served. He said nothing at the sentencing — but his victim’s mother filled the silence with anger.

"What this monster of an animal did to our precious diamond is unforgivable," she said. "How many children's life will be ruined?"

Advocates in the Hasidic community said they were satisfied the case ended without forcing the victim to relive his suffering in a trial, as Weberman’s victim did.

That said, the young woman in that case is "especially happy today" because she hopes her case would convince accused pervs to cop out to the charges against them, her husband Boorey Deutsch said.