Two Boys Molested Within An Hour At Borough Park Synagogue

By Christopher Robbins (Gothamist)
June 25, 2011

A man reportedly molested two young boys in a Borough Park synagogue within minutes of each other on Wednesday afternoon. The incidents happened at Simcha Hall, which serves the Belz sect of the Hasids in the neighborhood, around 4 p.m. A "young man" dressed as a Hasid asked a 12-year-old boy to help him move some Jewish books then "pushed the boy into the bathroom," pulled down the boy's pants and proceeded to molest him. The Post reports that less than an hour after the first attack, the same man allegedly pulled another young boy into the synagogue's basement and began to molest him.

Simcha Hall is "open 20 hours a day, and there's not necessarily someone in the building," the caretaker's father, David Orlander, told the paper. "Even the mailman and the sanitation workers know its open and they can use the bathrooms. Anyone can walk in here." After the boys told their parents, their fathers contacted the synagogue and the reported the acts to the police. The man accused of committing the crimes has not been apprehended. "We won't sweep it under the rug," Orlander says, "but, for some reason, nobody knowns [sic] anything either."