Predators Stay Away

April 30, 2010

FLATBUSH – In a continued focus on battling the threat of deranged predators, Shomrim successfully took another criminal off the streets.

A white male in a vehicle recently pulled up near a woman and behaved inappropriately. The woman called Shomrim with the vehicle's license plate number.

An initial search was unsuccessful, and Shomrim advised the woman to file a police report.

When the perpetrator drove past the same block the next day, Shomrim was again called, and they notified police. Minutes later, the suspect was arrested by responding officers of the 70th Precinct. Shomrim commended the 70th Precinct for its swift response.

Earlier this month, Flatbush Shomrim issued a public alert about predators in order to raise awareness, increase prevention efforts, and spur community members to report any concerns related to predators.