Brooklyn Hasid claims fraudster tweeted pic of sex abuse victim

By Oren Yaniv (NY Daily News)
January 13, 2014

A Brooklyn Hasid charged with posting a Twitter photo of a teen sex abuse victim testifying against her former counselor claims the picture was actually uploaded by a fraudster.

The defendant, known as Lemon Juice, was arrested in November 2012 during the explosive trial of Nechemya Weberman after a photo of the victim — who was 18 at the time — appeared on Twitter showing her testifying. Lemon Juice and two others are charged with criminal contempt.

Legal papers obtained by the Daily News show the real poster is believed to be Moses Klein, the personal driver of the Satmar sect’s grand rabbi. Weberman was a counselor for the Satmars.

The document said the AOL email address associated with the Lemon Juice account is registered to Klein, “the driver and right-hand man to Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum.”

The case against the three defendants was pushed back to Feb. 7 after a prosecutor said plea offers may be made.