SFJ provided with documentation proving Mondrowitz was "treating" patients.

SFJ has been provided with documentation that Avrohom Mondrowitz was continually "treating" patients until the time he was arrested by the Israeli police in 2007. (Click here to view.) It is important to note that Mondrowitz is not a psychologist but merely a predator who has forged the degrees he has prominently displayed in his home in Jerusalem. (Click here to see a copy of Mondrowitz's falsified "CV" which was provided to SFJ.) Furthermore, this is the exact method Mondrowitz used in New York to ensnare and rape his "patients," namely, posing as a therapist, gaining the trust of unsuspecting "patients" and assaulting them. Mondrowitz is accused of having molested well over 100 victims in Brooklyn. We believe that the Israeli public has a need to know how dangerous Mondrowitz is and the extent of the threat he poses. We call upon the Israeli government to abide by its absolute obligation to deport Mondrowitz back to the US where he will face a trial for the charges he stands indicted for.