6 Alleged Offenders, 22 Children (Ages 2-10), Over 11 Years in Tel Aviv Belz School

By Yerachmiel Lopin (Frum Follies blog)
August 3, 2016

They called it Belzen-Bergen for its reign of terror of physical abuse, psychological abuse, and sexual abuse.

I rarely hesitate, but just this once, I will pass on the details reported in Yediot Achronot:

וּרְאִיתֶם אתו וּזְכַרְתֶּם אֶת כָּל מִצְות ה’ וַעֲשיתֶם אתָם וְלא תָתוּרוּ אַחֲרֵי לְבַבְכֶם וְאַחֲרֵי עֵינֵיכֶם אֲשֶׁר אַתֶּם זנִים אַחֲרֵיהֶם

In a strange inversion of religious tradition, tzizit (ritual fringes), which are supposed to remind one of all the commandments are used by these jerks to cover their faces, to conceal and get others to forget all the rules of civicivilization they are accused of violating.

As always, the greater question is how could this go on for so long and hurt so many kids with no one noticing, with no one breaking into this torture chamber and shutting it down.

The answers, I suspect, include too much concern with enforcing authority and not enough with listening to children, too much concern for the reputation of adults, especially leaders, and not enough concern for the dignity and rights of children.

The defendant charged with both sexual and physical abuse is Avraham Mordechai Rosenfeld, age 49. The other defendants charged only with physical abuse are: Yisrael Haim Shapira, 65, Haim Fishgrond, 69, Moshe Hirsch, 39, Menachem Alberstein, 63, and Avraham Pinchas Deytsch, 53.