Haredi Women Protest Against Brooklyn DA's Jewish Liason And OHEL

by Failed Messiah
February 16, 2011

The haredi women warned attendees at a Brooklyn haredi charity's fundraising event that they should not go to the Brooklyn DA's Jewish liaison – a Chabad follower named Henna White – or to OHEL to report child sexual abuse, spousal abuse or other related crimes, because White and OHEL often conspire to cover up the crimes.

I've heard many bad things about Henna White over the past few years, and I'm glad the women she allegedly hurt are finally taking some action against her, and against OHEL.

White arrived in an EMT vehicle supplied by the wife of Steve Zackheim. Steve Zackheim has been convicted of misdemeanor sexual abuse and settled sexual harassment allegations from employees of his ambulance company out of court. I believe his wife is now the official "owner" of an ambulance company. Many people believe she is acting as a front for her husband, who has been barred from owning ambulance companies because of fraud and other allegations against him, and because of his criminal convictions. (You can read more about those convictions and other Zackheim misbehavior by following the links posted by JewishWhistleblower in the comments section below.)

The women were attacked by two of the haredi event's ticket holders, who ripped up their signs and shoved them. Those attackers appear to be Steve Zackheim and his brother.

The charity is named after a Zackheim relative.

According to a press release sent out early this afternoon, the women will be filing assault charges against both Zackheim brothers tonight.

You can see the attacks toward the end of the video: