Zev Brenner: COJO Told Me Not to Report Mondrowitz Two Decades Ago

by VIN News
January 12, 2009

Brooklyn, NY - Leading Jewish radio talk show host Zev Brenner has disclosed that COJO of Borough Park urged him twenty years ago to not report accused child molester Avrohom Mondrowitz.

 In 1984, Mr. Mondrowitz hosted a Jewish community radio show in which he offered counseling advice to callers and listeners despite not being a licensed psychologist.

The father of one of Mondrowitz's victims called Brenner and furnished details extensive enough to drive Brenner to reach out to communal leadership. But when Brenner contacted a leading community organization, he was told to do nothing and that the organization would handle it.

Mondrowitz fled to Israel around one month later, where he has evaded justice ever since.

Brenner disclosed the shocking information last week Wednesday January 7th in an interview (28 minutes) with Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz on his most recent weekly radio show, which airs every day and Saturday night on talkline communications WMCA AM in the New York area, yet not citing the organization by name.

However, in a phone conversation with VIN News, Brenner claims that the organization in question was COJO, or the Council of Jewish Organizations of Borough Park (not to be confused with COJO of Flatbush).

Brenner claims that he does not recall specifically to which COJO leader he provided the information, since it happened "over 20 years ago."

Brenner tells VIN News that COJO's attitude at the time reflected the prevailing Jewish-community attitude of outright denial and avoidance of all communal problems. Brenner even recalls how after mentioning on his show the good works of 'Chush', a respected Jewish community school for frum mentally-challenged youth, a wave of calls protested the very mention of the problem in public.

How the times have changed.

However, there may be more to the disclosure than mere denial. COJO of Borough Park at the time was influenced heavily by Rabbi Elimelech Naiman a Gerrer Chasid, which for whatever reason the Gerrer Hasidim are rumored to continue to seek Mondrowitz's non-prosecution in American court.

Apparently, Kings County DA Charles Hynes chose at the time to not pursue Mondrowitz after pressure from the politically powerful COJO, which was capable of delivering a large bloc of frum voters.

According to The Jewish Week, the Mondrowitz Extradition Case has been thrown into limbo.

In other words, politics as usual.

The American haredi social services organization OHEL, that once referred clients to Mondrowitz as a therapist for troubled youth has for the first time publicly issued a statement about the Mondrowitz case.