Lawsuit Is Settled in Penn State Case

By Bill Pennington (New York Times)
December 1, 2011

A lawsuit by one of the accusers in the Penn State sexual abuse case, which was meant to prevent the Second Mile charity founded by Jerry Sandusky from transferring its assets, was settled Thursday.

The agreement has three stipulations, according to the Second Mile and Ben Andreozzi and Jeffrey Fritz, the lawyers for Victim No. 4 as identified in the grand jury report: the charity will notify the Pennsylvania attorney general and seek court approval before the transfer of assets or before closing the charity; it will provide notice to Victim No. 4; and it will not object to Victim No. 4's being heard in court about the distribution of assets.

"We intend to initiate a civil lawsuit seeking damages from the organizations and individuals responsible for the sexual assaults upon our clients," said Andreozzi and Fritz, who represent others accusing Sandusky of sexual abuse. "However, our priority at this time is to support our clients, including Victim No. 4, who will be testifying against Mr. Sandusky at the preliminary hearing."

In its statement, the Second Mile said the settlement did not include a finding of liability.

The charity added: "The Second Mile is continuing to operate all scheduled programs. As always, our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families."