Standing Silent

As the editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times, Phil Jacobs grapples with a story that threatens to polarize his readers when he uncovers testimony about sexual abuse by rabbis and other authority figures in the Orthodox Jewish community. Filmmaker Scott Rosenfelt follows Jacobs as he confronts the accused and faces backlash (even death threats) from those who want the scandal concealed.

Unrelenting in his pursuit despite terrible personal repercussions, Baltimore Jewish Times reporter Phil Jacobs is determined to break the silence of victims and expose the predators, trusted and powerful religious leaders. Expecting community support and action, Jacobs is stunned to find himself ostracized by those who would cover up decades of abuse lest they bring shame to the rabbinate and themselves. Through a multiyear investigation, Jacobs confronts not only the Orthodox establishment, but demons from his own past. From Baltimore to Brooklyn, to the streets of Jerusalem, case after case of abuse is slowly brought to light. Recipient of a Sundance Documentary Filmmaker Grant, this taboo breaking film recounts how a courageous reporter's pen became his sword of justice.