‘There are more Hayman victims’

By Joshua Levi (Australian Jewish News)
May 23, 2014

NSW Police are ­hoping to bring further child sexual abuse charges following the guilty plea of Daniel “Gug” Hayman (pictured) to indecent assault by a person in authority last week.

Eastern Suburbs crime manager Ana Loughman spoke exclusively to The AJN this week and said that there are more victims out there that have not come forward.

“Some of those victims might be on a contract not to speak, other victims feel tremendous pressure from the Jewish culture about how it manages its own issues, some are afraid they will be criticised by their own Jewish community and others simply don’t want to relive their abuse,” Loughman said.

She said her detectives will re-approach victims to see if they would reconsider their decision not to file criminal charges.

Hayman, who is a former director of Yeshiva in Sydney and was a volunteer of the organisation in the 1980s, pleaded guilty to one count of indecent assault by a person in authority relating to an incident that involved a young boy on a Jewish camp in the 1980s.

He will be sentenced for the crime, which carries a maximum of six years in prison, on Tuesday, May 27.

Loughman pointed out that Hayman’s court case has shown that the police can get convictions and discreetly investigate cases without victims’ identities being exposed.

“At the end of such a long haul, we have one plea of guilty and one conviction.

“Is it worth it? Of course it is, because this little success represents a lot of potential victims that may not have, and may never, come forward.”

She said that Strike Force Bungo, which was launched in February 2012 to look into historical cases of child abuse in the Sydney Jewish community, is still operating.

“We are open to further victims coming forward and we hope that the outcome of our investigation so far instils confidence in the community.”