Allegations of sex abuse at United Talmudical Academy in Kiryas Joel spark outrage outside community

By News 12
May 16, 2016

KIRYAS JOEL - Allegations of sex abuse at a yeshiva in Kiryas Joel are sparking outrage outside of the Hasidic community.

The principal of United Talmudical Academy is under investigation for alleged sexual abuse involving multiple students. Activists allege that two separate videos that were secretly taken show the principal kissing a boy while holding him between his legs.

Both the school and parents are denying anything is wrong and have defended the principal's behavior as fatherly love. People outside of the community have called the videos awful.

Authorities confirm that the principal was investigated last year when the video first surfaced, but no charges were filed.

On Thursday, just days after News 12 reported on the videos, the FBI raided the yeshiva and public safety headquarters to probe the possible sex-abuse cover-up, according to multiple sources.

News 12 has reached out to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office, but has not heard back. State police will only say they are investigating. The DA's office has not released a statement.