Lakewood Community Patrol Sends Suspected Molester Out of Town

The Lakewood Scoop
July 12, 2011

Lakewood Civilian Safety Watch (LCSW) last night located a man being sought by an out-of-state Bais Din, and had him leave town. The 'Meshulach', is reportedly wanted for being a danger to children in another Country, from where he suddenly fled after residing there for 25 years. He made his way to the States, and ultimately to Lakewood.

LCSW received information that he was in Lakewood, and while patrolling last night, one of the members recognized the man, after matching him up to a picture.

Multiple members cornered the man and asked him for his Ishur.

The man produced an Ishur from his hometown, which had expired in April.

After retrieving information from the man, he was told to stop collecting in Lakewood and leave town.

The Tomchei Tzedaka of Lakewood and other organizations were notified of his visit to Lakewood.

In light of the incident, Lakewood's Tomchei Tzedakah is asking that residents look out for valid Ishurs and take note of Ishurs expired for several weeks.