Sex Abuse in Flatbush

By The Midwood Blog
December 13, 2011

Susan Edelman of the NY Post reported on the sexual abuse of Orthodox children and people with disabilities that Andrew Goodman allegedly perpetrated through a Flatbush non-profit, which was not named in the article.

Andrew Goodman, 27, who worked for Jewish social-service agencies, is charged with sexually abusing two Orthodox boys for years in Flatbush — one from age 11 to 15, the other from age 13 to 16.

Goodman filmed sex acts with the youngsters on a Web cam, according to the 144-count indictment, which alleges numerous violations since 2006. He has pleaded not guilty.

The handsome Goodman, who held parties in his home with liquor and child porn, also "threatened the life" of a boy who reported him to authorities, court papers and sources say. Andrew Goodman, one of 85 sex-abuse suspects arrested over the last three years by Project Kol Tzedek, has been accused of preying on the boys of Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish community and — even after his arrest on sex-assault charges — was caught on video ushering teens into his Flatbush home (below). He is being held on Rikers Island in lieu of a $1 million cash bail.

He's one of an astounding 85 accused Orthodox child molesters that Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes' office says it has busted in the past three years in an initiative called Kol Tzedek, Hebrew for "voice of justice."

However, according to Shmarya of failedmessiah, Edelman did not report the whole story.

The New York Post takes on haredi child sex abuse and in the process makes Henna White, the Brooklyn DA's Jewish liaison, look like a heroine, and the DA's office look like it's cracking down on haredi child sex abuse, even though the truth appears to be much different. How does the Post manage to do this? By ignoring all evidence that contradicts its reporting...

Edelman told me the DA's office had refused to give her information on those cases, other than some general claims – claims made previously to the Forward, the JTA and others.

I gave her the names of three activists to speak with and I again pointed out that withholding the names of these offenders allowed Hynes to cover up his preferential treatment of haredi offenders and referred her to a recording Tzvi Gluck's remarks made on Zev Brenner's radio show a week earlier.

What Gluck said confirms what many activists have long claimed. It also confirms what I recently reported – Agudath Israel of America and Hynes had worked out a deal that allowed haredi rabbis to determine which suspicions of child sex abuse should be reported to civil authorities and which should not, and which allows those haredi rabbis to report those cases they choose to directly to Hynes' Jewish liaison, Henna White, rather than police or ACS, keeping the cases out of the public spotlight and away from the professionals most able to determine the actual threat to children, and who are the best equipped to do the forensic child sex abuse investigations necessary for successful prosecutions.