VIN Comments on NY Post Article

by Vos Iz Neias
December 18, 2011

Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes' refusal to name Orthodox Jewish child molesters prosecuted by his office has fueled a firestorm of community outrage.

Naming the pervy perps, Hynes insists, would compromise victim confidentiality.

But critics say the secrecy keeps neighborhoods in the dark about child predators in their midst and panders to the politically powerful ultra-Orthodox.

"In a misguided attempt to be sensitive to the Jewish community, the DA works with its leaders to hide the shame of child-sex abuse from the world at all costs," said Asher Lipner, a psychologist who treats sex-abuse survivors.

"To say you're not disclosing the names of perpetrators to protect the victims just defies common sense," said Ben Hirsch, president of Survivors for Justice. "Clearly the law supports the opposite: It requires those convicted to be on a sex-offender registry."

Hynes' office refuses to release criminal complaints and indictments in all sex-crime cases, spokesman Jerry Schmetterer said, to shield victims' names from view as required by state law.

But DA offices in the other boroughs said they routinely release the public records after redacting the victims' names.

The Brooklyn DA, meanwhile, routinely issues press releases on non-Orthodox sex offenders, including last week's announcement of a prison sentence for Gerald Hatcher, who raped his girlfriend's 11-year-old daughter.

Schmetterer said Hatcher's name was released because reporters had gotten wind of the case.