Tzedek Statement on Kramer Guilty Plea

April 12, 2013

Below is the full Tzedek statement and links to some of the major media coverage following today’s incredible development. We will continue to post media articles in the comment section. Please note that there will be some TV and radio coverage as well (if you have access to these items, please send them to us or post in the comment section).

Tzedek CEO Manny Waks, who was present at today’s court hearing, issued the following statement:

“Today’s development is an important milestone for the many victims and a watershed moment for the Australian Jewish community. David Kramer is the first perpetrator to be held accountable for his crimes against innocent children since this scandal broke in mid-2011 and the first within a Jewish institution as an employee.

Today’s developments will send out a strong message to our community; you will be brought to justice irrespective of how far back you committed these crimes. There is no immunity. Hopefully it will encourage some of his many other alleged victims to come forward – indeed, hopefully it will also encourage victims of other perpetrators within our community to seek justice for the abuse they endured.

We also hope that there is a similarly swift resolution in the other child sexual cases that are currently underway.

The victims whom I’ve spoken to are delighted with this outcome and feel a great sense of relief. Justice is finally being served – the perpetrator is finally being held to account. We hope and trust that he will get the sentence he deserves. I hope that once he is sentenced it will bring an element of closure to the brave victims who ensured justice is achieved. I call upon all the other alleged victims to try to muster the courage to hold him to account for the crimes he committed against them. For that matter, I encourage anyone who has been a victim of child sexual abuse to go to the police so that they too can achieve justice. Tzedek would be happy to assist in any way that we can.

It’s truly amazing when you consider the fact that there are now multiple cases and investigations into numerous perpetrators within the Jewish community, with many victims in multiple cities in Australia – not just relating to the abuse itself but also to the cover-ups. It is particularly sad that this mainly involves the fervently Orthodox community.

The Jewish community must stand up to this scourge and respond in an unequivocal manner. We must say: Enough! No more silence.”

Some of the major media links:

Thank you to the brave victims, thank you to those who have supported them unconditionally, and thank you to those who have supported Tzedek in implementing its mission; to advocate for the Jewish victims and survivors of child sexual abuse.

Enough! No more silence.

Shabbat Shalom and a great weekend to everyone.