Elementary School Teacher Suspected of Molesting Students

By Yaniv Kubovich (Ha'aretz)
June 3, 2010

An elementary school teacher from the West Bank settlement of Elad has been arrested for allegedly molesting children in his first grade class, police announced on Thursday.

Michael Machlof Shma Zeda, 33, was arrested after Rosh Ha'ayin police officers came to the school to investigate similar charges. Shma Zeda is suspected of habitually rubbing himself against students, and then going to the bathroom to masturbate.

Shma Zada has no criminal record and has fully cooperated with the investigation, police said. His remand has been extended until Sunday.

While complaints have only been brought forward regarding six students, police suspect that there are more victims within the school whose parents are hesitant to take action.

Police expect the investigation into the case to be difficult, considering the limited cooperation of the children's families. But officers said that rabbis within the community have been helpful in assisting with case.