'Pedophile' Protest Outside Brooklyn Criminal Court

By Thomas Tracy (YourNabe.com)
May 3, 2010

Members of victim advocacy group Survivors for Justice protested outside Brooklyn Criminal Court on April 30 as attorneys for accused pedophile Michael Sabo tried to lower the $2-million bail hanging over his head.

The group, which provides support for sexual abuse victims in Orthodox Jewish communities, were protesting the possibility that Sabo — twice alleged of sexual abuse of children — could be released on low bail a second time in two years.

Sabo, 35, a registered nurse, was let out on $50,000 bail in May 2009, shortly after his first victim surfaced claiming that the Marine Park resident had sexually abused and photographed him as a child.

The explicit pictures, which were allegedly taken in Sabo's home, were posted on the Internet under the name "Nymale74," which corresponds to Sabo's birth year, according to The Jewish Star.

But Sabo found himself in further trouble over the winter, when a second victim came forward, prompting further charges.

In that case, the victim claims Sabo sexually assaulted him in 2001.

Prosecutors said that Sabo has been incarcerated since the second indictment was filed in February. Taking into account his prior arrest, a judge ordered the $2 million bail.

Sabo's now being charged with "predatory sexual assault" which comes with a sentence of 10 years to life, prosecutors said.

Sabo claims he's innocent. His lawyer, Arthur Gershfeld, told reporters he was "confident the allegations are not going to be supported by the evidence."

Prosecutors said the case against Sabo was pushed back to June 9. Until then, he remains incarcerated.