DA Releases Partial List Of Convicted 'Haredi' Child Sex Abusers

By Shmarya Rosenberg (Failed Messiah blog)
July 21, 2013

Brooklyn DA Charles J. Hynes has released a partial list of child sexual abusers he claims were convicted through his special haredi Kol Tzedek program that 'protected' victims by shielding the names of their rapists and abusers from the public.

Hynes was widely pilloried by activists, victims, politicians and legal experts for hiding those names from public view for several reasons – not the least of which is that doing so does not protect victims or reduce abuse.

So now, stuck in tight Democratic primary race that he actually could lose, Hynes decided to pony up a list of names.

That list is limited to convictions and, as I noted above, contains names of perpetrators who are not haredi and some who are not even Jewish, and many of these criminals were under-charged and/or allowed to plead guilty in sweetheart plea deals that saw them get small slaps on the wrist for destroying the lives of children.

But Hynes still refuses to name dozens of haredim who have been indicted for these crimes but who have not yet been put on trial, as the Post does manage to note:

…The DA still refuses to name those arrested in pending cases for horrific crimes, including:

* The kidnapping and sexual assault of a 4-year-old girl;

* The sodomy of two young boys in a synagogue;

* A 33-year-old man accused of molesting three boys, 13, 14 and 15, in his yeshiva.

Of the convictions, 33 were felonies, 13 misdemeanors. Ten other offenders copped to violations. The only convicted woman sexually abused her son and was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison.

DA officials say victims still fear ostracism for reporting a rapist or child molester. At least 10 cases were dismissed and seven downgraded because victims backed out or parents refused to let their kids testify.…

The Post published what it calls a Hall of Shame that is supposed to show Hynes' crackdown on haredi child sexual abusers.

But a significant number of the people on this list are not haredi, many are not even Jewish, a large number were under-charged, some pleaded to extremely reduced charges in sweetheart plea deals, and several were prosecuted because activists vilified by haredi leaders brought victims vilified by haredi leaders to police or the DA, bypassing the DA's special (and allegedly corrupt) haredi reporting scheme, Kol Tzedek – facts the Post knew, I'm told, but chose not to report.

Hynes' false claims for the success of Kol Tzedek are why Hynes claimed so many convictions for Kol Tzedek to begin with. This list does not support his false claims.

In other words, the list does not prove the DA to be doing a good job, and the Post knew it but chose not to report that – perhaps because Hynes is on this fall's ballot as a Conservative and as a Republican, along with fighting to win the Democratic primary.

And that means Rupert Murdoch's New York Post appear to be tossing the lives of haredi kids (and many other Brooklynites) under the bus in order to protect Murdoch's chosen political party and its candidate, Charles J. Hynes.