Surprise report slams Stamford Hill girls school for inadequate child protection

December 21, 2015

A surprise Ofsted inspection has found the child protection policy at Beis Malka hasidic girls school is insufficient and that Orthodox Jewish principles generally 'take precedence' over its legal obligations.

The report, released earlier this month, found safeguarding policy at the school was 'vague' and advocating using procedures which are 'out of date'.  

Teachers deliberately prohibited discussion of sexual orientation, including homosexuality, according to Ofsted. When asked why this was the case, its headteacher commented: 'If we had to teach that we would have to close as an orthodox school.'

Pupils at school, which has 500 pupils between the ages 6 and 16, were not made adequately aware of the options available to them and that as a result, they either went to chasidic seminaries in the UK or Israel.

The report also found there Beis Malka has an unregistered creche.

Ofsted's report says the school must take action to improve its safeguarding policy and work harder overall to ensure its teaching 'does not undermine fundamental British values'.

The Stamford Hill school came under fire earlier this year for instructing women not to drive their children to school, saying pupils could be banned from attending as a result.

Jewish News called the school for comment but it did not answer.

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