Multi-Million dollar civil suits filed against Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum & Eitz Chaim

By Vicki Polin (
May 15, 2014

Three separate multi-million dollar, civil suit have been filed against the Eitz Chaim Schools and convicted sex offender, Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum.

In Canada there is no statute of limitations on sex crimes against children, both criminally or civilly. Back in 2012, several adult men came forward filing police reports against Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum, stating he sexually assaulted them as teenagers. Earlier this year, Heshi Nussbaum pled guilty to the sex charges relating to his abusing 6 boys under his care. All three civil suit have been filed by attorney Simona T. Jellinek.

As policy the names of the victimized by sex crimes are protected and in this article will be referred to as “Survivor A”, “Survivor B” and “Survivor C.”

“Survivor A”, is an adult male who is now forty-six, states that when he was thirteen-years-old, he was sexually assaulted by Heshi Nussbaum, who was the survivors teacher at the time while he was a student at the Eitz Chaim Schools. The allegedly were made aware of the crime, yet failed to report the both the neglect and abuse of its students.

Back in 1982, the survivor was on a school trip to Maple Lake lodge, which was organized by Eitz Chaim. Rabbi Nussbaum, who recently became a convicted sex offender, supervised the trip. In the official issued statement submitted to the court, the survivors states that he was subjected to heinous sexual, physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Heshi Nussbaum.

Rabbi Nussbaum sexually assaulted the survivor approximately two days after the child arrived at the lodge. The assault involved fondling and oral sex. According to the report Rabbi Nussbaum used his position as a teacher and a member of the clergy to secure the trust of his intended victims.

On October 24, 2012 “Survivor A” finally found the courage to report Heshi Nussbaum to the police. Subsequently Nussbaum plead guilty to the assault on this survivor along with five other boys.

“Survivor B”, was only twelve-years-old when he was sexually assaulted by Nussbaum back in 1972 at Camp Eitan. Nussbaum was acting as a guardian, chaperone and teacher, at an event sponsored by the Eitz Chaim School system.

In 1975, while touring Jerusalem with the Toronto Boy’s Choir, Nussbaum attempted to assault “Survivor B”, once again. The report states that Nussbaum attempted to enter the survivors bed, but the survivor curled up into a fetal position and pretended to sleep. Because Nussbaum did not get the reaction he hoped for, he left. On August, 2012, “Survivor B” reported the assault to the police

In 1973, “Survivor C” was between 12 -13 years old when he was sexually assaulted by Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum. “Survivor C” attended Eitz Chaim from Kindergarten through 9th grade. Nussbaum was the survivors forth grade teacher, until the child changed schools. “Survivor C” and his classmates were accompanied by Rabbi Nussbaum on a field trip to Montreal. While sleeping on a cot, the child was awakened by Nussbaum who was sexually assaulting him. Nussbaum had his hands down the child’s pants and was fondling him.

In 1974, Nussbaum had an overnighter with several students who were interested in attending the rabbi’s summer camp. During that overnighter, “Survivor C” was instructed to share a bed with Nussbaum. along with two other boys. Once again Nussbaum started to fondle him. The child left the room and never returned.

On August 31, 2012, Nussbaum was arrested and charged with the assault on “Survivor C”.

It is believed that there are several other survivors of Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum that never reported the sex crimes to the police. If you or anyone else was assaulted by Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum, please contact the Toronto Police Department at: 416-808-3205.