Convicted Haredi Pedophile Back In Brooklyn

By Failed Messiah Blog
February 16, 2012

Stefan Colmer was in a treatment program run by Ohel for pedophiles but quit the program, and Ohel did not warn the community or tell police. Colmer abused more children, two of whom went to police. Colmer fled to Israel, was extradited, then convicted and sentenced to a 7 year prison term in 2009. Now Colmer has been conditionally released from prison after serving only 3 months more than his minimum 28 month sentence – and may be back in Ohel's treatment program.

Colmer was seen last night at Rabbi Leizer Ginsberg's synagogue located at Coney Island Avenue and Avenue R in the Midwood section of Brooklyn.

View Stefan Colmer's New York State Sex Offender Registry entry as a PDF file.