Chabad Controlled Rabbinical Council Says Mesira, Prohibition Of Going To Secular Court, Do Not Apply To Child Sexual Abuse

by Failed Messiah blog
June 17, 2011

Via email: 

Dear Members of the Community,

I write in respect of the letter (attached) sent this week by Victoria Police to former students of the Yeshivah College in respect to "sexual assaults that may have been committed at Yeshivah College"

It is important that we as a community confront this issue, and accept the reality.

Victims of these alleged crimes must be given all the encouragement and support necessary to come forward.

Many in the community have been aware of these allegations for an extended period of time.

As a community we must confront and accept the right and obligation of Victoria Police to investigate.

As parents and community members, we have a duty to confront sexual abuse in our Community.

Only this way, can we ensure that it never happens again.

I refer you all to the attached letter signed by the Rabbinical Council of Victoria, which compels people to report and discuss these matters with the police.

It is imperative to note that there is a positive Halachic obligation not just for the victims to come forward, but more importantly those who are aware, either as friends of victims, or persons of authority who may have become aware, to also come forward and report the matters to Victoria Police.

It is not time to judge the past errors, rather it is the time to set things right.

As a community we must have the courage and dignity to unite and ensure a full, thorough and proper investigation is conducted, and those who took advantage of our Community's children are held to account.

Ongoing silence is NOT an option.

Wishing you all a good shabbos.

Kind regards,

Menachem Vorchheimer