HaKol Diburim Radio Show with Yaron Dekel from Reshet Bet

On January 20, 2010, Yaron Dekel, a noted Israeli radio show host on Reshet Bet, devoted a portion of his morning show to the recent news story of the Israeli Supreme Court's decision not to extradite Avraham Mondrowitz. He interviewed a variety of people involved in the case, such as Aviva Lori (the Ha'aretz reporter who has been writing about it), Ben Hirsch (head of SFJ), Mark Weiss (one of the victims), and others. The show is almost entirely in Hebrew, aside from the segment with Ben Hirsch, which begins at minute marker 12:00. (If you'd like to hear the entire show, it can be heard at the IBA website here. This segment begins at approximately 1:03:45.)

Right-click here to download, or use the player below to listen to the show segment.