Satmar Issues Slick PR Statement about the Video of Rabbi Klein and the Child

By Yerachmiel Lopin (Frum Follies blog)
May 10, 2016

A shocking video  is ricohcheting around the Internet which was reported by several media outlets. It shows the principal of the Satmar lower school in Kiryas Joel, NY, rocking a child squeezed between his legs against his groin while he is rhythmically moving in ways suggesting masturbation. The boy who appears to be about six years old struggles to get away during this video which runs for eleven minutes. The principal, Moshe Hirsch Klein, uses his hands to alternately caress the boy, stroke his back, and pull him in tighter as the boy repeatedly struggles to get away. See my previous posts, here and here, for more about this case which the police and DA are looking into.

The exhibit du jour is a press release issued today (5/10/16), doubtlessly written by a professional PR firm, claiming they of course care about and don’t tolerate sex abuse, and claiming they fully cooperate with the criminal justice system. Naturally they deny anything happened in this case and the principal is a great guy with an unblemished reputation.

But to really know their mentality consider a speech given by the grand rabbi of the village of KJ, Aron Teitelbaum, openly saying that the authorities were willing to look the other way about their failure to fulfill secular schooling requirements, but for some snitches. See Daily News. Sadly that is also true about sex abuse, as long as the offender is a fellow Hasid. This is because the community intimidates witnesses and delivers block votes which help determine who is elected DA.Faced with difficulty prosecuting cases and mindful of the block votes, DA’s in with large Hasidic block votes, such as Kings (Brooklyn), Rockland, and Orange, they just don’t do their darnedest to protect ultra orthodox children.

And now for your entertainment here is the press release.