Yehuda Kolko Arrested

The Jewish Star
November 20, 2010

Yehuda Kolko, the Torah Temima teacher that is widely believed to have molested hundreds of children, was arrested in his Brooklyn home on Saturday night, The Jewish Star has confirmed.

It is not clear as to the exact charge Kolko is facing, but it is related to a criminal complaint filed on Wednesday night by the father of 12-year-old boy who was allegedly molested by Kolko. The boy's family along with another family brought charges against Kolko in 2007 which Kolko pled guilty to in a controversial plea deal. As part of the deal, Kolko was placed on probation and an order of protection was put in place for the boy.

The father of the boy told The Jewish Week that Kolko had violated the order of protection by "glaring" at the boy, as well as several other actions.

"This shows [Kolko] doesn't give a damn about the courts," the father of the 12-year-old told The Jewish Week, "My son is reliving this thing that happened to him four years ago."

On Friday afternoon, a spokesperson for the Brooklyn District Attorney's office said that they were aware of the situation.

Ben Hirsch, president of Survivors for Justice, an organization that advocates on behalf of victims of abuse and their families, praised the family.

"We applaud the victim's family for their courage in supporting their son and reporting this criminal behavior directly to the police," he said. "We're confident that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes will push for the maximum sentence and send a message to those in our community who would intimidate victims that this will no longer be tolerated."