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1 Albany, Pass the Child Victims Act 01/11/18 NY Times
2 This time, will Andrew Cuomo really fight for the Child Victims Act? 01/08/18 Times Union
3 New York State Revising Private Schools Guidelines 12/17/17 Wall Street Journal
4 Australian Catholic leaders reject key calls by child abuse inquiry 12/15/17 CNN
5 Convicted Mikeveh Rapist Dascalowitz was at Monsey’s Merkaz Seforim Next to Rockland Kosher Supermarket 12/11/17 Frum Follies blog
6 The Silence Breakers 12/08/17 Time Magazine
7 Teacher gets 5 years for abuse, but won't be behind bars 12/08/17
8 A New Push to Expand New York’s Childhood Sexual Assault Law 12/07/17 NY Times
9 Women sexually abused by senior rabbi speak out for first time 11/30/17 Israel Hayom
10 Millions of men suffer in silence after sexual abuse. How can we help them better? 11/25/17 The Guardian
11 Abuse Victims Say New Attention Should Spur New York Reforms 11/17/17 Associated Press
12 Critics: Yeshivas Are Providing Substandard Education, City Is Taking No Action 11/16/17 CBS News
13 In Israel, Australian Sisters Recount Alleged Sex Abuse by ultra-Orthodox Principal 11/13/17 Haaretz
14 Brooklyn man busted for repeatedly raping pre-teen member of extended family 11/13/17 NY Daily News
15 Demanding Answers: De Blasio Says Issue Of Substandard Education At Yeshivas ‘Must Be Resolved’ 11/10/17 CBS News
16 Serial 'mikva rapist' charged for assaults on teens 10/29/17 Arutz Sheva
17 Activists to Novominsk Rebbe: Support Victims, Not Predators 10/19/17 The Jewish Daily Forward
18 Erlich to meet PM 09/28/17 Australian Jewish News
19 Largest sexual abuse settlements by Roman Catholic institutions in the U.S. 09/10/17 San Diego Tribune
20 A decade after settling sex abuse cases, the Diocese of San Diego still copes with the fallout 09/10/17 San Diego Tribune
21 Concerns Persist About Curriculum Standards at Orthodox Yeshivas 09/07/17 Wall Street Journal
22 Critics Say City Has Not Investigated Yeshivas, Breaking Pledge 09/06/17 NY Times
23 City Investigation Into If Yeshivas Are Breaking The Law Stalls 08/26/17 NY1 News
24 Probe finds loophole that could let sex offenders work at camps 08/15/17 News 12 Hudson Valley
25 Illinois Eliminates Statutes of Limitations on Child Sex Abuse Crimes 08/14/17 WTTW Chicago
26 Orthodox Survivor Of Sex Abuse Exposes Traumas In New Film 08/09/17 The Jewish Daily Forward
27 Read the Allegations Against Rabbi Daniel Greer and Weep 07/28/17 Frum Follies blog
28 Rabbi Daniel Greer Arrested on Child Molesting Charges 07/27/17 New Haven Independent
29 Safed rabbi convicted of rape for ‘sex therapy' 07/26/17 Times of Israel
30 Chinn reaches plea deal on sexual assault charges 07/18/17 New Jersey Jewish News
31 How The Gedolim Lost My Faith 07/17/17 Asher Lovy
32 Sydney rabbi sues Australian Jewish News over alleged defamation on child abuse comments 07/14/17 Syndey Morning Herald
33 More than 200,000 children married in US over the last 15 years 07/08/17 UK Independent
34 Combating Sexual Abuse In Israel's Haredi Community 07/04/17 Jerusalem Post
35 Senior rabbi calls for rethink on controversial Adass school principal 07/04/17 The Age, Australia
36 Controversial rabbi new principal of Adass Israel School 07/03/17 Daily Mail Online
37 Vatican Sex Abuse Scandal Reveals Blind Spot for Francis 06/29/17 NY Times
38 Vatican Cardinal Charged With 'Historic Sexual Offenses' In Australia 06/29/17 NPR
39 Study Finds 'Glaring Gaps' In Abuse Prevention 06/27/17 Jewish Week
40 Samantha Bee on the Child Victims Act 06/21/17 Samantha Bee
41 Agudah Follows the Romans For the Same Dirty Reasons 06/15/17 Frum Follies blog
42 Gov. Cuomo introduces own Child Victims Act bill as legislative session nears end 06/14/17 NY Daily News
43 Sexual Abusers Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Run the Clock 06/12/17 NY Times
44 New York State senator offers compromise in bid for passing Child Victims Act 06/05/17 NY Daily News
45 Ex-Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes honored as ‘reformer’ and slammed by people wrongfully convicted in cases he prosecuted 05/23/17 NY Daily News
46 $1.5M settles claims against Lower Hudson Valley priests 05/23/17 The Journal News
47 Charity whose rabbi sought to deregulate circumcisions sues city 05/21/17 NY Post
48 Jury Awards Rabbi's Rape Victim $20M 05/18/17 New Haven Independent
49 Outdated Laws, Unpunished Child Abusers 05/11/17 NY Times
50 Calling Bullshit On Supposed Charedi Sexual Abuse Progress 05/10/17 Asher Lovy
51 Rabbi accused of raping student ordered to testify at trial 05/09/17 Associated Press
52 22 Men Arrested: A Blessing For The Community 05/05/17 Jewish Press
53 NYC DOH Balks at Agreement to Offer Mohalim DNA Testing 05/04/17 Yated Ne'eman
54 Marlboro rabbi arrested for alleged sexual assault of boy in 2012 05/01/17 New Jersey Jewish News
55 Accused child molester sues synagogue in ‘hostile takeover’ attempt, congregation charges 04/28/17 NY Daily News
56 Shalom Torah teacher charged with sex assault 04/28/17
57 Call it Denny Hastert's legacy: End the statute of limitations on sex abuse crimes 04/25/17 Chicago Tribune
58 Child sex abuse survivors fear Cuomo walking back promise to push Child Victims Act 04/24/17 NY Daily News
59 Ban the Ritual That Can Kill Jewish Newborns 04/22/17 The Daily Beast
60 Jewish school teacher charged with inappropriately touching boy 04/21/17 New Jersey 101.5
61 Jewish academy teacher from East Windsor charged with sexually assaulting 12-year-old boy 04/21/17 The Trentonian
62 Teacher charged with sexually assaulting boy at home 04/21/17
63 Hasidic Parents Won’t Rat Out Mohels Who Gave Their Kids Herpes 04/19/17 The Jewish Daily Forward
64 Orthodox Families Won't Name Mohels Who Gave Their Babies Herpes: City 04/18/17 DNA Info
65 New South Wales v Victoria: A tale of two systems 04/06/17 J-Wire
66 Rabbi Yosef Blau Speaks Up For Child Sex Abuse Survivors 04/05/17 Jewish Community Watch
67 City Takes New, Harder Line On Controversial Bris Technique 03/31/17 Jewish Week
68 Here's a brief history of the rise and fall of metzitzah b’peh — the blood-sucking circumcision ritual 03/31/17 NY Daily News
69 City's $2G fine not enough to stop herpes-spreading mohels from performing blood-sucking circumcision ritual 03/31/17 NY Daily News
70 Man, 59, busted for trying to lure Jewish boys to his Brooklyn home 03/30/17 NY Daily News
71 NYC bars two men from practicing Jewish circumcision after infants contract herpes 03/29/17 NY Daily News
72 De Blasio orders mohels linked to infant herpes to stop ‘unsafe’ circumcisions 03/29/17 NY Post
73 NYC seeks to stop mohel-to-infant herpes cases 03/29/17 NY Newsday
74 Israel Police Arrest 22 ultra-Orthodox Jews for Sex Crimes Against Minors and Women 03/27/17 Haaretz
75 Dozens Of Orthodox Men Arrested For Sex Crimes In Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh 03/27/17 Vos Iz Neias
76 Monsey sex offender admits touching woman on flight 03/22/17 Associated Press
77 Fifteen kids reported this pedophile. They left him in the classroom anyway 03/22/17 The Desert Sun
78 City Council vows action on controversial circumcision 03/16/17 NY Post
79 De Blasio Seen In Bind On Bris Ritual 03/14/17 Jewish Week
80 Do New Hasidic Circumcision Illnesses Show New York’s Rules Are Toothless? 03/14/17 The Jewish Daily Forward
81 City evaluating Hasidic community’s cooperation in herpes cases 03/13/17 NY Post
82 De Blasio administration considering starting over on metzitzah b'peh 03/12/17 Politico
83 De Blasio never enforced agreement to ID mohels with herpes 03/10/17 NY Post
84 ‘Code of silence’ blocking DOH from finding herpes-infecting mohelim 03/10/17 NY Post
85 NYC Board of Health reports new case of herpes resulting from circumcision rite 03/09/17 JTA
86 Former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes targeted dad of sex abuse victim instead of perv rabbi, lawsuit says 03/09/17 NY Daily News
87 New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision 03/08/17 NY Post
88 Former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Sued For Creating "Preferential System Of 'Justice' For Pedophiles" 03/08/17 Village Voice
89 Abuse survivor quits pope's commission citing 'shameful' resistance 03/02/17 Reuters
90 Teacher fired, investigated over abuse allegation at Yeshiva 02/27/17 Pittsburgh Post Gazette
91 Brooklyn man charged with sexually assaulting child relative fled to Israel to dodge prosecution 02/23/17 NY Daily News
92 Day school teacher suspected of sexual abuse in Pittsburgh 02/21/17 The Jewish Chronicle
93 Getting Away With Abuse 02/14/17 Jewish Week
94 Jerry Sandusky’s Son Charged With Sexually Assaulting Children 02/13/17 NY Times
95 Beware of Moshe Friedman: Your Stomach Will Turn After You Read the Police Report 02/09/17 Frum Follies Blog
96 Has Ultra-Orthodox Group Agudath Israel Changed Its Tune On Sex Abuse Lawsuits? 02/09/17 The Jewish Daily Forward
97 ‘This Is Something That We Can’t Ignore’ 02/07/17 Jewish Week
98 4,444 victims: extent of abuse in Catholic church in Australia revealed 02/05/17 The Guardian
99 Timothy Cardinal Dolan's compensation program has paid 31 victims abused by clergy 02/03/17 NY Daily News
100 Former Brooklyn math tutor gets just three years’ probation in sexual assault of his 6-year-old pupil 02/02/17 NY Daily News
101 Prosecutors vow to continue fight for return of a fugitive principal to Victoria 01/27/17 The Herald Sun
102 The true cost of child sexual abuse 01/15/17 NY Daily News
103 Cuomo stands for justice for victims of child sexual abuse 01/12/17 NY Daily News
104 Cuomo unveils plan for Child Victims Act that would do away with statute of limitation 01/12/17 NY Daily News
105 The Many Good Halachic Arguments for Reporting Molesters 01/04/17 Frum Follies blog
106 Man Arrested For Child Sex Abuse, Charged With Rape 12/20/16 CBS Baltimore
107 Probes of Kiryas Joel principal video still open 12/11/16 The Journal News
108 Police arrest former rabbi at Jerusalem seminary on rape charges 12/08/16 Jerusalem Post
109 Sexual predator lured haredi child outside of synagogue 12/05/16 Arutz Sheva News
110 Berland sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexual assault 11/22/16 Jerusalem Post
111 Rabbinic Council of Australia and New Zealand public statement in response to the Royal Commission Report 11/20/16 Manny Waks
112 Rabbi Berland sentenced to 18 months in prison 11/17/16 Arutz Sheva News
113 Sex Offender Sues Rabbi for Tweets Alerting Families in Israel 11/13/16 The Daily Beast
114 Landmark Victory In Sex Abuse Cases 10/27/16 Jewish Week
115 Brooklyn yeshiva agrees to pay $2.1M to victims of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko's child sex abuse 10/27/16 NY Daily News
116 Daily News Acts Responsibly 10/27/16 Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
117 Setting the record straight on the Daily News, the Catholic Church and child sex abuse 10/27/16 NY Daily News
118 Daily News and New York Times Show Bias 10/26/16 Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights
119 Ultra-Orthodox Jewish School Promised $2.1 Million To Quiet Allegations It Protected A Child Molester 10/24/16 Gothamist
120 Brooklyn yeshiva settles with sexual assault accusers for $2.1M 10/23/16 NY Post
121 Unprecedented Settlement Has Yeshiva Paying Millions To Students Abused By Rebbi 10/23/16 Vos Iz Neias
122 In a First, a Brooklyn Yeshiva Agrees to $2.1 Million Child Sex Abuse Settlement 10/23/16 The Jewish Daily Forward
123 Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, ill with cancer, dies at 50 10/09/16 NY Daily News
124 Timothy Dolan Implements the Penn State Playbook for Child Sex Abuse Victims: The Best Argument Yet for SOL Reform 10/07/16
125 Archdiocese's new program is better than filing lawsuits for some abuse victims 10/06/16 NY Daily News
126 Malka Leifer extradition: Accused principal must be brought back to Australia 09/24/16 The Age
127 Takana's damage 09/20/16 Jerusalem Post
128 Guatemala Cops Raid Jewish Cult Lev Tahor Wanted for Abusing Children 09/13/16 Haaretz
129 Former NYPD Officer Sentenced to Three Years in Prison For Repeatedly Sexually Molesting a Child 09/07/16 Brooklyn DA
130 Man sexually abused as teen in 1972 files suit against camp that employed counselor who abused him and others: ‘Nobody stopped it’ 09/01/16 NY Daily News
131 Jewish school Yeshivah College is under investigation amid claims of ongoing bullying and harassment of staff. 08/31/16 The Herald Sun
132 Go To Police First, Rabbis Tell Abuse Victims 300 Orthodox leaders sign statement against covering up or protecting offenders. 08/31/16 Jewish Week
133 Pressure Mounts on Jewish Groups to Change Course in Sexual Abuse Cases 08/31/16 The Jewish Voice
134 Investigation Finds Phillips Andover Faculty Engaged in Sexual Misconduct With Students 08/30/16 NY Times
135 How the Brooklyn DA Protects Orthodox Child Molesters - Part 2 08/30/16 The Algemeiner Journal
136 Expressing Remorse Over Past Mishandling Of Sexual Abuse In Children, 300 Orthodox Rabbis Vow Better Protection For Victims 08/25/16 Vos Iz Neias
137 How the Brooklyn DA Protects Orthodox Child Molesters 08/23/16 The Algemeiner Journal
138 Monroe Police charge man with exposing himself at library 08/17/16 The Photo News
139 There can be no turning a blind eye to religious coercion when a child's future is at stake 08/15/16 The Independent
140 Ultra-Orthodox Jews launch million-pound fundraising bid to stop children living with 'irreligious parents' 08/14/16 The Independent
141 An Open Letter to NY Times Public Editor Liz Spayd, from Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse and Advocates 08/11/16 Nancy Levine
142 Yeshivah slammed over response to victims slur 08/11/16 Australian Jewish News
143 3 arrested for fabricating pedophilic Christian cult to defraud donors 08/10/16 Times of Israel
144 Hasids who beat gay black man try to dodge service in ‘diverse’ neighborhood 08/09/16 NY Post
145 Child molester sues Rockland rabbi over tweets 08/04/16 The Journal News
146 6 Alleged Offenders, 22 Children (Ages 2-10), Over 11 Years in Tel Aviv Belz School 08/03/16 Frum Follies Blog
147 Teachers at Hasidic school accused of sexually abusing students 08/02/16
148 6 teachers indicted for child abuse at haredi school 08/02/16 Arutz 7
149 Rabbi Berland indicted on sexual assault charges 07/29/16 Arutz 7
150 Convicted Molester Stefan Colmer in Brooklyn and Appearing with the Name, David Cohen 07/29/16 Frum Follies Blog
151 Bill De Blasio Must Not Let ultra-Orthodox Jewish Votes Override His Duty to the Law 07/27/16 Haaretz
152 Berland Admits Forcible Rape of a Married Woman on Recording 07/26/16 Frum Follies Blog
153 Abuse Publicity Brings Out "Attention Seeking Phonies" According to Down Under Rabbi Yosef Feldman 07/24/16 Frum Follies Blog
154 Sex offender sues Monsey rabbi after 'slanderous' tweet 07/22/16 The Journal News
155 Rape victim who had breakdown on witness stand was jailed to ensure future testimony, lawsuit says 07/21/16 ABA Journal
156 Denial, More Than Anything, Is Hindering Progress For Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse 07/20/16 Huffington Post
157 Brooklyn math tutor charged with allegedly molesting 6-year-old student: prosecutors 07/20/16 NY Daily News
158 Fugitive Rabbi Wanted for Sex Crimes Extradited to Israel 07/19/16 Haaretz
159 Malka Leifer: former Adass Israel principal and alleged child abuser living free in Israel 07/08/16 The Age
160 PAC by child sex abuse victim endorses 4 NYS Senate Dem candidates 07/04/16 NY Daily News
161 PA Senate approves controversial change in child-abuse law 07/01/16 The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
162 Evaluating the Novominsker Rebbe’s Call to Action on Molestation 06/29/16 Frum Follies Blog
163 State politicians seek cover for gutting statute reform 06/25/16 The Morning Call
164 Former Borough Park Y board member charged with child sex abuse 06/24/16 NY Daily News
165 Spotlight 2.0: Child Sexual Abuse and The New York Times 06/23/16
166 NYPD cop convicted of molesting young girl after caught on tape admitting to the crime 06/23/16 NY Daily News
167 I Have the Power to Make You Police Commissioner, Businessman Told NYPD Pal 06/22/16 DNA Info
168 Rabbi Meir Pogrow Denounced for Sexual Misconduct by Six Rabbis from US and Israel 06/20/16 Frum Follies blog
169 Child abuse survivors PAC targets N.Y. state senator's seat in next election 06/19/16 NY Daily News
170 N.Y. Legislature, Gov. Cuomo abandon child sex abuse victims: 'Our elected officials chose predators over victims' 06/18/16 NY Daily News
171 Schnitzler Expressed No Remorse Over Bleach Assault in Pre-Sentencing Letter 06/18/16 Frum Follies Blog
172 The shame of it: New York's Legislature closes 2016 session without enacting child sex abuse law 06/18/16 NY Daily News
173 NY Man Accused Of Sexually Abusing Female Passenger On Newark-Bound Flight 06/18/16 Gothamist
174 New York Man Charged With Sex Assault On Airplane 06/17/16 Department of Justice
175 Sex Offender Yoel Oberlander is Arrested Again 06/17/16 Frum Follies Blog
176 Brooklyn’s Private Jewish Patrols Wield Power. Some Call Them Bullies. 06/17/16 NY Times
177 Hoylman pushes Albany to pass child sex-abuse reform, but Senate stalls 06/16/16 The Villager
178 Gov. Cuomo leaves Child Victims Act off end-of-session letter for legislature 06/13/16 NY Daily News
179 Child-sex abuse victim whose abuser is in Australian prison says Brooklyn Jewish group ignored, covered up allegations 06/11/16 NY Daily News
180 Web Teaches ultra-Orthodox Israelis About Sex Crimes in Their Midst 06/09/16 Haaretz
181 Statute of Limitations Lobbying Over Top 06/08/16 The Morning Call
182 Passaic’s Orthodox Rabbis Ban Child Molester Stefan Colmer from their Synagogues 06/08/16 Frum Follies Blog
183 Chaim Weiss murder update 06/07/16
184 The “Guardians of Halacha” and the Failure of Leadership 06/07/16 The Times of Israel
185 Catholics urge church to support New York legislation that allows child abuse victims to seek justice as adults 06/05/16 NY Daily News
186 Agudath Israel Head Opposes SOL Reform or Going Straight to Police about CSA While Complaining that Bloggers Lie about Haredi Rabbis 06/05/16 Frum Follies Blog
187 Pope Francis reveals new church law to deal with paedophile priests 06/04/16 The Guardian
188 Pope issues plan for removing bishops who fail to act on sex abuse 06/04/16 Crux
189 New York state senator proposes constitutionally questionable child-sex abuse law to prosecute child-sex predators 06/04/16 NY Daily News
190 Mendy Israel Remains on the Board of the Boro Park Y in Spite of a Child Molesting Indictment 06/04/16 Frum Follies Blog
191 Call for Israel to hand over alleged child abuser Malka Leifer 06/04/16 The Australian
192 Israel won't extradite ex-school principal wanted in Australia on sex crime charges 06/03/16 Reuters
193 Man’s alleged rape of relatives’ daughters seen denting insularity of Jerusalem’s haredim 06/03/16 JTA
194 Malka Leifer: Australian principal accused of 74 child sex charges walks free in Israel 06/02/16 Australian Broadcasting Company
195 Child-sex abuse victim rallies Orthodox Jews to pressure politicians for Child Victims Act passage 06/01/16 NY Daily News
196 Lobbyists winning war for sexual predators 06/01/16 The Post Star
197 Catholic Church spent $2M on major N.Y. lobbying firms to block child-sex law reform 05/30/16 NY Daily News
198 Support in Assembly growing for Child Victims Act 05/30/16 NY Daily News
199 It’s Time Orthodox Jews Speak Out Against Shomrim Patrol 05/26/16 The Jewish Daily Forward
200 John Flanagan's Unholy Conflict on Statute of Limitations 05/25/16 NY Daily News
201 NY Senate GOP receives 27,000-name petition to end statute of limitations on child sex abuse 05/25/16 NY Daily News
202 Son-in-law of Rav Aaron Feldman of Baltimore’s NIRC Is Covering Up for Maklev 05/24/16 Frum Follies Blog
203 Suit against New Haven rabbi accused of sexually abusing boy expanded to real estate corporations 05/24/16 New Haven Register
204 Top Republican says Senate unlikely to vote on bill to help child abuse victims this year 05/24/16 NY Daily News
205 NY Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan’s old firm represents diocese that wants to keep limits on abuse lawsuits 05/24/16 NY Daily News
206 Assemblyman David McDonough pushes bill mandating private school officials to report sexual abuse 05/22/16 NY Daily News
207 Cuomo stands for justice for child sexual assault victims 05/20/16 NY Daily News
208 Why sex abuse charges against a Toronto teacher took 20 years to reach court 05/20/16 Toronto Globe and Mail
209 Gov. Cuomo will push law allowing child-abuse victims to seek justice as adults 05/19/16 NY Daily News
210 Brooklyn perv who sexually exploited underage boys, including one with brain cancer, sentenced to 15 years 05/18/16 NY Daily News
211 Sense of siege in Kiryas Joel amid FBI raids and scrutiny of yeshivas 05/17/16 JTA
212 Hasidic activist Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg: Parents in Kiryas Joel scared to send children to school 05/17/16 News 12
213 Sexual Abuse Questions Swirl Around Yeshiva Leader in Kiryas Joel 05/17/16 NY Times
214 Jewish security patrol trio accused of beating gay black man likely to avoid prison 05/17/16 NY Daily News
215 Allegations of sex abuse at United Talmudical Academy in Kiryas Joel spark outrage outside community 05/16/16 News 12
216 New York lawmakers have few excuses with myths debunked about child sex abuse legal reform 05/16/16 NY Daily News
217 Money over morals in Albany statute of limitations stonewalling 05/16/16 NY Daily News
218 L.A. school district reaches $88-million settlement in sex misconduct cases at two campuses 05/16/16 LA Times
219 Whatever Happened To Ethics And Menschlichkeit? 05/15/16 Jewish Press
220 Meet the Shomrim—the Hasidic Volunteer ‘Cops’ Who Answer to Nobody 05/15/16 The Daily Beast
221 Y. Bizman Wants to Spend $100G to Help Child Sex-Abuse Victims 05/14/16 NY Daily News
222 Sources: Sex abuse spurred Kiryas Joel FBI raids 05/13/16 News 12
223 Jerry Sandusky's adopted, abused son demands reform to benefit child sex abuse victims 05/13/16 NY Daily News
224 Kiryas Joel raids: Yeshiva building targeted 05/13/16 The Journal News
225 FBI Raids Chasidic Village 05/12/16 Jewish Week
226 US Catholic church has spent millions fighting clergy sex abuse accountability 05/12/16 The Guardian
227 New York State's big three politicians don't have time to discuss reforms to child-abuse law 05/11/16 NY Daily News
228 Cuomo Mum on Child Sex Abuse Bill as Deadline Nears 05/11/16 The Jewish Daily Forward
229 Satmar Issues Slick PR Statement about the Video of Rabbi Klein and the Child 05/10/16 Frum Follies Blog
230 Private schools, painful secrets 05/09/16 The Boston Globe
231 Catholics who support N.Y. Child Victims Act want justice 05/04/16 NY Daily News
232 Daily News’ front page story inspires Queens mom to fight for justice for victims of child abuse 05/04/16 NY Daily News
233 Top N.Y. Senate Republican goes to pizza party rather than meet with kid-sex victims about law to stop predators 05/04/16 NY Daily News
234 Will New Jewish Effort Force New York To Change Sex Abuse Laws at Last? 05/04/16 The Jewish Daily Forward
235 Into the liars’ den: Albany leaders must hear and heed sex-abuse victims' demands for justice 05/03/16 NY Daily News
236 Rabbi Molested, Raped Students 05/03/16 New Haven Independent
237 Video sparks allegations of child sex abuse in Kiryas Joel 05/03/16 News 12
238 Staffer at Hasidic school allegedly caught on video forcibly touching male student 05/02/16 NY Daily News
239 Satmar Anti-Abuse Activists Leak Video of a Principal Molesting a Boy to Force His Dismissal 05/02/16 Frum Follies Blog
240 Why Jewish leaders want abusers to pay: The Torah tells us it is never too late to pursue justice 05/01/16 NY Daily News
241 Hastert Sentenced To 15 Months In Hush Money Case 04/27/16 CBS Chicago
242 Jewish Leaders: Extend Time For Child Sex Abuse Victims to Sue Their Abusers 04/26/16 The Jewish Daily Forward
243 Raped by iconic high school basketball coach, ex-Queens resident can’t sue in N.Y. 04/25/16 NY Daily News
244 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Take to Facebook to Combat Sex Crimes 04/23/16 Haaretz
245 U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York calls for extension of statute of limitations on child sex abuse 04/21/16 Senator Schumer Press Release
246 Teaneck rabbi's blog posts provoke controversy 04/21/16 New Jersey Jewish Standard
247 Only 1 NYC district attorney supports fixing state law to help child abuse victims seek justice 04/20/16 NY Daily News
248 The Catholic Church’s defiance and obstruction on child sex abuse 04/19/16 Washington Post
249 Child sex probe 'should include strictly Orthodox' 04/14/16 The Jewish Chronicle
250 N.Y. Senate Democrats to push bill to help child sex abuse victims seek justice against predators, public institutions 04/10/16 NY Daily News
251 Sheldon Silver accused of blocking bills to aid sexually abused kids after Catholic group hired his longtime aid as a lobbyist 04/09/16 NY Daily News
252 Why Religious Communities Must Stand With the Victims of Clergy Abuse 04/09/16 Huffington Post
253 Child Abusers Find Refuge in Israel 04/08/16 The Daily Beast
254 I got an early tip about a priest's sexual abuse. And I sat on it. 04/08/16 Washington Post
255 Wanted for sex crimes, fugitive rabbi Berland arrested in South Africa 04/07/16 Jerusalem Post
256 Kol v'Oz urges UK Inquiry to also investigate Jewish community 04/07/16 Kol v'Oz
257 Calls for urgent inquiry into sexual abuse of Jewish children in illegal schools 04/07/16 UK Independent
258 N.Y. attorney general urges state lawmakers to loosen limit on when kid victims can seek justice for sex abuse 04/06/16 NY Daily News
259 Lawyer Alex Lewenberg apologises for telling Yeshivah sexual abuse victim not to assist police 04/06/16 ABC News Australia
260 Group Says Politics Are Stalling New York City’s Inquiry of Yeshivas 04/06/16 NY Times
261 Jewish Group Says City Has Reneged on Yeshiva Investigation 04/06/16 Wall Street Journal
262 Sex abuse victims press Gov. Cuomo to support extending statute of limitations against abusers 04/05/16 NY Daily News
263 Fugitive Jewish school principal Malka Leifer sued for sex abuse 04/05/16 The Australian
264 Illegal Jewish schools: Government knew about council faith school cover-up as thousands of pupils 'disappeared' 04/03/16 UK Independent
265 'My childhood was stolen from me': Pupil of illegal Jewish faith school reveals physical abuse 04/03/16 UK Independent
266 Catholic church against notice-of-claim law for sex abuse reporting 04/01/16 NY Daily News
267 N.Y. Senate GOP too busy to fix child-rape law as No. 2 Republican says changing statute is unfair to perverts 03/31/16 NY Daily News
268 Too Silent for Too Long - It's time for the Jewish community to take a stand against child sexual abuse. 03/31/16 eJewish Philantrophy
269 Officials hunting 1,000 London boys in illegal schools 03/31/16 BBC News
270 New York's outdated statute of limitations robbing child sex abuse victims of justice 03/30/16 NY Daily News
271 Yeshiva University High School students whose sexual abuse was covered up by administration want changes to statute of limitations law 03/30/16 NY Daily News
272 Lawmakers push for statute of limitations elimination for sex abuse victims 03/30/16 NY Daily News
273 Monsters enabled by New York’s sex crime statutes of limitations 03/29/16 NY Daily News
274 Pedophilia victims urge N.Y. to scrap statute of limitations on certain child sex abuse charges 03/29/16 NY Daily News
275 Top Funders Target ‘Uneven’ Anti-Abuse Policies 03/29/16 Jewish Week
276 Lawmaker expects Assembly to vote on bill allowing sexually abused children to bring lawsuits as adults 03/29/16 NY Daily News
277 Alleged Long Island pedophile was investigated nine times since 1998 for abusing foster kids, but authorities did nothing 03/28/16 NY Daily News
278 N.Y. law couldn't protect adopted son of accused pedophile after he revealed details 03/28/16 NY Daily News
279 Efforts to combat child sexual abuse are being stepped up 03/27/16 Jerusalem Post
280 'I only answer to God. Bishops don't bother me.' 03/22/16
281 Protesters rally amid allegations of child sex abuse at Brooklyn yeshiva 03/20/16 WPIX 11
282 Lawyer Alex Lewenberg could be struck off after telling sex abuse victim not to point finger at a fellow Jew 03/15/16 The Age
283 There Will Always Be A Reason To Not Speak Up About Abuse 03/15/16
284 How to respond to abuse in Jewish schools 03/10/16 Canadian Jewish News
285 Investigating Abuse Allegations in the Chabad School System 03/10/16 The Leonard Lopate Show
286 Deal Set For Embattled Riverdale Rabbi To Step Down 03/10/16 Jewish Week
287 Alleged victims shocked by release of Malka Leifer 03/06/16 Australian Broadcasting Corporation
288 Dutch Jewish teacher arrested in Tel Aviv on Amsterdam sex charges 03/04/16
289 Legislators Should Find Courage in Spotlight’s Success and Motivation in Yet Another Grand Jury Report, and Finally Do SOL Reform Right 03/03/16
290 Child Abuse Allegations Plague the Hasidic Community 03/03/16 Newsweek
291 ‘Sauna’ Rabbi Stepping Down; Or Is He? 03/01/16 Jewish Week
292 Brooklyn rabbi charged with teen sex assault gets 60 days in jail; DA ripped for offering light plea deal 02/26/16 NY Daily News
293 60 Days for 4 Youth Victims, 24 Sex Felonies & 52 Misdemeanors 02/26/16 Frum Follies Blog
294 Score For Chasidic Sex Abuse Whistleblower In Forward Suit 02/25/16 Jewish Week
295 Attempted abduction case in Brooklyn falls apart after suspect, a man from a prominent Orthodox family, comes forward 02/24/16 NY Daily News
296 Could alleged abuser Malka Leifer become the next Avrohom Mondrowitz? 02/23/16 Jewish Week
297 Israeli judge orders tests in Melbourne case 02/22/16 The Australian
298 After 30 years, this New York Yiddish translator still has her days in court 02/22/16 Times of Israel
299 Ex-Melbourne teacher too 'panicked' to deal with sex abuse claims 02/20/16 The Australian
300 New Catholic Bishops Told They Don’t Have to Report Sexual Abuse to Police 02/11/16 Newsweek
301 Orthodox school criticised by inspectors for not preparing pupils for life in modern Britain 02/05/16 The Jewish Chronicle
302 Intervention of World Headquarters of Jewish movement angers sexual assault victims 02/04/16 The World Today
303 More turmoil at Melbourne's Yeshivah Centre 02/02/16 Manny Waks
304 More turmoil at Melbourne's Yeshivah Centre (Part 2) - new public statements 02/02/16 Manny Waks
305 Leadership changes at Yeshivah Centre forbidden after abuse probe 02/01/16 Australian Herald Sun
306 `Mishpatim’ – Judaism Abhors Child Abuse 02/01/16 Jewish Week
307 Fugitive Rabbi Accused of Sex Crimes Issues Death Threat Against South Africa's Chief Rabbi 01/30/16 Haaretz
308 Court rejects Todros Grynhaus’s appeal against jail sentence for child sex assaults 01/29/16 The Jewish Chronicle
309 “I didn’t decide to take on the Catholic Church. I decided to pursue a story" 01/29/16 The Jewish Chronicle
310 Don't Report Child Sex Abuse To Police, Leading Haredi Rabbi Says 01/28/16 Failed
311 Israeli Rabbi Indicted for Indecent Acts Against Boys 01/26/16 Haaretz
312 The Right Way To Deal With A Sexual Advance 01/26/16 Jewish Week
313 Church lawyer demands child sex abuse victim repay compensation after speaking to media 01/21/16 ABC News Australia
314 Sacrificing Victims On The Altars Of Silence And Power 01/19/16 Jewish Week
315 Judge rules documents be public in priest abuse case 01/16/16
316 Boston: Truth and Complicity 01/15/16 The New York Review of Books
317 Let's Reform Sex Abuse Laws To Offer Justice — Not Protect Predators 01/14/16 The Jewish Daily Forward
318 What Pope Benedict Knew About Abuse in the Catholic Church 01/14/16 New Yorker
319 Judges reject molester's claims plea was forced 01/07/16 Asbury Park Press
320 Rabbi Sentenced To 8 Years in Prison for Sexual Assault of 15-Year-Old Boy 01/06/16 DNA Info
321 Spotlight on the Jewish Community 01/03/16 Times of Israel
322 Feminist campaigner claims child abuse is rampant in strictly Orthodox community 12/27/15 The Jewish Chronicle
323 Surprise report slams Stamford Hill girls school for inadequate child protection 12/21/15 Jewish News
324 Former Toronto teacher charged in child porn investigation 12/18/15
325 Some reflections on the shidduch system 12/11/15 Asher Lovy
326 Appellate Opinion in People v. Weberman 12/10/15
327 Apellate court upholds perv Hasidic counselor’s 50-year sentence 12/10/15 NY Daily News
328 Convicted molester has 2 counts thrown out, still has 100 year jail sentence 12/10/15 NY Post
329 Rabbinical student free after judge dismisses sex assault case 12/09/15 Times Herald Record
330 What Sex Abuse Cases at Horace Mann and Y.U. Should Teach Us 12/08/15 The Jewish Daily Forward
331 “Spotlight” and Its Revelations 12/08/15 The New Yorker
332 Yeshivah Centre Redress Scheme 12/07/15 Manny Waks
333 Why Are Sex Offenders Welcomed? 11/26/15 Times of Israel
334 The Cost of Secretiveness 11/20/15 Chicago Jewish Star
335 Suit: Scoutmaster abused Boy Scouts in '60s and '70s 11/18/15 CNN
336 Wife backs husband in sex abuse case 11/17/15 Times Herald-Record
337 Rabbi Guilty of Sexually Assaulting 15-Year-Old Boy, Judge Rules 11/16/15 DNA Info
338 Rabbi convicted of sexually assaulting boy nine years ago 11/16/15 Chicago Tribune
339 Teen testifies in sexual assault case involving rabbinical student 11/16/15 Times Herald-Record
340 FBI Opens Tipline, Ohel Offers Assistance, After Local Therapist Arrested 11/12/15 Jewish Link of New Jersey
341 Boy who says rabbinical student sexually assaulted him will testify 11/12/15 Times Herald-Record
342 Melbourne lawyer Alex Lewenberg facing sanctions over alleged comments to Jewish child sex abuse victim 11/09/15 Herald Sun
343 Let victims pursue their abusers: New York's outdated civil statute of limitations badly needs fixing 11/09/15 NY Daily News
344 Chicago Seminar on Child Sex Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community 11/08/15 Administrator
345 Rabbi Bodenheimer gets sex offender probation 11/04/15 The Journal News
346 "Spotlight" on Great Journalism 10/30/15 NPR
347 Brooklyn Man Sentenced To 10 Years For Sexually Abusing A Minor 10/16/15 United States Attorney's Office
348 Rabbi Karp sentenced to 22 years in prison 10/16/15 Cleveland Jewish News
349 Child molester gets 10 years in prison from federal judge in Brooklyn after state court gave him only 2 years for abusing boys 10/16/15 NY Daily News
350 Former Adass leaders could face charges 10/01/15 Australian Jewish News
351 Police backflip on Adass board over sex offender's escape 09/28/15 The Australian
352 Pope Francis Ends Visit With Mass After Meeting Bishops and Inmates 09/27/15 NY Times
353 Second student suing Adass 09/24/15 Australian Jewish News
354 Group urges government to deny US pedophiles aliyah 09/20/15 Times of Israel
355 Cover-up of sex abuse by girls' school principal dishonours Adass 09/19/15 The Australian
356 Some E. Ramapo yeshivas fail to prepare pupils in secular studies 09/18/15 The Journal News
357 The Plight of Children at Risk in the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Communities and the Failure of Government and Pandering Politicians to Protect Them 09/17/15
358 Rabbi's views again aired at abuse inquiry 09/17/15 Australian Herald Sun
359 Judgment awarded against Malka Leifer and Adass Israel School 09/16/15 Supreme Court of Victoria
360 Jewish school ordered to pay $1m to student sexually abused by runaway principal 09/15/15 Australian Herald Sun
361 Statement Regarding NYC Board of Health Vote Rescinding Regulation of Metzitzah B’Peh 09/10/15 Agudath Israel of America
362 That Time I Crashed the Agudah Convention 09/09/15 The Times of Israel
363 Councilman Vows To Toughen Yeshiva Probe 09/08/15 Jewish Week
364 12-Hour School Day, But Can't Do Math 09/08/15 Jewish Week
365 What Happens to Sex Offenders Who Flee to Israel? 09/08/15 The Jewish Daily Forward
366 Brooklyn activist injured in bleach attack for outing pedophiles in Jewish community sues assailant 09/03/15 NY Daily News
367 Rabbi Telsner stands down from Yeshivah 09/01/15 ABC News Australia
368 Charedi Rabbis Speak Out On Abuse 08/26/15 Jewish Week
369 Kol Koreh Addresses Child Abuse, Urges Reporting To Secular Authorities 08/23/15 Jewish Press
370 Prominent US-based haredi rabbis declare obligation to report child abuse to police 08/22/15 Jerusalem Post
371 Letter to the Editor, NY Times 08/19/15 NY Times
372 Summer camp closed after man arrested over indecent images of children 08/07/15 The Jewish Chronicle
373 Jehovah’s Witnesses cover up child sex abuse and oust a victim 07/30/15 The Center for Investigative Reporting
374 Judge finds New Square rabbi not guilty in sex abuse case 07/30/15 The Journal News
375 Rabbi pleads to endangering welfare of a child, ends sex abuse case 07/28/15 The Journal News
376 Closing arguments begin in rabbi sex abuse trial 07/24/15 Hudson Valley News 12
377 Closing Arguments Made in New Square Hasidic Abuse Trial 07/23/15 The Jewish Daily Forward
378 Testimony of rabbi's daughter bolsters prosecution 07/22/15 Hudson Valley News 12
379 How Survivors Of The Horace Mann Sex Abuse Scandal Picked A Fight They Couldn't Win 07/22/15 Buzzfeed News
380 Prison for rabbi who sexually assaulted youths 07/22/15 Jerusalem Online
381 Solicitor Alex Lewenberg probed over allegations of pressuring a child abuse victim 07/21/15 The Herald Sun
382 Defense begins in Rockland rabbi's sex abuse trial 07/20/15 Hudson Valley News 12
383 Justice for the Children- Some thoughts from the Taubenfeld abuse trial 07/20/15 Pesach Sommer
384 Victim in New Square sex abuse case testifies 07/18/15 The Journal News
385 Did Hasidic Neighbor Start Sex Abuse Reign of Terror on September 11? 07/17/15 The Jewish Daily Forward
386 Prosecution rests in rabbi's sexual assault trial 07/17/15 Hudson Valley News 12
387 Gateshead’s Rabbi Zimmerman Challenges Community to Stop Covering Up Child Abuse 07/16/15 Frum Follies blog
388 'Utter hypocrite' Todros Grynhaus jailed for 13 years for sex assaults 07/10/15 The Jewish Chronicle
389 System failed to protect Lev Tahor children: report 07/09/15 Montreal Gazette
390 The Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse releases its comments on youth protection interventions regarding children of the Lev Tahor community 07/09/15 Commission Report
391 Confronting sexual abuse in the Jewish community 07/07/15 Jerusalem Post
392 The Rise And Fall Of JONAH 07/02/15 Jewish Week
393 Rabbi accused of molestation to be extradited to Israel 06/30/15 Jerusalem Post
394 Mother speaks out regarding rabbi accused of molesting child 06/24/15 Miami News 7
395 Sydney’s Jewish community taking action to detect child sex abuse in wake of Royal Commission findings 06/18/15 Australian Daily Telegraph
396 2 Bishops Resign in Minnesota Over Sexual Abuse Scandal 06/15/15 NY Times
397 Vatican Indicts Ex-Ambassador to Dominican Republic 06/15/15 NY Times
398 6 Ways To Prevent More 'Sauna Rabbi' Scenarios 06/09/15 The Jewish Daily Forward
399 Pope Creates Tribunal for Bishop Negligence in Child Sexual Abuse Cases 06/09/15 NY Times
400 Kevin Mulhearn: Horace Mann report shows why New York state needs to reform statute of limitations in sex abuse cases 06/02/15 NY Daily News
401 Statement on Sexual Abuse 05/26/15 Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis
402 Sex abuser conviction is a 'game-changer' for victims 05/21/15 The Jewish Chronicle
403 Child sex abuse: Change must begin in our homes 05/21/15 The Jewish Chronicle
404 Child sex abuse and the community: For lessons in what not to do, look at Australia 05/21/15 The Jewish Chronicle
405 1,400 investigated in child sex abuse inquiry, including politicians 05/20/15 The Guardian
406 Paedophile rabbi evaded justice after "Jewish mafia" sent him for therapy instead of reporting him to police 05/20/15 UK Mirror
407 Rabbi who indecently assaulted girls aged 14 and 15 was sent for therapy by community elders and police were only alerted two years later 05/20/15 Mail Online
408 Todros Grynhaus found guilty of sexual assault 05/19/15 The Jewish Chronicle
409 De Blasio submits names for health board 05/18/15 Capital New York
410 Community harassed abuse claimant: court 05/07/15
411 Adass Israel school failed me, says abuse case student 05/07/15 The Australian
412 Adass Israel School principal's exit arranged by school council member, court told 05/05/15 The Age
413 Brooklyn DA To Probe Tampering In Abuse Cases 04/29/15 Jewish Week
414 Parents claim all-boys school covered up decades of sexual abuse 04/20/15 NY Post
415 An Open Letter to a Community in Pain 04/17/15 Tablet
416 5 year-old girl asks her father about her abuser: “Abba, is he a Tzaddik or a Rasha?” 03/23/15 Walla!
417 Metzitzah And The Safety Of New York’s Children 03/18/15 Jewish Week
418 Yeshivah abuse victims frustrated at lack of action after royal commission 03/11/15 The Guardian
419 Bid For Better Secular Ed In Yeshivas Heading Toward Court 03/11/15 Jewish Week
420 Chasidic Abuse Whistleblower Suing Dershowitz Brothers 03/10/15 Jewish Week
421 Jewish community members call on Yeshivah Centre board to resign after child sexual abuse royal commission revelations 03/02/15 Herald Sun
422 NY Sex Offender Ruling Sparks Discussion of Law's Real Value 03/01/15 Associated Press
423 Protect the babies first from risks of circumcision rite 03/01/15 NY Daily News
424 Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky on reporting abuse 03/01/15 Administrator
425 A Bad Call on Risky Circumcisions 02/27/15 NY Times
426 Cheating Hasids Out of a Future 02/26/15 The Jewish Daily Forward
427 De Blasio circumcision deal puts health officials in a tough spot 02/26/15 Capital New York
428 Borough Park man accused of endangerment 02/26/15 News 12
429 Australian Orthodox groups offer mixed responses to abuse scandals 02/25/15 Jerusalem Post
430 Haredi-Cofounded Nonprofit Organization That Helped Child Molester’s Family Make Aliya Wins Jerusalem Prize 02/24/15 Failed Messiah
431 City ready to abandon consent forms for circumcision ritual 02/24/15 Capital New York
432 New York Mayor Bill de Blasio Kisses Ring of Skver Rebbe David Twersky 02/24/15 The Jewish Daily Forward
433 Mayor de Blasio Is Set to Ease Rules on Circumcision Ritual 02/24/15 NY Times
434 Religious teacher launched sex attack on schoolgirl in hotel jacuzzi, court hears 02/24/15 Manchester Evening News
435 COMMENT: Abuse scandal leaves huge task ahead for Australian community 02/23/15 Canadian Jewish News
436 Yeshivah Centre’s code of silence robbed alleged sex abuse victims of a voice 02/21/15 Herald Sun
437 Jewish community failed over abuse 02/21/15 The Age
438 Rabbis' absolute power: how sex abuse tore apart Australia's Orthodox Jewish community 02/18/15 The Guardian
439 Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse : A statement from Chabad HQ 02/16/15 J-Wire
440 Advocate calls for global Jewish child-abuse commission 02/16/15 The Times of Israel
441 Australia's top rabbi resigns after giving evidence at sex abuse royal commission 02/15/15 The Guardian
442 Manny Waks: I'm the 'troublemaker' who blew the whistle on Jewish abuse scandal 02/15/15 The Guardian
443 Rabbi ‘too busy’ to discuss scandal 02/14/15 Herald Sun
444 Top rabbi called victims' father a "lunatic" in text message 02/14/15 The Age
445 Australia's most senior rabbi sent text message calling abuse victims' father a 'lunatic', royal commission hears 02/13/15 ABC News Australia
446 Runaway Rabbi to be Extradited to Israel 02/13/15 Arutz Sheva
447 Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse: Final Day – Rabbi Zvi Telsner 02/13/15 J-Wire
448 Decades of Yeshiva Rapes Shock Aussies 02/12/15 The Daily Beast
449 Feldman resigns 02/11/15 J-Wire
450 Yeshivah sex abuse: leaders did not think of saying sorry, commission hears 02/11/15 The Guardian
451 Child abuse royal commission: Victim brands Jewish Yeshivah community 'rotten to core' 02/10/15 ABC News Australia
452 Repentant child abusers should not have to be reported, rabbi says 02/09/15 The Guardian
453 Op-Ed: Compassionate support can improve healing for survivors of abuse 02/09/15 CT Mirror
454 At last the inquiry into child abuse can set about winning justice for survivors 02/09/15 The Guardian
455 RC Day 4: “I did not know there was any such obligation” 02/06/15 Australia Jewish News
456 Rabbi Yosef Feldman tells royal commission he didn’t know it’s illegal for adults to touch children’s genitals 02/06/15 Administrator
457 Jewish leader put girl, 12, into sex offender Daniel Hayman’s care, royal commission hears 02/05/15 Herald Sun
458 Jewish sexual abuse families branded informers for going to police 02/04/15 The Age
459 The letter that brought a courtroom to tears 02/04/15 Australian Jewish News
460 After Neuberger case, a new voice for victims 02/03/15 Daily Record
461 Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse public hearing - Opening Statement 02/02/15 Manny Waks
462 Royal commission to examine child sexual abuse within Jewish community at Melbourne hearings 02/01/15 ABC News
463 Neuberger Gets Probation for Assault 01/22/15 Baltimore Jewish Times
464 I understand why people believe sexual predators before victims. I did 01/22/15 The Guardian
465 On Hynes’s tab: Former DA’s critics predict 100s of millions for wrongful convictions 01/21/15 The Brooklyn Paper
466 The Orthodox Sex Guru 01/21/15 NY Times
467 A convicted sex offender flees to Israel after alleged assault in Brooklyn synagogue 01/15/15 NY Daily News
468 On YU Sex Abuse Case, You Can’t Hide From God 01/14/15 Jewish Week
469 Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson gains national acclaim his first year 01/06/15 NY Daily News
470 Suicide 01/05/15 The Times of Israel
471 Appellate court upholds child sex abuse conviction of Monsey man 01/04/15 Mid-Hudson News
472 N.Y. mayor must outlaw dangerous circumcision rite before another baby dies 12/31/14 Haaretz
473 Man sentenced on sex offender charge 12/18/14 LA Jewish Journal
474 Scottish Government expected to announce historic child abuse inquiry 12/15/14 The Herald Scotland
475 Moshe Taubenfeld appears in court 12/15/14 News 12
476 Bid For Better Secular Ed For Yeshivas Heats Up 12/10/14 Jewish Week
477 An Apparent Abuser Remains Free 12/05/14 Jewish Week
478 Hasidic Enclave Keeps Its Secrets Amid Elusive Rebbe's Tight Control 12/03/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
479 Orthodox Jews convene to stop domestic and sexual abuse 12/02/14 The Times of Israel
480 Reporting Sexual Assault Is Difficult, but a New Technology May Help 12/02/14 NY Times
481 Amid accusations of sex assault and fraud, Jerusalem seminaries refund tuition 12/01/14 Haaretz
482 Ex-student of ultra-orthodox Jewish school system in Quebec wants compensation for poor education 11/28/14 The Star
483 Why Israel Needs a Sex Offender Registry 11/27/14 The Times of Israel
484 Video: SPEAK UP! 7 Orthodox Abuse Survivors Break the Silence 11/27/14 Jewish Community Watch
485 Israel's Lone Soldier Center Severs Ties With Rabbi George Finkelstein 11/26/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
486 Yeshivah College called to royal commission on child sexual abuse 11/25/14 The Age
487 Top Vatican prosecutor failed to report abuser 11/23/14 Boston Globe
488 Yiddish Isn’t Enough 11/21/14 NY Times
489 Former Miss World: 'I'm not scared to talk about my rape. But I hope men will be afraid' 11/21/14 Telegraph UK
490 Agudath Israel Sort of Addresses Meisels and Other Sex Scandals 11/20/14 Frum Follies blog
491 Chasidic Sex Abuse Whistleblower Sues The Forward 11/18/14 Jewish Week
492 The role of rabbis in combating abuse in the Orthodox community 11/16/14 Jerusalem Post
493 $20 Million Hasidic Mortgage Fraud Suspect Bribed Witness in Nechemya Weberman Case 11/13/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
494 Jewish Week, Letters to the Editor: Sol Wachtler Responds 11/12/14 Jewish Week
495 All the Young Jews: In the Village of Kiryas Joel, New York, the Median Age Is 13 11/12/14 Village Voice
496 Chovevei Torah Rabbi Says Haredi View Of Sex, Not Criminal Rabbis, Behind Abuse Coverups 11/11/14 Failed Messiah
497 Eros, not sex! 11/11/14 Jerusalem Post
498 In the heart of urban America, a troubling Hasidic theocracy 11/11/14 The National Post
499 The Shame of Borough Park 11/10/14 New Yorker
500 Wachtler-Hynes Emails Had It Wrong On Kellner 11/05/14 Jewish Week
501 Out Loud: A Sex-Abuse Scandal in a Hasidic Community 11/04/14 New Yorker
502 Brooklyn Prosecutor Allegedly Helped Protect Child Molester As A Favor 11/04/14 Gothamist
503 The New Yorker Reports On The Sam Kellner Extortion Case 11/03/14 Failed Messiah
504 Thompson Blames Everyone but Himself for the Lebovits Sentence 11/02/14 Frum Follies blog
505 Rabbi’s aide posted sex abuse victim’s photo online under guise of Brooklyn man: lawsuit 10/27/14 NY Daily News
506 On Living in the Image of the Divine 10/24/14 Rabbi Pinky Schmeckelstein
507 Anti-Abuse Activist Joey Diangello Dies of Overdose, But His Legacy Lives On 10/23/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
508 Court ruling a victory for all victims of sexual abuse, says lawyer for former SU ball boys 10/21/14
509 Orthodox Jewish rape survivor buried by community that shunned him 10/20/14 WPIX 11
510 Prominent Rabbi Arrested on a Charge of Voyeurism 10/14/14 NY Times
511 Discussion of Pedophilia Turns Heated 10/13/14 NY Times
512 The Orthodox Sex Abuse Crackdown That Wasn’t 10/07/14 The Daily Beast
513 Questions Over Child Molester’s Early Release 10/06/14 Jewish Week
514 Judge Erred In Sentencing Of Notorious Hasidic Pedophile – Did DA Conspire With The Judge To Cover It Up? 10/06/14 Failed Messiah
515 Pedophilia: A Disorder, Not a Crime 10/05/14 NY Times
516 Brooklyn DA Refuses to Explain Early Release of Lebovits 10/01/14 Frum Follies blog
517 Brooklyn cantor who pleaded guilty to molesting boy released from prison after less than three months 09/30/14 NY Daily News
518 School Sexual Abuse Survivors End Decades of Secrecy 09/24/14
519 Ramapo man lured boy with candy 09/23/14 The Journal News
520 Petition calls for senior Yeshivah leaders to resign 09/22/14 The Age
521 Federal judge shoots down convicted pedophile’s claim that he was legally married to teenage boy 09/22/14 NY Daily News
522 Orthodox Must Fight Sexual Abuse 09/16/14 Jewish Week
523 Rabbinical leaders to be called to royal commission into child sexual abuse 09/12/14 The Age
524 Prominent Orthodox Rabbi Condemns Vaccines as a 'Hoax' 09/12/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
525 Monsey rabbi rejects plea deal in sex abuse case 09/04/14 The Journal News
526 Court upholds dismissal of $680 million sex abuse suit against Yeshiva University 09/04/14 NY Daily News
527 Appeals Court Says Men Alleging Sex Abuse Waited Too Long to Sue Yeshiva University 09/04/14 NY Times
528 Ultra-Orthodox rabbi accused in sex assault suit 08/29/14 Chicago Tribune
529 Lawyer Seeks to Reinstate Suit Over Alleged Abuse Cover-Up at Yeshiva High 08/28/14 NY Times
530 American ultra-orthodox charge sexual abuse at Israeli seminaries 08/28/14 Jerusalem Post
531 Yeshiva's Sex-Abuse Defense Raises Eyebrows 08/28/14 Courthouse News Service
532 QOTD – Shame on You Rabbi Eidensohn For Undoing Your Lifetime’s Work 08/25/14 Frum Follies blog
533 For Nuncio Accused of Abuse, Dominicans Want Justice at Home, Not Abroad 08/23/14 NY Times
534 The Role of Rabbis in Confronting Abuse in the Orthodox Community 08/18/14 Rabbi Yosef Blau
535 Monsey rabbi pleads not guilty to sex abuse of boy, 7 08/13/14 The Journal News
536 Abuse Advocates Weigh In On Thompson 08/13/14 Jewish Week
537 Justice Denied for Abused Children 08/13/14 NY Times
538 Grand jury to probe former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes 08/13/14 NY Daily News
539 Monsey principal arrested, charges remain sealed 08/11/14 The Journal News
540 You’re 16. You’re a Pedophile. You Don’t Want to Hurt Anyone. What Do You Do Now? 08/11/14 Medium
541 Chabad Rabbi Busted On Child Sex Abuse Charges 08/11/14 Failed Messiah
542 Israeli Beis Din Acted with No Representation of Victims, Chicago, or Torah Umesorah 08/10/14 Frum Follies blog
543 Brooklyn DA exposes hidden Orthodox sex cases 08/10/14 NY Post
544 How Meisels Recruited — Guest Post 08/10/14 Frum Follies blog
545 Five Families Sue Meisels, Yarmish and Rabbi Gartner Demanding Refunds and Alleging Fraud 08/08/14 Frum Follies blog
546 Chicago Letter Counters Israel: Students can Drop Meisels Seminaries and Others Can Accept Them 08/08/14 Frum Follies blog
547 Gov. Cuomo signs law requiring coaches to report signs of child abuse 08/06/14 NY Daily News
548 Rabbi Feldman’s Far-Fetched Fumfer 08/03/14 Frum Follies blog
549 Standing by Their Convictions 07/31/14 Harry Maryles
550 Seminary Staff made it Possible for Meisels to Abuse Students 07/30/14 Frum Follies blog
551 New Square teacher wants trial to fight sex charges 07/30/14 The Journal News
552 Sexual Misconduct arrest in Kiryas Joel 07/30/14 New York State Police
553 Kahane’s Folly 07/24/14 Frum Follies blog
554 A Father’s Complaint about the Priorities of Seminaries 07/18/14 Frum Follies blog
555 HTC Suspends Accreditation of Meisels’ Seminaries Threatening Cutoff of Governmental Financial Aid 07/17/14 Frum Follies blog
556 Israeli Beit Din Announces Removal of Meisels from His Seminaries and Gives Green Light for Attendance 07/14/14 Frum Follies blog
557 Unwanted Physical Contact of a Sexual Nature 07/14/14 Harry Maryles
558 Rabbinical Court Accuses Seminary Operator Elimelech Meisels of “Unwanted Sexual Contact” 07/11/14 Administrator
559 Lebovits Gets 2 Years; Victim Addresses His Abuser 07/09/14 Jewish Week
560 Brooklyn cantor begins serving two-year prison term in controversial sex abuse case 07/09/14 NY Daily News
561 Zugibe Blasts News 12's Coverage Of Sex Abuse Case In Open Letter 07/09/14 Rockland County Times
562 Brooklyn Cantor Is Sentenced to 2 Years for Sexual Abuse 07/09/14 NY Times
563 Pope Asks Forgiveness From Victims of Sex Abuse 07/07/14 NY Times
564 Sex-Abuse Victims to Pope: Stop Begging for Forgiveness and Just Stop the Abuse 07/07/14 The Daily Beast
565 Shaken Faith - Alleged New Square sex abuse victim speaks to News 12 07/07/14 News 12
566 New York needs longer statutes of limitations on child sex crimes 06/29/14 The Daily Gazette
567 Australian Jewish child molester loses appeal 06/27/14 JTA
568 Senior orthodox Jewish leaders face cover-up inquiry over child sex abuse 06/27/14 The Age
569 27-year-old store clerk Leiby Frankel molested 13-year-old boy at Monroe Health 06/24/14 News 12
570 New Square educator charged with sexually abusing boy 06/21/14 The Journal News
571 An Open Secret: Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum's abuse of boys in Toronto's Jewish community 06/18/14 CBC Radio
572 Rabbi refuses to accept apology from man who threw bleach in his face 06/18/14 NY Daily News
573 A Day Of Shame In Brooklyn 06/18/14 Failed Messiah
574 Man Who Threw Bleach at Outspoken Rabbi Asks for Forgiveness at Sentencing 06/18/14 DNAinfo NY
575 Feds join Charles Hynes probe 06/16/14 NY Post
576 Mrs. Pearl Engleman responds to Ami Magazine's Train Wreck Journalism dealing with child abuse 06/12/14 Mrs. Pearl Engleman
577 How Low Can Joe Go? 06/09/14 NYPD Confidential
578 Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenas former Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes aides in state theft probe, says source 06/09/14 NY Daily News
579 When district attorneys go south 06/05/14 NY Post
580 The shameful DA 06/04/14 NY Daily News
581 Hynes is the poster boy for NYC political corruption 06/04/14 NY Post
582 New York Has Strict Statute of Limitations for Child Sex Abuse 06/04/14 Wall Street Journal
583 Blurred Lines Between Duty and Friendship 06/03/14 NY Times
584 Former Prosecutor in Brooklyn Was Consumed by Campaign, Emails Show 06/03/14 NY Times
585 Former DA sullied by report of desperate campaign tactics 06/03/14 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
586 A Prosecutor’s Reputation Sinks Lower 06/03/14 NY Times
587 Orthodox Abuse Issue Figures In Investigation 06/03/14 Jewish Week
588 Startling Sidebar: Brooklyn Judge Gave Political Advice to Borough’s Top Prosecutor 06/03/14 Pro Publica
589 How “Journalism” Becomes an Excuse 06/03/14 Asher Lovy
590 Ex-Brooklyn Prosecutor Charles J. Hynes Accused of Misuse of Funds 06/02/14 NY Times
591 The New York City Department of Investigation’s Findings on Charles J. Hynes 06/02/14 Department of Investigation
592 Investigation Finds Ex-Brooklyn DA Hynes Used Seized Money For Campaign 06/02/14 Gothamist
593 Former DA Charles Hynes could face $1M larceny rap 06/02/14 NY Post
594 De Blasio Remains Mum on Rabbi’s Remarks 05/30/14 NY Times
595 At a Jewish Gala, de Blasio Skips His Cue to Speak Out 05/29/14 NY Times
596 Mayor, distracted by well-wishers, didn’t take note of Orthodox rabbi’s tirade: aides 05/29/14 NY Daily News
597 How to Turn Journalism Into a Train Wreck 05/28/14 Ami Magazine
598 Sexual assault victim ostracised by Orthodox Jewish community, court told 05/27/14 Sydney Morning Herald
599 Speech of Rabbi Perlow at Agudah Convention 05/27/14 Rabbi Yakov Perlow
600 ‘There are more Hayman victims’ 05/23/14 Australian Jewish News
601 Jewish Law and the Tragedy of Sexual Abuse of Children 05/21/14 Rutgers Journal of Law and Religion
602 Feds Charge Dozens In NYC Area In Child Porn Case 05/21/14 CBS News
603 Thompson Is Losing Cred with Anti-Child-Abuse Advocates in the Orthodox Community 05/21/14 Frum Follies blog
604 71 Are Accused in a Child Pornography Case, Officials Say 05/21/14 NY Times
605 Compassion for the Sinner – A Personal Story 05/21/14 Patently Jewish
606 The Brooklyn Rabbi and His Child Porn Collection 05/21/14 Daily Beast
607 Lebovits Sentence: ‘A Mockery Of Justice’ 05/20/14 Jewish Week
608 What Ever Happened to Kol Tzedek Under Thompson? 05/20/14 Frum Follies blog
609 Brooklyn cantor pleads guilty to sex abuse that ends criminal case after six years 05/16/14 NY Daily News
610 Brooklyn Cantor Pleads Guilty in Sexual Abuse Case 05/16/14 NY Times
611 Orthodox Jewish man admits to sex 8 times with teen boy 05/16/14 NY Post
612 Baruch Lebovits Pleads Guilty to Molestation 05/16/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
613 Monsey boy, 12, was molested by camp counselor: lawsuit 05/16/14 The Journal News
614 Megachurch Pastor Confesses to Protecting Child Molester for Years 05/16/14 Christian Post
615 Rules Are for Schmucks: State within a State 05/15/14 The Humanist
616 Multi-Million dollar civil suits filed against Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum & Eitz Chaim 05/15/14
617 In Brooklyn, decades of high crime and low coverage bear sour fruit 05/14/14 Columbia Journalism Review
618 Speak No Evil 05/14/14 City Paper
619 Brooklyn Hasid member cleared of snapping photo of victim who testified in sex abuse case 05/08/14 NY Daily News
620 At Least 1 in 120 Priests Worldwide Were Punished for Child Sex Abuse in the Last Decade 05/07/14 Slate
621 DA to Give Serial Groper Jerry Brauner No-Jail Deal over Objections of Victim 05/05/14 Frum Follies blog
622 Fight Against Sex Assaults Holds Colleges to Account 05/03/14 NY Times
623 Clear Rules Eyed on Church Sex Abuse 05/03/14 NY Times
624 Betraying the Faith: Abuse in Jewish Brooklyn 05/03/14 BBC
625 Alleged sex abuse victim Manny Waks sues Yeshivah Centre for negligence 05/02/14 The Age
626 Gateshead man on trial over ‘sex abuse’ of teen 05/01/14 The Jewish Chronicle
627 Taking Care Of The Victims 05/01/14 New Jersey Jewish Standard
628 No Jail Time for Brooklyn Man Who Threw Bleach on a Rabbi 04/29/14 NY Times
629 I Hope Thompson Is Merely Clueless About Witness Intimidation 04/29/14 Frum Follies blog
630 Prison Release Celebrated In Williamsburg 04/28/14 Five Towns Jewish Times
631 Rabbi slams Brooklyn DA after attacker gets plea deal 04/28/14 NY Post
632 Hasidic man gets no jail for bleaching sex abuse activist 04/28/14 NY Daily News
633 Editorial: A Travesty Of Justice In Brooklyn 04/28/14 Failed Messiah
634 Belatedly - A Wrong Has Been Righted 04/13/14 Harry Maryles
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637 Police probe leak of Yeshivah school sex abuse complaint 04/10/14 The Age
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639 The Fight to Reveal Abuses by Catholic Priests 03/30/14 NY Times
640 Waiting for the asimon to drop 03/23/14 Times of Israel
641 Why Child Abuse Victims Don't "Just Get Over It" 03/23/14 Bracha Goetz
642 Case will be dropped against man with odd name of Lemon Juice, accused of tweeting photo of sex-abuse victim 03/21/14 NY Daily News
643 Driver of Satmar Rebbe Spread Photos of Weberman Victim 03/21/14 Frum Follies blog
644 Hit-and-run in Midwood 03/21/14 Brooklyn Daily
645 Kiryas Joel Man Arrested for Forcible Touching 03/20/14 NY State Police
646 Satmar Public Safety Cooperating in Securing Arrest of Joel Gluck 03/20/14 Frum Follies blog
647 Yosef Kolko pidyon shvuyim fund in Lakewood 03/19/14 Daas Torah blog
648 Secretary Johnson Highlights Results of Operation That Dismantled Underground Child Exploitation Enterprise on Tor Network 03/18/14 DHS Press Office
649 Whistleblower Wants Witness Intimidation Probe 03/12/14 Jewish Week
650 After Seeing His Family Crumble, Vindicated Whistle-Blower Has Little to Smile About 03/10/14 NY Times
651 DA Drops Whistleblower Action in Cantor Sex Abuse Case 03/10/14 NY Law Journal
652 Judge: Sex-abuse case against Horace Mann School will proceed in NJ 03/08/14 North Jersey Record
653 Brooklyn DA Thompson Drops Extortion Case Against Samuel Kellner 03/07/14 Vos Iz Neias
654 Samuel Kellner Cleared in Brooklyn Abuse Shakedown Case 03/07/14 Jewish Daily Forward
655 Bribery and extortion case dropped against Brooklyn man accused of blackmailing relatives of an alleged molester 03/07/14 NY Daily News
656 Judge Dismisses Charges Against Whistle-Blower in Sexual Abuse Case 03/07/14 NY Times
657 Brooklyn DA Dropping ‘Bogus’ Charges Against Sex Abuse Whistleblower 03/07/14 CBS News
658 Rabbi Shmuel Waldman Who Teaches At Bais Yaacov Arrested for Child Pornography 03/06/14 Frum Follies blog
659 Brooklyn rabbi arrested on child porn charges 03/06/14 NY Post
660 Kellner Case Dismissed 03/05/14 Jewish Week
661 Manhattan U.S. Attorney Announces Arrest Of Brooklyn Rabbi For Distributing Child Pornography 03/05/14 US Attorney's Office
662 Brooklyn Rabbi Samuel Waldman Hit With Child Pornography Charge 03/05/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
663 Camp counselor gets 5 to 23 months 02/26/14 Pocono Record
664 Civil Suit Filed Against Camp Dora Golding, Chisdai Ben Porat, Alex Gold 02/26/14 Administrator
665 Raising awareness of child sexual abuse in Jewish communities 02/25/14 Jerusalem Post
666 Former Monroe County camp counselor sentenced for molestation 02/25/14 WFMZ TV
667 Orthodox Jew jailed for sexually assaulting girl makes audacious attempt to be released early so he can attend his son's Bar Mitzvah 02/25/14 UK Daily Mail
668 Memo to Yeshiva U.: No Statute of Limitations on God's Judgment 02/13/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
669 Times wrong to revive Farrow claims 02/07/14 NY Post
670 U.N. Panel Criticizes the Vatican Over Sexual Abuse 02/05/14 NY Times
671 UN Report on Vatican Response to Child Abuse 02/05/14 United Nations
672 Do you think this happened 50 years ago? 02/05/14 Times of Israel
673 Protest In Shul After Convicted Rabbi Called Up To Torah 02/02/14 Vos Iz Neias
674 N.Y. newborn contracts herpes from controversial circumcision rite 02/02/14 JTA
675 'Jews of New York': Controversial photographer snaps disturbing messages on Jewish faces 01/30/14 NY Daily News
676 Joseph Schwartz Arrested Yesterday on Charges of Sex Abuse 01/30/14 Frum Follies blog
677 Judge tosses $680M sex abuse lawsuit against Yeshiva University 01/30/14 NY Post
678 The $680 Million sex abuse suit against Yeshiva University is thrown out 01/30/14 NY Daily News
679 Federal Agencies Can Better Support State Efforts to Prevent and Respond to Sexual Abuse by School Personnel 01/30/14 US Government Accountability Office
680 Welcome to New Square But Bring Your Own Toilet 01/29/14 Frum Follies blog
681 New Square sex abuse case of Rabbi Moshe Taubenfeld adjourned for two months 01/28/14 News 12 Westchester
682 Rebel Rabbi Exposes Child Molesters 01/27/14 The Daily Beast
683 New Square sex abuse suspect in court 01/27/14 The Journal News
684 Jews Need Justice; Not Someone in the DA’s Office to “Manage Jewish Affairs” 01/25/14 Frum Follies blog
685 Brooklyn DA’s office top prosecutor joins controversial sex abuse case 01/23/14 NY Daily News
686 Lawsuit: Mormon church covered up sexual abuse at Hawaii camps 01/23/14 The Salt Lake Tribune
687 Lev Tahor children forced to take drugs, youth protection documents say 01/17/14 Montreal Gazette
688 New Square sex offender's brother accused of molesting boy for years 01/17/14 The Journal News
689 Lev Tahor sect arranged underage marriage, former member tells youth court 01/17/14 Montreal Gazette
690 Israel ready to deport priest Grozovsky to Russia 01/17/14 Interfax
691 Open Letter To Rabbi Yair Hoffman 01/16/14 David Cheifetz
692 Brooklyn Hasid claims fraudster tweeted pic of sex abuse victim 01/13/14 NY Daily News
693 Man who tried to bribe sex assault victim with $500,000 to keep her from testifying sentenced to four-months in jail 01/10/14 NY Daily News
694 Monsey sex offender sentenced to 90 days for violating probation 01/07/14 The Journal News
695 Civil suit filed by victim of Nechemya Weberman, Satmar spiritual adviser convicted of sexual abuse 01/07/14 NY Daily News
696 Sex-abuse victims' fear stymies police 01/04/14 The Journal News
697 Sex-abuse victims lack voice in New Square 01/04/14 The Journal News
698 The Heter (Permission) for Moishe Turner to Molest Children in Monsey 01/03/14 Frum Follies blog
699 Candidly Speaking: Bayit Yehudi cannot remain silent over Rabbi Druckman 01/01/14 Jerusalem Post
700 Rabbi Elon: Out Of The Classroom 12/31/13 Jewish Week
701 Defying The Court, Protecting The Sinner 12/31/13 Jewish Week
702 Who Misled Rav Chaim Kanievsky? 12/25/13 Jewish Press
703 The Yarmulke Conspiracy 12/23/13 Derryn Hinch
704 The Elon Lesson 12/21/13 Jerusalem Post
705 Judge: Monsey sex offender Moishe Turner violated probation 12/13/13
706 Paying the Price 12/13/13 Emes Ve-Emunah blog
707 An open letter to Rabbi Yakov Horowitz 12/12/13 Benny Polatseck
708 Kellner Case Reveals Split In DA’s Office 12/11/13 Jewish Week
709 No End In Sight 12/11/13 Derryn Hinch
710 Anti-Semite, Self Hating Jew, or Critical Observer? 12/10/13 Kol B'Isha Erva blog
711 Alleged paedophile in bid to avoid trial 12/06/13 The Jewish Chronicle
712 Pope Setting Up Commission on the Sexual Abuse of Children by Priests 12/05/13 NY Times
713 It’s Only Murder - Big Deal! 12/02/13 Emes Ve-Emunah blog
714 Brooklyn D.A. Gives Probation-Only Sentence To Chabad Pedophile With 8 Page Charge Sheet 11/25/13 Failed Messiah blog
715 Sam Kellner’s Attorney Responds to Forward Article 11/24/13 Frum Follies blog
716 Sam Kellner's Attorney Responds to Forward Article 11/24/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
717 Kellner Attorney Calls Forward Journalist "Lazy, Shoddy, Dishonest" – And Proves It 11/24/13 Failed Messiah blog
718 Confused 11/22/13 Five Towns Jewish Times
719 Rabbi's sex abuse case on hold 11/21/13 Eyewitness News
720 Judaism’s fundamentalism problem 11/21/13 National Post
721 Rabbi held for allegedly hiding monstrous sex crime record 11/20/13 NY Post
722 Breaking- Lebovits Case Adjourned Till January 23 11/19/13 Frum Follies blog
723 Baruch Lebovits Plea Deal Falls Through — Retrial Looms for Child Abuse Suspect 11/19/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
724 Panic in Wheedle Park 11/18/13 Frum Follies blog
725 Transition Of Power: Hynes acquiesces to DA-elect’s request 11/18/13 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
726 The Forward's Freudian Slip 11/18/13 Failed Messiah blog
727 Needed – New Orthodox Leadership 11/18/13 Times of Israel
728 Hasidic Sex Abuse of Boys Is a Feminist Issue 11/17/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
729 Paul Berger's Response to Sam Kellner's Attorney 11/17/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
730 The Forward – Intentionally? – Gets It Wrong Again 11/16/13 Failed Messiah blog
731 A mess grows in Brooklyn 11/16/13 NY Daily News
732 Former Jewish youth worker charged with child sex offences 11/15/13 The Age
733 Judge Asked to Block Lebovits Plea by Survivors, Activists, Attorneys and Clergy 11/15/13 Frum Follies blog
734 Letter from incoming DA Thompson to DA Hynes regarding Lebovits case 11/15/13 DA Ken Thompson
735 Australian sex abuse scandal widens as more victims come forward 11/14/13 JTA
736 Under Fire, Brooklyn Deputy Prosecutor Will Retire 11/14/13 NY Times
737 Sam Kellner's Tangled Hasidic Tale of Child Sex Abuse, Extortion and Faith 11/14/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
738 NSW abuse victims may have got hush money 11/14/13 Australian Jewish News
739 Catholic Anti-Abuse Survivors Group, SNAP, Supports Samuel Kellner 11/14/13 SNAP
740 Letter regarding predator Heshy Nussbaum 11/14/13 Rivka A. Edery
741 Ultra-Orthodox Sex Abuse Whistleblower Describes "Child-Rape Assembly Line" 11/12/13 Gothamist
742 How We Plan to Stop a No-Jail-Time Plea Bargain for Baruch Lebovits 11/12/13 Frum Follies blog
743 Kellner Trial Postponed Again 11/12/13 Failed Messiah blog
744 Study: Half of Israeli children experienced abuse or neglect 11/12/13
745 The Child Rape Assembly Line 11/12/13 Vice
746 Vecchione kicks out two Brooklyn assistant DAs 11/11/13 NY Post
747 Chasidic 'Whistleblower' Case Suffers Setback 11/11/13 Jewish Week
748 Stating the Position of Rabbi Feivel Cohen 11/11/13 Rabbi Feivel Cohen
749 2 arrested in alleged sex assault at barbershop 11/08/13 Eyewitness News
750 After the whistle has blown 11/07/13 The Age
751 Accused Haredi British Pedophile Who Fled Prosecution Denied Israeli Citizenship – For Now 11/03/13 Failed Messiah blog
752 Court refuses aliyah for child sexual assault accused 11/01/13 The Jewish Chronicle
753 New Revelation As Retrial Nears 10/31/13 Jewish Week
754 Letter from a parent to President Joel 10/30/13 Dorron Katzin
755 Let’s Get Real About Changing Standards at YU 10/30/13 Frum Follies blog
756 Yeshiva U. Victims Stare Down School's Lawyers in Showdown Over $380M Suit 10/30/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
757 Beverly Hills Police report arrest of alleged sex abuser 10/29/13 Jewish Journal
758 Are Prosecutors Untouchable, Free From Accountability? 10/27/13 Black and Brown News
759 Husband of Orthodox Jewish victim receives death threats 10/23/13 NY Post
760 Rabbis and Naivete 10/21/13 Times of Israel
761 Text of the Victim Statement at Sentencing of Yosef Kolko 10/20/13 Frum Follies blog
762 NJ yeshiva teacher gets 13 years for sexual abuse 10/20/13 JTA
763 Dov Hikind's Nearly $1 Million Grant To Fund Haredi Child Sex Abuse Education Appears To Have Largely Been Squandered 10/20/13 Failed Messiah
764 Former Orthodox Jewish counselor gets 15 years for child molestation 10/18/13 Asbury Park Press
765 Orthodox Rabbi Arrested For Alleged 1st Degree Child Sex Abuse 10/18/13 Failed Messiah blog
766 Kolko’s Decisions Were Driven by Belsky, Belsky, and Belsky 10/18/13 Frum Follies blog
767 RCA Lauds Courage of Abuse Victim 10/18/13 Rabbinical Council of America
768 Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind helps Jewish group fight child abuse 10/18/13 NY Daily News
769 Lakewood Orthodox counselor says he was pressured to plead guilty to child sex abuse 10/17/13 Asbury Park Press
770 Yeshivah investigation ramps up 10/17/13 Australian Jewish News
771 Switch-Hitter Belsky Urged Kolko to Plead Guilty: Now Supports Withdrawing Plea 10/17/13 Frum Follies blog
772 'Kosher phone' blocks crisis hotlines 10/09/13
773 In The Name Of God 10/08/13 Jewish Week
774 Yeshiva U. Hires Lecturer With Criminal Record of Sexual Misconduct With Boys 10/08/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
775 Your Monsey Friend May Be Too Friendly 10/06/13 Frum Follies blog
776 Lakewood Says Violate Shabbat to Save a Child but Only From Gentile Molesters 10/02/13 Frum Follies blog
777 Lakewood Rabbis: Pikuach nefesh to save a Jewish child only if assailant is a Goy! 10/02/13 Daas Torah blog
778 Aguda's twisted path regarding abuse & calling police 10/02/13 Daas Torah blog
779 Ex-Hasidic Woman's Apparent Suicide Sparks Funeral Chaos With Skver Leaders 10/01/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
780 Y.U. Pushes Back Against $380M Abuse Lawsuit Saying Students Waited Too Long 09/26/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
781 NYC neighborhood of dismembered boy to get cameras 09/22/13 Associated Press
782 A Communal Confession by 5TJT Editorial Staff 09/13/13 Five Towns Jewish Times
783 How the Mighty Have Fallen 09/12/13 Frum Follies blog
784 Aviva Lori, veteran writer for Haaretz Magazine, passes away 09/10/13 Haaretz
785 Yosef Kolko, former Lakewood yeshiva counselor, seeks to nullify plea in molestation case 09/06/13 Asbury Park Press
786 Sex-abuse lawsuit vs. Horace Mann School can proceed 09/05/13 NY Post
787 Sex abuse victim shamed during synagogue prayers 09/05/13 NY Post
788 Best Of 5773: The Top 7 Criminals And Bad Boys 09/04/13 Heeb Magazine
789 Putting the Blame Where it Really Belongs 09/03/13 Jewish Press
790 All In The Family 09/01/13 NY Daily News
791 New Square Teen Speaks Out On Ordeal As Sexual Abuse Victim 08/30/13 Vos Iz Neias
792 Broken Trust 08/29/13 News 12
793 Y.U. Report's Three Paragraphs Fails To Do Justice to Abuse — or Jewish Ethics 08/29/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
794 Y.U. Report on Sex Abuse Draws Mixed Reaction From Modern Orthodox 08/28/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
795 Orthodox Groups Under Fire From Within For Inaction On Defender Of Pedophile 08/27/13 Jewish Week
796 Announcement from the YU Board of Trustees 08/26/13 YU Board of Trustees
797 Not Enough Progress By Rabbis, Leaders On Dealing With Sexual Abuse 08/23/13 Jewish Week
798 Orthodox Jewish sex abuse victim calls for rabbis to confront abuse in communities 08/22/13 Ham & High
799 Penn State reaches settlement with Sandusky victim 08/19/13 Philadelphia Inquirer
800 Judge's Ruling Is Big Victory to Y.U. in $380M Sex Abuse Suit, Experts Say 08/16/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
801 Childhood abuse victims name alleged abuser 08/14/13 Jewish Journal
802 Top rabbi backs Elon despite conviction 08/14/13
803 Prosecutor Silent on Questionable Claim 08/14/13 NY Times
804 Brooklyn DA Hynes Discriminates Against Orthodox Jewish Children 08/12/13 Frum Follies blog
805 Letter to the Editor - Reporting a Molester 08/12/13 Jewish Action Magazine
806 Hikind DA Choice Fuels Debate Over Endorsements 08/08/13 Jewish Week
807 Judge Deals Setback to Ex-Students Suing Yeshiva for $380M Over Sex Abuse Claims 08/08/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
808 Book Excerpt: Allison Yarrow’s The Devil of Williamsburg 08/08/13 Time Magazine
809 12 more join $380 million molestation suit against Yeshiva University High School 08/07/13 NY Daily News
810 Reporting of child sex abuse in Beit Shemesh doubled in 2013 08/07/13 Jerusalem Post
811 Horace Mann Sues Insurers to Cover Abuse Liability 08/06/13 NY Times
812 Protect newborns, not an ancient ritual 08/02/13 NY Daily News
813 Suspected NY child rapist assaulted in Jerusalem 08/01/13 Times of Israel
814 Suspected Molester Avrohom Mondrowitz Attacked in Jerusalem 07/31/13 Arutz Sheva
815 After molestation accusations, Dutch Jewish school adopts unusual response 07/31/13 JTA
816 Chasidic Whistleblower Trial Postponed 07/30/13 Jewish Week
817 Mark Weiss’s Testimony: Child Abuse Survivor, Last Person to See Mondrowitz on US Soil 07/30/13 The Algemeiner
818 Video: Avrohom Mondrowitz Attacked in Jerusalem 07/30/13 Failed Messiah blog
819 Accused fugitive pedophile from Brooklyn attacked in Jerusalem 07/30/13 Jerusalem Post
820 A Special Place in Hell 07/29/13 Ari Weisbrot
821 ‘Vigilante Justice’ in Jerusalem; Avrohom Mondrowitz, Fake Rabbi, Shrink Alleged to Have Molested up to 300 Children, Beaten by Unknown Assailant (VIDEO) 07/29/13 The Algemeiner
822 Raising Questions of Professional Conduct as Brooklyn’s Prosecutor Pursues Votes 07/29/13 NY Times
823 Lakewood: Child abuse must be handled by a beis din which doesn't exist!? 07/28/13 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
824 Watching the Jewish Community Watch and Its ‘Wall of Shame’ 07/26/13 Tablet
825 A Crown Heights Thug (Allegedly Unethically) Battles Child Sexual Abuse And Gives Brooklyn's Allegedly Corrupt DA Politcal Cover 07/26/13 Failed Messiah blog
826 Horror rape claims were ‘conspiracy' 07/25/13 The Jewish Chronicle
827 The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Enable 07/25/13 The Jewish Link
828 Brooklyn D.A. Releases Names Of Sex Offenders In Orthodox Community 07/25/13 JTA
829 When a beloved rabbi is also a child abuser 07/24/13 Haaretz
830 Victim impact statement: David Kramer case 07/24/13 Tzedek
831 New York Times: The Faithful’s Failings 07/23/13 Failed Messiah blog
832 The Faithful’s Failings 07/22/13 NY Times
833 Juror’s bombshell claim: Hasidic suspects can’t get a fair trial in Brooklyn 07/22/13 NY Daily News
834 Brooklyn DA releases names of 46 convicted child sex-abusers who terrorized the Orthodox Jewish community from within 07/21/13 NY Post
835 DA Releases Partial List Of Convicted 'Haredi' Child Sex Abusers 07/21/13 Failed Messiah blog
836 Brooklyn D.A. Releases Names Of Orthodox Jews Convicted In Child Sex-Abuse Cases 07/21/13 CBS News
837 Poconos Camp Counselor Accused of Molesting Boy 07/19/13 Las Vegas Sun
838 I was betrayed by community, says sex-abused girl 07/18/13 The Jewish Chronicle
839 She told the police she was abused. Her friends made her pay the price 07/18/13 The Jewish Chronicle
840 Man Named in Y.U. Suit Lured Boys With Karate, Porn — and Modern Orthodox Ties 07/18/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
841 Andron Allegedly Molested in Both YU and OU’s NCSY 07/18/13 Frum Follies blog
842 Child sex abuse: Why does the Jewish community tolerate it? 07/18/13 Haaretz
843 The YU Impasse: Putting A Price On Sexual Abuse 07/17/13 Jewish Week
844 Dov Hikind Asks Brooklyn DA To Drop Charges Against Sam Kellner 07/17/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
845 Yeshivah College accused of covering up sexual abuse 07/17/13 The Age
846 Camp counselor accused of indecent assault of boy 07/14/13 The Pocono Record
847 Camp Allegedly Tried To Cover Up Molestation, Tried To Help Molester Flee Country, Did Not Report Alleged Crime To Police 07/14/13 Failed Messiah blog
848 "קעלנער־ענין מוז אָפּגעשטעלט ווערן" 07/14/13 Yiddish Daily Forward
849 How Googling Unmasks Child Abuse 07/13/13 NY Times
850 Outcry Over Hosting a Sex Offender 07/12/13 NJ Jewish Standard
851 Giving Voice to Victims 07/12/13 NJ Jewish Standard
852 Protesters Blast Brooklyn DA For Prosecuting Hasidic Sex-Abuse Whistleblower 07/12/13 Gothamist
853 Protesters Want Charges Dropped Against Sexual Abuse Whistleblower 07/12/13 CBS News
854 Yeshiva Rocked as 6 More Ex-Students Accuse School of Sex Abuse Cover-Up 07/11/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
855 Orthodox families in NYC and Rockland shunned for reporting sexual abuse 07/11/13 Rockland County Times
856 Kellner Supporters Rally As Hikind Calls For DA To Drop Charges 07/11/13 Jewish Week
857 Rally held in Downtown Brooklyn in support of whistleblower Sam Kellner 07/11/13 News 12
858 2013 Resolution: Preventing Sexual Abuse in our Community 07/11/13 Rabbinical Council of America
859 Students Demand $380 Million From Yeshiva U High School 07/11/13 Courthouse News Service
860 UN questions Vatican over child abuse cases 07/10/13 BBC News
861 Prosecution Of Hasidic Sex Abuse Whistleblower Falls Apart Dramatically 07/09/13 Gothamist
862 Extortion case vs. Hasid Samuel Kellner is in disarray 07/09/13 NY Daily News
863 Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office Has a Witness Problem, Again 07/09/13 NY Magazine
864 Former Y.U. High School Students File $380M Suit Claiming Sex Abuse Cover-Up 07/08/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
865 Prosecution Backtracks in Sex-Abuse Fraud Case 07/08/13 NY Times
866 Lawsuit Says 2 Rabbis Abused Boys at Jewish High School 07/08/13 NY Times
867 Norman Lamm's Legacy 07/08/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
868 Kellner Lawyers Call For 'Outside Investigation' In Chasidic Whistleblower Case 07/07/13 Jewish Week
869 Halachic justification for Kolko's defenders 07/07/13 Daas Torah blog
870 Holding Hynes Accountable 07/07/13 Jewish Week
871 The Church’s Errant Shepherds 07/06/13 NY Times
872 Of Sexual Abuse, Yeshiva, and Teshuva 07/06/13 Yosef Kanefsky
873 Better late than never: Rabbi Norman Lamm's courage shames his Orthodox peers 07/04/13 Haaretz
874 ARCHDIOCESE OF MILWAUKEE DOCUMENTS 07/03/13 Anderson Advocates
875 DA Withholding Key Evidence In Chasidic Whistleblower Case, Kellner Attorney Alleges 07/03/13 Jewish Week
876 Cardinal Dolan and the Sexual Abuse Scandal 07/03/13 NY Times
877 YU chancellor steps down amid abuse cover-up accusations 07/01/13 Times of Israel
878 Y.U. Chancellor Norman Lamm Resigns — Abuse Victims Say Not Enough 07/01/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
879 Dolan Sought to Protect Church Assets, Files Show 07/01/13 NY Times
880 The Shul for Scandal: Where the Molesters Prey 07/01/13 Frum Follies blog
881 Rabbi Lamm Cites His Mistakes As He Retires From Yeshiva University 07/01/13 Jewish Week
882 Yeshiva University Chancellor Apologizes for Sexual Abuse Scandal 07/01/13 NY Times
883 Norman Lamm’s letter announcing departure from Yeshiva University 07/01/13 JTA
884 Address of David Cheifetz to the Rabbinical Council of America (RCA) Conference 06/30/13 David Cheifetz
885 Would-Be Jewish Camp Molesters Get Video Warning — But What About Police? 06/27/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
886 A Great Day for Hasidic Perverts 06/26/13 Frum Follies blog
887 What the Melbourne Jewish Community is Not Being Told About Child Sexual Abuse 06/25/13 J-Wire
888 Rabbi AWOL At Court Date On Molest Rap 06/23/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
889 Rabbi: Young Boys May Have Consented to Sex 06/23/13 The Age
890 The Messiah Will Be Tweeted 06/19/13 Slate
891 On Abuse Prosecutions, A Tale Of Two Cities 06/19/13 Jewish Week
892 Embattled Father Of Sex Abuse Victim Continues To Seek Truth, But Wonders What His Future Holds 06/18/13 Vos Iz Neias
893 Missing the boat: The Consequences of Rabbinic Leadership failing to deal properly with Abuse 06/18/13 Da'as Torah blog
894 Lakewood child abuse case: Father ostracized for going to police 06/17/13 Asbury Park Press
895 OU Misrepresents Haredi Leader's Ruling On Child Sexual Abuse 06/17/13 Failed Messiah blog
896 After Sexual Abuse Case, a Hasidic Accuser Is Shunned, Then Indicted 06/17/13 NY Times
897 A Heartfelt Apology 06/17/13 R' Harry Maryles
898 Rabbi's Alleged Sex Assault Victim Speaks Out: I Saw Him as Father Figure 06/14/13 DNA Info
899 Brooklyn Court Awards $3.5M To Orthodox Activist Who Says His Cousin Molested Him As A Boy 06/13/13 Vos Iz Neias
900 Justice? 06/13/13 Huffington Post
901 Grassroots Brooklyn Organization Teaches Orthodox Kids To Be Wary Of Abuse 06/13/13 Jewish Week
902 Activist wins $3.5M molestation lawsuit against cousin for childhood abuse claims 06/12/13 NY Daily News
903 Rabbi Shmuel Goldin - president of the RCA - clarifies the RCA-Rav Belsky joint statement on child abuse. 06/10/13 Da'as Torah blog
904 Hynes Has NEVER Sent a Haredi to Jail for Obstructing the Prosecution of Sex Abuse 06/08/13 Frum Follies blog
905 Rav Yisroel Belsky: Why contrary to the Kolko case he says to report abuse to police without any requirement to consult a rav first! 06/08/13 Da'as Torah blog
906 Detention of Critic of Child Abuse Draws Ire in China 06/07/13 NY Times
907 Responding to Abuse: Should We Ask Gedolim? 06/06/13 Jewish Press
908 Three Brooklyn Brothers Who Admitted Trying To Bully Sex Abuse Victim's Boyfriend Receive No Jail Time 06/06/13 NY Daily News
909 From Six Years in Jail to None, Courtesy of Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes 06/06/13 Frum Follies blog
910 Statement from the Orthodox Union and RCA 06/06/13 Rabbinical Council of America
911 A Plea for the Victims of Child Abuse 06/03/13 The Jewish Home LA
912 The ‘Them Vs. Us’ Shtetl Mentality Protects Sexual Predators 05/31/13 Jewish Press
913 Alleged Sex Abuser Denied in Rare Law of Return Ruling 05/30/13 The Jewish Chronicle
914 Day # 16 Since Kolko Conviction and the OU and RCA Are Still Struck Dumb 05/30/13 Frum Follies blog
915 What makes a Rabbi an expert on matters of abuse? 05/30/13 Pitputim blog
916 Worse Than Blaming Victims 05/28/13 The Times of Israel
917 Sorry, Rabbi, it’s Not OK 05/27/13 The Times of Israel
918 Rabbi Charged With Criminal Sexual Assault of 15-year-old 05/26/13 Chicago Sun-Times
919 Molestation Cases Must Be Handled by G’dolim, Not by ‘Experts’ 05/26/13 Jewish Press
920 Horace Mann Officials Acknowledge Abuse in Letter 05/24/13 Associated Press
921 The New Toeivah 05/24/13 The Times of Israel
922 What Belsky Is Saying to the Orthodox Union 05/23/13 Frum Follies blog
923 New Evidence Could Harm Case Against Abuse Whistleblower 05/23/13 Jewish Week
924 Joseph Gutnick on Diamonds, Business and God 05/23/13 Business Review Weekly
925 Rav Sternbuch: Written psak to report Kolko to police 05/23/13 Da'as Torah blog
926 UK Rabbi in Sexual Assault Probe to Conduct Wedding 05/21/13 The Times of Israel
927 ‘Sex Offender Village’ 05/21/13 NY Times
928 Church Whistle-Blowers Join Forces on Abuse 05/20/13 NY Times
929 Manny Waks Pays The Price For Speaking About Sexual Abuse In An Orthodox Jewish Community 05/18/13 The Australian
930 Belsky is 0 for 2 on the Kolkos and Yet He’s the OU’s Posek 05/17/13 Frum Follies blog
931 State Legislator Facing Expulsion Says He’ll Resign 05/17/13 NY Times
932 Toughen Laws Against Silence 05/15/13 Asbury Park Press
933 Why Did The Lakewood Establishment and Rav Belsky Get It Wrong? 05/14/13 Daas Torah blog
934 Lakewood Yeshiva Teacher Pleads Guilty to Sex Assault 05/14/13 Asbury Park Press
935 Turn Of Events: After More Victims Surface, Yeshiva Teacher Admits Sex Assault Of Lakewood Boy 05/13/13 Vos Iz Neias
936 Yosef Kolko, Former Camp Counselor, Admits Sex Abuse 05/13/13 Jewish Week
937 Rabbi Yosef Kolko, Ex-yeshiva Teacher, Admits Sexually Assaulting NJ Boy 05/13/13 Huffington Post
938 Former NJ Yeshiva Teacher, Camp Counselor Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting Boy, Is Jailed 05/13/13 Associated Press
939 Leaving Ultra-Orthodox Judaism 05/10/13 PBS
940 Father Takes Stand In Sex Abuse Trial Of Lakewood Yeshiva Teacher 05/10/13 Asbury Park Press
941 The Trials of Father MacRae 05/10/13 Wall Street Journal
942 Ex-yeshiva Teacher Faces Sex Assault Charges in NJ 05/09/13 Associated Press
943 Teen Describes Abuse At Lakewood Yeshiva Teacher Sex-Assault Trial 05/09/13 Asbury Park Press
944 Trail for NJ Rabbi and Alleged Child Molester Set to Begin 05/08/13 The Jewish Voice
945 Lakewood Yeshiva Teacher Sex-assault Trial Begins 05/08/13 Asbury Park Press
946 Prosecutor Says Yeshiva Camp Counselor Abused Boy 05/08/13 USA Today
947 Monsey Sex Offender Accused of Probation Violations 05/08/13 The Journal News
948 The Kolko Case: A Stain on Lakewood 05/08/13 Emes Ve-Emunah blog
949 שווערער מישפּט אין לייקוווּד 05/08/13 Yiddish Forward
950 Kolko Trial: Why the Lakewood Establishment is Scared 05/07/13 Da'as Torah blog
951 Man Set For Harassment Trial Linked to Temple Fortune Rabbi Investigation 05/07/13 Ham & High
952 Secrecy on Trial in Kolko Case 05/06/13 Asbury Park Press
953 Why Can't Yeshiva Alumni Follow Horace Mann Blueprint on Abuse Scandal? 05/06/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
954 Haredim Launch 'Pidyon Shvuyim' Campaign For Worst Child Abuser In Israel's History 05/06/13 Failed Messiah blog
955 Yeshiva Teacher Yosef Kolko on Trial for Sexually Abusing Children 05/06/13
956 Child Sex-assault Trial of Lakewood Yeshiva Teacher to Begin 05/06/13 Asbury Park Press
957 Our View: Removing an Unjustifiable Restriction 05/05/13 The Herald News
958 Yeshiva U. Sex Abuse Probe Stalls Amid Fear and Mistrust 05/02/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
959 End This Personality Cult 05/02/13 The Jewish Chronicle
960 Man Who Molested Boy in Jewish Bath House Gets Five Years 05/01/13 NY Daily News
961 Today’s Kolko Proceedings Consisted of Pre-Trial Motions 04/29/13 Frum Follies blog
962 Statute Prevents Pursuit of Horace Mann Abuse 04/26/13 NY Times
963 Archives Reveal LA Cardinal's Attempts to Head Off John Jay Investigation 04/23/13 National Catholic Reporter
964 Victims Call on Horace Mann for Inquiry 04/22/13 NY Times
965 What Does Modern Prejudice Look Like? 04/22/13 All Things Considered
966 Recruits Against Abuse: Orthodox Jewish Community Takes Action Against Violence 04/20/13 Baltimore Sun
967 Two Men Charged With Harassment 04/18/13 The Jewish Chronicle
968 Man Pleads Guilty to Molesting Hasidic Teen in Ritual Bath 04/18/13 NY Daily News
969 Former JFS Director Of Children And Family Services Rejects Report She Shielded Australian Abuser 04/17/13 Jewish Journal
970 Rabbi Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Abuse 04/12/13 ABC News Australia
971 Tzedek Statement on Kramer Guilty Plea 04/12/13 Tzedek
972 Ronnie Greenwald Defends Debbie Fox 04/11/13 Frum Follies blog
973 I Was Accused; It Could Happen To You 04/11/13
974 Rebbe On The Run 04/11/13 Failed Messiah blog
975 Jewish Welfare Group Knows it is Sheltering a Paedophile 04/10/13 Sydney Morning Herald
976 LA Jewish Group Rejects Pedophile Report 04/10/13 The Australian
977 Cries From Within 04/10/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
978 Jewish Officials Make Jail Visit To Urge Accused Man To Admit Guilt 04/10/13 Herald Sun
979 Circumcision, Herpes, and Religious Freedom 04/10/13 Washington Post
980 Tzedek Statement regarding harassment of Waks family 04/06/13 Tzedek
981 Wisconsin: Church Will Release Files on Abuse 04/03/13 NY Times
982 The Master 04/01/13 New Yorker
983 As Yeshiva Child Sex Abuse Scandal Grows, Why Are We Afraid To Speak Out? 03/31/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
984 Yeshivah Probe Broadens 03/29/13 The Age
985 Rabbi's Aide Indicted for Alleged Sexual Assault 03/29/13 Jerusalem Post
986 Sharing The Secret That’s Haunted My Soul 03/28/13 Jewish Week
987 It’s Very Hard To Come Forward 03/28/13 Jewish Week
988 Sex Offender Becomes Rebbe 03/19/13 YNet News
989 Former Jewish leader’s sex abuse charges rock Melbourne community 03/19/13 JTA
990 Yeshiva Condemns 'Offensive' Racial Remarks by Rabbi Hershel Schachter 03/15/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
991 Charedi Communities: Safe Havens for Child Molesters 03/14/13 Ben Hirsch for UK Jewish News
992 Australian Jews Debate Media Role in Abuse Cases 03/14/13 Jerusalem Post
993 Yeshiva Rabbi Bluntly Warns Sex Abuse Reports Put Innocent Jews in Prison 03/14/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
994 Senior YU Rabbi Says He Didn't Try To Stop Child Sex Abuse At YU's High School 03/14/13 Failed Messiah blog
995 How Rich Is the Catholic Church? 03/14/13
996 Hynes Faces Criticism, Challengers 03/13/13 Jewish Week
997 Williamsburg Wall Posters Call For Boycott Of Weberman Victim's Father's "Bloody" Business 03/13/13 Failed Messiah blog
998 False Allegations of Rape and Domestic Violence Are Few and Far Between 03/13/13 The Guardian
999 Poly Prep victim Philip Culhane's testimony in favor of Child Victims Act 03/12/13 NY Daily News
1000 Archdiocese of Los Angeles settles four sex abuse cases for $10 million 03/12/13 NBC News
1001 Another Child Abuser Allegedly Spirited Away 03/08/13 Australian Jewish News
1002 Rabbi Blau on Why the SOL Should Be Extended 03/08/13 Frum Follies blog
1003 Yeshiva Staffers Back Easing Restrictions on Child Sex Abuse Claims 03/08/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1004 Confronting Communal Avoidance 03/08/13 Times of Israel
1005 Rabbi Convicted Of Pedophilia To Be Released From Prison, Will Become Rebbe 03/07/13 Failed Messiah
1006 New York May Ease Statute of Limitations for Decades-Old Child Sex Abuse Claims 03/07/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1007 UK Sex Crime Suspect Found in Israel 03/07/13 The Jewish Chronicle
1008 'Haredim Addressing Pedophilia Issues' 03/06/13 Jerusalem Post
1009 Rivals Argue That Six-Term Brooklyn D.A. Has Lost His Credibility 03/05/13 New York Law Journal
1010 School Dean Suppresses Sexual Abuse Discussion Under Pretext of Religious Modesty 03/05/13 Algemeiner Journal
1011 No Limitations on Pain 03/04/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1012 The Problem Isn’t Molesters, It Is Haredi Rabbinic Leadership 03/04/13 Frum Follies blog
1013 Police Not Told of Abuse Claim: Rabbi 03/03/13 The Age
1014 Open Letter to Dr. Esther Shkop 03/03/13 Daniel Sosnowik
1015 Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Tried to Lure Girl, 10, Into Car 03/02/13 NY Post
1016 YU Rabbi George Finkelstein Acted Inappropriately Even After Ouster 02/28/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1017 Give Up Your Pew for Lent 02/28/13 NY Times
1018 Child Sexual Abuse: It's Not Just a Catholic Issue 02/27/13 Huffington Post
1019 Silence on Abuse Leads to Principal’s Indictment 02/25/13 Times of Israel
1020 Four Barnet Arrests After Sex Assault Claims 02/21/13
1021 Sexual Abuse Led to Suicide Bids 02/21/13 Kiama Independent
1022 Tickle Tackled 02/21/13 If You Ticke Us blog
1023 Barnet Borough Commander, Adrian Usher, Writes Open Letter About Arrest Of 'Four Men' 02/21/13 The Barnet Bugle
1024 Rabbi Chaim Halpern Arrested in Sexual Abuse Probe 02/21/13 BBC News
1025 Rabbis Knew of Abuse, Man Claims 02/20/13 Sydney Morning Herald
1026 Senior UK Rabbi Arrested After Sex-crime Investigation 02/20/13 Times of Israel
1027 What Makes the Brooklyn DA Seat So Hot? 02/20/13 NY Daily News
1028 A Prophet For Our Times 02/18/13 Da'as Hedyot blog
1029 Claims Against City Advance in Wrongful Conviction Case 02/17/13 NY Law Journal
1030 Survivors’ Outrage Over US Rabbi 02/17/13 Australian Jewish News
1031 Police Close Child Rape Probe in Modi’in Illit 02/17/13 Jerusalem Post
1032 Brooklyn Rabbi Busted For Online Sexual Solicitation And Attempted Rape Of A Child 02/15/13 Failed Messiah
1033 Rabbi arrested in ‘To Catch a Predator’-style bust 02/15/13 WPIX 11
1034 Rabbi Busted Setting Up Date For Sex With A '14-year-old girl' 02/15/13 NY Daily News
1035 Rabbi Arrested After Trying to Lure Teenage Girl 02/15/13 NY Times
1036 Pope Will Have Security, Immunity by Remaining in the Vatican 02/15/13 Reuters
1037 Locking Up Abusers Is Not The Answer 02/14/13 The Jewish Chronicle
1038 Media Play Down Pope Benedict's Role in Sex Abuse Scandals 02/12/13 The Nation
1039 Orthodox Woman's Journey From Teen Wife to Advocate 02/10/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1040 What went wrong in the Catholic Church? 02/10/13 LA Times
1041 Nechemya Weberman's 103-Year Sentence Cut In Half 02/09/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1042 Orthodox Rabbi Defends Jewish Psychiatrist Convicted in Sex Assaults 02/08/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1043 TV Rabbi May Apply to Ofcom 02/08/13 The Jewish Chronicle
1044 Former Principal Of Bensonhurst Private School Sentenced To 55 Years For Sexually Abusing Three Boys 02/08/13 Bensonhurt Bean
1045 Google to Reveal Name of Blogger Who Called Rabbi a Cheat 02/08/13 Telegraph
1046 Counselor’s Penalty for Child Sexual Abuse Is Halved, to 50 Years 02/08/13 NY Times
1047 Pedophile With US Record Cops to Multiple Assaults 02/08/13 Times of Israel
1048 J'lem Police Suspect Another Pedophilia Cover-up 02/07/13
1049 Eleven Israeli Child Abuse Victims Because Charles Hynes Went Easy on Simon Benisty 02/07/13 Frum Follies blog
1050 Prosecutor’s Appeal for a 7th Term: ‘We’re Not Done’ 02/07/13 NY Times
1051 Fifty-five Years for Brooklyn Principal Who Sexually Abused Students 02/07/13 DNA Info
1052 Emanuel Yegutkin Gets 55-Years In Prison For Child Sexual Abuse 02/07/13 Failed Messiah
1053 Convicted Child Sex Abuser Nechemya Weberman Gets Jail Sentence Cut By More Than Half 02/07/13 NY Daily News
1054 Monsey Man Gets 14 Years for Sexually Abusing Girl 02/06/13
1055 Full Transcript of Manis Friedman Trivializing Sex Abuse 02/03/13 Frum Follies blog
1056 London Haredim Slam TV Exposé on Sexual Abuse in Community 02/01/13 Times of Israel
1057 One Arrest, Two Indictments: The Strange Case Of Alleged Haredi Extortionist Samuel Kellner 02/01/13 Failed Messiah
1058 Ephraim Padwa, Senior Charedi Rabbi, Caught In U.K. Child Sex Abuse Cover Up 02/01/13 Huffington Post
1059 Priests' Ecclesiastical Missteps Treated More Sternly Than Abuse 02/01/13 Los Angeles Times
1060 Clear Blue Water 02/01/13 If You Tickle Us blog
1061 Haredim Slam TV Exposé on Sexual Abuse in Community 02/01/13 Daas Torah blog
1062 Call For Apology As Rabbi Manis Friedman Likens Child Sex Abuse To 'Diarrhoea' 02/01/13 The Australian
1063 London Jewish community reacts to Channel 4's TV documentary on Haredi sex abuse 02/01/13 Jewish News 1
1064 London Haredim Rip Channel 4, Call Report An Attempt To "Defame" Haredim 01/31/13 Failed Messiah
1065 What, Indeed, Was Manis Friedman Thinking? 01/31/13 Huffington Post
1066 Charedim: ‘We Take Abuse Seriously’ 01/31/13 The Jewish Chronicle
1067 Threatened and Harassed 01/31/13
1068 Sex Abuse Victims Sue Rabbi Over Comments 01/31/13 The Age
1069 Yeshiva Teacher Denies Sex Abuse 01/31/13 Wall Street Journal
1070 Brooklyn Rabbi Charged With Sexual Abuse of Boys 01/31/13 NY Times
1071 Rabbi Manis Friedman, Who Downplayed Damage Caused by Sexual Abuse, Apologizes 01/31/13 Jewish Journal
1072 Getting a Grip on Religious Sex Abuse 01/31/13 Huffington Post
1073 Crime and Punishment 01/31/13 Jerusalem Post
1074 Australian Child Sex Abuse Victims To Sue Chabad's Rabbi Manis Friedman In Beit Din 01/30/13 Failed Messiah
1075 Letter to the Editor - Jerusalem Post 01/30/13 Jerusalem Post
1076 Va’ad HaTznius Accused Of Serious Threats And Extortion 01/30/13 Vos Iz Neias
1077 NY Religious School Rabbi Suspected of Sex Abuse 01/30/13 Associated Press
1078 Child Abuse Hidden in London's Strict Orthodox Jewish Community, Claims C4's Dispatches 01/30/13 International Business Times
1079 Brooklyn Yeshiva Leader Yoel Malik, 33, Charged With Sex Crimes Against Teenage Boys 01/30/13 NY Daily News
1080 New Square Teacher Labeled A Sex Offender After Guilty Plea 01/30/13
1081 Britain's Hidden Child Abuse 01/30/13 Channel 4 Dispatches
1082 More Damning Evidence 01/30/13 Harry Maryles
1083 What Rabbi Manis Friedman Really Said About Child Sex Abuse 01/30/13 Failed Messiah
1084 British Rabbi Ephraim Padwa Filmed Telling Alleged Sex Abuse Victim Not To Go To Police 01/30/13 Huffington Post
1085 Rabbi Urges Alleged Child Abuse Victim Not to Tell Police 01/30/13 Channel 4 Dispatches
1086 Victims And Families Harassed By Haredim, Haredi Rabbis Covering Up Child Sex Abuse, And A Group Of Young Haredim Fighting Back With Their Fists 01/30/13 Failed Messiah
1087 NGO Decries ‘Cover-up Culture’ in Sex Abuse Cases 01/30/13 Jerusalem Post
1088 Channel 4 Documentary Claims Religious Leaders Have Been Protecting Child Abusers 01/30/13 Daily Mirror
1089 Senior British Rabbi Filmed Telling Alleged Child Abuse Victim Not To Go To The Police 01/30/13 The Independent
1090 Rabbi Manis Friedman 'Clarifies' His Position On Child Sex Abuse 01/30/13 Failed Messiah
1091 Caught on Camera: Senior Rabbi Telling an Alleged Victim of Child Sexual Abuse Not to Go to the Police 01/30/13 Huffington Post
1092 Video: Dangerous, Idiotic And Insulting – Rabbi Manis Friedman 'Explains' Child Sexual Abuse 01/29/13 Failed Messiah
1093 Haredi “Mystery Man” Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Abuse Charges 01/29/13 Failed Messiah
1094 Batya Ungar-Sargon about Molesting in Her Review of Hush 01/29/13 Frum Follies blog
1095 Clueless in Minnesota 01/29/13 Harry Maryles
1096 Modesty in Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Is Enforced by Secret Squads 01/29/13 NY Times
1097 Why Disclose? 01/28/13 Mishpacha Magazine
1098 Israeli Court Convicts First Suspect in Jerusalem Pedophile Ring Case 01/28/13 Haaretz
1099 Satmar-Linked Yiddish Newspaper Der Blatt Calls The American Justice System A "Court Of Hell" For Haredi Jews 01/27/13 Failed Messiah
1100 The Cardinal and the Truth 01/27/13 NY Times
1101 Is Weberman's 103-Year Sentence Too Long? 01/26/13 Failed Messiah
1102 Satmar Pervert Nechemya Weberman Has a Defender at the Jewish Daily Forward 01/25/13 Frum Follies blog
1103 Judge Rejects Yeshiva's Bid To Settle Abuse Case 01/25/13 Vos Iz Neias
1104 Britain's Haredim Write Letter On Child Sex Abuse That Claims UOHC Is Blameless, Rabbis Must Screen Allegations 01/25/13 Failed Messiah
1105 Channel 4 Programme Asks: Do Rabbis Cover Up Abuse? 01/25/13 The Jewish Chronicle
1106 Nechemya Weberman's 103-Year Sentence Is Clumsy Slap at Ultra-Orthodox Jews 01/25/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1107 Judge Rejects Yeshiva Torah Temimah’s Settlement Offer In Kolko Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit 01/25/13 Failed Messiah
1108 A Brush With Justice Turns Sect Inward 01/25/13 Wall Street Journal
1109 Orthodox School's Bid to Settle Abuse Case Rejected 01/24/13 Thomson Reuters
1110 UK Haredi Chief Caught Telling Alleged Victim Not to Tell Police About Abuse 01/24/13 Times of Israel
1111 Weberman’s Sentence: Justice Has Been Served 01/24/13 Jewish Press
1112 103-year Sentence is What Weberman Had Coming 01/24/13 NY Daily News
1113 Beit Din Ruling Meant To Block Testimony In Haredi Molester's Criminal Trial 01/24/13 Failed Messiah
1114 British Haredi Leader Caught On Video Telling Alleged Child Sex Abuse Victim That It Is Forbidden To Report The Crime To Police 01/24/13 Failed Messiah
1115 Was Nechemya Weberman’s 103-Year Sentence Too Long? 01/23/13 Frum Follies blog
1116 Rabbi Will Pay Boy's Family $6,000 to Settle Sex Assault Lawsuit 01/23/13 Times Union
1117 Unholy Monster Weberman Gets 103 Years 01/23/13 NY Post
1118 Molestation Victim Takes on Her Accuser, Nechemya Weberman, and Her Community 01/23/13 NY Daily News
1119 Ex-Bergen Yeshiva Teacher Pleads Guilty in Child Pornography Case 01/23/13 Teaneck Patch
1120 Hero Teen Faced Down Evil for the Rest of Us 01/23/13 NY Post
1121 Incompetence or Corruption: Ultra-Orthodox Sex Abuse and the Brooklyn District Attorney 01/23/13 Huffington Post
1122 Isolated Victims, from Williamsburg to Notre Dame 01/23/13 The New Yorker
1123 Jerusalem Haredi Man Convicted Of Sodomy And Indecent Assault On Haredi Kids 01/23/13 Failed Messiah
1124 Court Convicts J'lem Man For Sexually Assaulting Haredi Children 01/23/13
1125 The Predator and the Prosecutor 01/23/13 NY Post
1126 Hynes: 103-year Sentence for Hasidic Therapist Likely To Be Reduced 01/23/13 Capital NY
1127 Hasidic Jewish Counselor Sentenced to 103 Years for Child Sexual Abuse 01/23/13 The Voice of Russia
1128 Prominent Hasidic Counselor Gets 103 Years In Child Sexual Abuse Case 01/22/13 International Business Times
1129 Nechemya Weberman, Hassidic Counselor Convicted of Sex Abuse, Sentenced to 103 Years in Prison 01/22/13 CBS 2 New York
1130 Hasidic Leader Gets 103 Years in Child Sex Abuse Case 01/22/13 CNN
1131 Counselor Gets 103 Years in Orthodox Abuse Trial 01/22/13 Wall Street Journal
1132 Hasidic Counselor Nechemya Weberman Gets 103 Years in Child Sex-Abuse Case 01/22/13 NY Post
1133 Satmar Hasidic Counselor Nechemya Weberman Gets 103 years 01/22/13 NY Daily News
1134 Hasidic Therapist Sentenced to 103 Years in Sexual Abuse Case 01/22/13 NY Times
1135 Nechemya Weberman Gets 103 Years for Sex Abuse, and Satmars Say 'Whoa' 01/22/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1136 Counselor Gets 103 Years For Sexual Abuse In Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Community In Brooklyn 01/22/13 The Inquisitr
1137 Sexual Abuse Victim in Weberman Case Speaks at Sentencing 01/22/13 NY Daily News
1138 103 Years For Satmar Sex Offender 01/22/13 Jewish Week
1139 Unlicensed Orthodox Counselor Sentenced To 103 Years 01/22/13 Vos Iz Neias
1140 Nechemya Weberman Sentenced to 103 Years for Sexual Abuse 01/22/13 JTA
1141 Today in Child Abuse by Religious Leaders 01/22/13 Gawker
1142 L.A. Church Leaders Sought to Hide Sex Abuse Cases From Authorities 01/21/13 Los Angeles Times
1143 Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Calls Weberman Case Landmark vs. Predators 01/20/13 NY Daily News
1144 Convicted Sex Assaulter Nechemya Weberman Abused Many Other Females 01/20/13 NY Daily News
1145 Convicted Hasidic Sex Abuser Allegedly Abused A Lot More Young Women 01/20/13 Gothamist
1146 Blog Describes Weberman's ‘Ick Factor’ Starts as Friendship 01/19/13 NY Daily News
1147 January 2013 Update on Child Victims Act of New York 01/18/13 Assemblywoman Margaret Markey
1148 2 Convictions in Orthodox Child Sex Cases 01/18/13 The Journal News
1149 Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes Responds to Voice Cover Story; We (Still) Rest Our Case 01/17/13 Village Voice
1150 Village Voice letter to the editor, author Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes 01/17/13 Charles Hynes
1151 Yeshiva Claims Abuse Probe Has Wide Mandate 01/17/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1152 Report Abuse to Police, Not Rabbis 01/16/13 Rabbi Michael J. Broyde
1153 Curious George Finkelstein 01/15/13 Tablet Magazine
1154 My Experience with Advocacy 01/15/13 Asher Lowy
1155 Sexual Abuse Files Cast Shadow on Los Angeles Cardinal 01/15/13 NY Times
1156 Rabbi Lebovits "Extortionist" Set Up, DA Allegedly Ignored Evidence Exposé Shows 01/14/13 Failed Messiah
1157 Abuse Whistleblower Battling Both Haredi Community, DA 01/14/13 Jewish Week
1158 No More Excuses 01/14/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1159 Whole New Nightmare For Teen Molest ‘Victim’ 01/14/13 NY Post
1160 A Pedophile in Plain Sight 01/12/13 NY Times
1161 Exposing Child Predators Without Defaming the Innocent 01/11/13 Huffington Post
1162 What is Sexual Abuse? 01/11/13 Harry Maryles
1163 The Internet Rebellion Shaking Stamford Hill 01/11/13 The Jewish Chronicle
1164 Job For the Cops, Not the Rabbis 01/11/13 The Jewish Chronicle
1165 Will Yeshiva Make Abuse Report Public? 01/10/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1166 Football, Sexual Assault, and the Web: The End of the Institutional Cover-ups of Sexual Abuse and Assault 01/10/13
1167 Our Story – Sexual Abuse 01/09/13
1168 Sex Abuse Scandals Rock Orthodox Jewry in New York and London 01/09/13 International Business Times
1169 OU Internal Struggles Leading To Showdown 01/09/13 Jewish Week
1170 A Few Abused Men 01/08/13 Times of Israel
1171 Since Lanner: What I've Learned, What I Wonder 01/08/13 Jewish Week
1172 I Was Wounded; My Honor Wasn’t 01/07/13 NY Times
1173 Chabad Rabbi Busted For Alleged Child Sex Abuse 01/06/13 Failed Messiah
1174 Juror: We Convicted Nechemya Weberman Because He Abused a Teen, Not Because He Was Jewish 01/06/13 NY Daily News
1175 No Religious Exemption When It Comes to Abuse 01/04/13 NY Times
1176 Top Lawyer Takes Yeshiva Abuse Case 01/03/13 The Jewish Daily Forward
1177 Brooklyn Deserves a New D.A. - Why the 23-year reign of Charles Hynes must end 01/02/13 Village Voice
1178 Margaret Markey Says Poly Prep Scandal Should Lead To Elimination Of Statute Of Limitations 01/02/13 NY Daily News
1179 The Weberman Trial, or: The Wolf Who Cried Bias 12/31/12
1180 Top Executives Did Not Report Suspected Scout Abuse Cases, Files Show 12/30/12 LA Times
1181 Orthodox Jews Face a Moment of Reckoning 12/30/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1182 This New Year, Find An Obsession 12/30/12 NY Daily News
1183 Agudah flyer regarding "Protecting Our Children" 12/30/12 Agudath Israel
1184 Guess Who Is Tougher Than Ex-JDL Assemblyman Dov Hikind 12/27/12 Frum Follies blog
1185 Secrets 12/27/12 Times of Israel
1186 Suit Settled Over Claims of Sex Abuse at Poly Prep 12/27/12 NY Times
1187 Parents Want Rabbi on Sex Offender Registry 12/26/12 The Times Union
1188 Inside Hasidic Modesty Patrols 12/26/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1189 Poly Prep Settles Sex Abuse Lawsuit 12/26/12 NY Daily News
1190 Man Indicted in Bleach-throwing Attack on NY Rabbi 12/26/12 Associated Press
1191 British Synagogue Led by Alleged Sexual Predator Readmitted to UK Orthodox Org 12/25/12 Times of Israel
1192 Boy Scout Files on Suspected Abuse Published by The Times 12/25/12 LA Times
1193 UK Orthodox Organization Expels Synagogue Led by Rabbi Mired in Sex Scandal 12/24/12 Times of Israel
1194 2012 a Year of Unparalleled Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims 12/24/12 Reuters
1195 Eleven More Claim Sexual Abuse at YU's High School 12/24/12 NY Daily News
1196 Needed: Independent Investigation On YU High School Scandal 12/24/12 Jewish Week
1197 Ami Magazine article with Weberman attorney George Farkas 12/21/12 Ami Magazine
1198 Yeshiva Victim Overcomes Shame To Speak Out 12/21/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1199 וואָס איז טאַקע דער מוראדיקער ועד־הצניעות? 12/21/12 Yiddish Forward
1200 'Ub-u-sive' 12/20/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1201 Yeshiva Officials, Rabbis Knew of Alleged Abuse 12/20/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1202 For Tamar, A Brave Survivor 12/20/12 Times of Israel
1203 Jury Awards $6.9 Million to Boy Molested by L.A. Unified Teacher 12/19/12 LA Times
1204 The Weberman Trial: Collateral Damage 12/19/12 Baltimore Jewish Life)
1205 “Victims Who Choose Silence When They Could Prosecute Have A Moral Obligation To Remain Silent When They Can No Longer Prosecute,” Leading Orthodox Rabbi Says 12/19/12 Failed Messiah
1206 For Prosecutor in Sexual Abuse Case, Muted Praise From One Corner 12/18/12 NY Times
1207 Weberman Fundraising Campaign Seeks To Raise $125,000 For Appeal 12/18/12 Failed Messiah
1208 Dealing with Scandal 12/18/12 Rabbi Steven Pruzansky
1209 George Finkelstein's Open Office Door 12/18/12 Jewish Week
1210 Was Nechemya Weberman on Trial — or Satmars? 12/17/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1211 White House’s Jacob Lew Notes Y.U. Sex Abuse Allegations 12/17/12 JTA
1212 Hasid Détente in Gropez Ruin 12/16/12 NY Daily News
1213 Weberman and Tzniut 12/16/12 Times of Israel
1214 Alleged Yeshiva Abuser Quits as Accusations Mount 12/16/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1215 Satmar sect's sick revenge as pervert's posse bullies family of teen sex-abuse victim 12/14/12 NY Daily News
1216 YU President Calls Abuse Allegations 'Reprehensible' 12/14/12 Jewish Week
1217 Confronting Abuse 12/14/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1218 Sex, Lies, and Rabbinical Red-Tape 12/13/12 Ari Weisbrot
1219 Violence and Abuse in Insular Communities 12/13/12 The Takeaway with John Hockenberry
1220 Brooklyn DA Awards Jewish Organization That Exposes Sexual Predators 12/13/12 Huffington Post
1221 The Year in Review: 2012 Marks the Highest Watermark Yet for Victims of Child Sex Abuse 12/13/12
1222 Police charge man with throwing chemical at rabbi 12/13/12 CNN
1223 Fishmonger Charged in Bleach Attack on a Rabbi 12/13/12 NY Times
1224 Student Claims of Abuse Not Reported by Yeshiva University 12/13/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1225 Statement from President Richard M. Joel in Response to Allegations of Past Abuse 12/13/12 YU President Richard M. Joel
1226 Former Students Recall Alleged Sexual Abuse at Yeshiva High School 12/13/12 NY Magazine
1227 Report of ’80s Sexual Abuse Rattles Yeshiva Campus 12/13/12 NY Times
1228 Yeshiva University president apologizes for '70s and '80s molest allegations 12/13/12 NY Daily News
1229 RCA 'Deeply Troubled' by Yeshiva Allegations 12/13/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1230 In Abuse Case, A Significant Victory 12/12/12 Jewish Week
1231 The Weberman Trial 12/12/12 Five Towns Jewish Times
1232 ‘Now he’ll learn how it feels to be helpless’: victim 12/11/12 NY Post
1233 'Guilty!' Weberman emotionless as jurors send him away on 59 counts 12/11/12 NY Daily News
1234 Jewry Accused of Hiding Sex Abuse 12/11/12 The Age
1235 Chemical Thrown at Rabbi Who Aided Victims of Abuse 12/11/12 NY Times
1236 N.Y. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Counselor Convicted of Sex Abuse 12/11/12 Haaretz
1237 Supporter of Orthodox Sex Abuse Victim Attacked in Brooklyn 12/11/12 NY Post
1238 Rabbi Sprayed With Chemical in Attack 12/11/12 ABC News
1239 Weberman's Sexual Assault Victim's Mother Speaks Out 12/11/12 NY Daily News
1240 After Ultra Orthodox Counselor Is Convicted, A Man Who Left the Faith Tells of Abuse 12/11/12 All Things Considered
1241 Bleach Thrown in Face of Rabbi Who Writes About Sex Abuse 12/11/12 WPIX 11
1242 Justice in Williamsburg 12/11/12 NY Times
1243 Jailing a Jewish Criminal Helps Prevent Chilul HaShem 12/11/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
1244 Weberman Convicted On Most Serious Counts 12/10/12 Jewish Week
1245 Weberman is Found Guilty: What It Means 12/10/12 Rabbi Eliyau Fink
1246 RCA Statement on Weberman's Conviction for Child Molestation 12/10/12 Rabbinical Council of America
1247 Orthodox Counselor Convicted of Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old Girl 12/10/12 DNA Info
1248 Abuse Verdict Topples a Hasidic Wall of Secrecy 12/10/12 NY Times
1249 NY Orthodox Counselor Convicted of Sex Abuse 12/10/12 Associated Press
1250 GUILTY 12/10/12 Failed Messiah
1251 Counselor Found Guilty in Orthodox Abuse Trial 12/10/12 Wall Street Journal
1252 Jury Finds Weberman Guilty of Molesting Teenager 12/10/12 NY Daily News
1253 Abuse Endemic in Jewish Schools: Inquiry 12/10/12 The Age
1254 After Weberman, Hasidic Satmar Sect Considers Sending Rebel Teens Away 12/10/12 NY Daily News
1255 Weberman trial: How do we know victim is telling truth? 12/10/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
1256 Like In The Weberman Trial, I Was A Victim Of Sexual Abuse Within My Hasidic Community, And Here's The Truth Of Modesty Commitees 12/10/12 Luzer Twersky
1257 Brooklyn Ultra-Orthodox Leader Found Guilty On Child Sex Abuse Charges 12/10/12 CBS 2 New York
1258 Prominent rabbi found guilty in disturbing child sex abuse case 12/10/12 WPIX 11
1259 Hasidic Leader Convicted After Abusing Girl He Was Counseling 12/10/12 NY Post
1260 Williamsburg Hassidic Community Reacts to Weberman Vedict 12/10/12 CBS 2 New York
1261 Molestation Jury is ‘Split’ 12/08/12 NY Post
1262 At Orthodox Sex-Abuse Trial, Little-Known Enforcement Group Comes to Light 12/08/12 The Daily Beast
1263 Profitable Not-for-profits 12/07/12 NY Daily News
1264 Jurors Split on Sexual Assault Trial of Weberman 12/07/12 NY Daily News
1265 'Split right down the middle': Released juror would have acquitted Hasidic leader in underage sex trial, others torn 12/07/12 NY Post
1266 Jury Returns Monday in Abuse Case of NY Counselor 12/07/12 Associated Press
1267 Weberman Teen Abuse Trial Questions Jewish Group's Customs 12/06/12 NY Daily News
1268 Lawyer for Accused Orthodox Sex Abuser Likens Case to Salem Witch Trials 12/06/12 DNA Info
1269 London Haredim May Recruit Foreign Rabbis to Judge One of Their Own 12/06/12 Times of Israel
1270 Prosecutors, Defense Make Closing Arguments In Brooklyn Ultra Orthodox Leader’s Sex Abuse Case 12/06/12 CBS 2 New York
1271 Jury to Start Deciding the Fate of Weberman 12/06/12 NY Post
1272 Alleged Orthodox Sex Abuser May Have Defrauded Charity To Buy Lingerie 12/06/12 Gothamist
1273 Trial Exposes Shadowy Chasidic 'Modesty Committees' 12/06/12 Jewish Week
1274 Nechemya Weberman Takes Stand In Sex Abuse Trial, Denies Inappropriate Relations With Teen 12/06/12 CBS 2 New York
1275 Arrogant Satmar Abused His Vast Power 12/06/12 NY Post
1276 I cry. I want to kill myself:’ Lament of mother of teen girl allegedly molested by Orthodox Jewish counselor 12/06/12 WPIX 11
1277 Weberman Testifies He 'Never Ever' Sexually Assaulted Young Girl 12/05/12 NY Daily News
1278 Brooklyn Courtroom Resembles Nightclub as Members of the Satmar Hasidic Support Weberman 12/05/12 NY Daily News
1279 Hasidic Counselor Accused of Molesting Teen to Testify 12/05/12
1280 Hasidic Principal On Alleged Sex Abuse Victim: "Her Modesty Was Not Like The Other Girls'" 12/05/12 Gothamist
1281 Perv-case Hasid Blow$ Defense 12/05/12 NY Post
1282 Defendant Takes Stand 12/05/12 Wall Street Journal
1283 Hasidic Man Denies Abuse of Young Girl He Counseled 12/05/12 NY Times
1284 Ex-Principal of Brooklyn Jewish School Convicted on Sex Abuse 12/04/12 Jewish Press
1285 Mother says she paid $12,800 to ultra-Orthodox Jewish "counselor" who allegedly molested her daughter 12/04/12 CBS News
1286 DA Again Overstates Haredi Child Sex Abuse Arrests 12/04/12 Failed Messiah
1287 Brooklyn DA Addresses Satmar Rebbe Over Remarks On Williamsburg Abuse Case 12/04/12 Vos Iz Neias
1288 Orthodox Jewish School Pressured Mom To Apologize To "Therapist" Accused Of Sexually Abusing Her Daughter 12/04/12 Gothamist
1289 Ex-principal of Brooklyn Jewish School Convicted on Sex Abuse 12/04/12 JTA
1290 Mother Says Yeshiva Forced Her Daughter to See Counselor Who Abused Her 12/04/12 NY Post
1291 Mom Stands Up For Hasidic Girl Accusing Counselor Nechemya Weberman in Molestation Case 12/04/12 NY Daily News
1292 Former Principal Of Elite High School Convicted Of 75 Counts Of Sexual Abuse 12/04/12 Bensonhurst Bean blog
1293 Yeshiva Principal Emanuel Yegutkin Convicted On 75 Counts In Child Sex Abuse Case 12/04/12 Village Voice
1294 Hasidic Counselor, Nechemya Weberman, Suspected of Sexual Assault Will Testify 12/04/12 NY Daily News
1295 Lawyers Say Hasidic Teen Accusing Community Leader of Repeated Sexual Assault Is a Lying Minx 12/04/12 Jezebel
1296 Hisses from Orthodox Women: First Defense Witness in Counselor Molest Case 12/04/12 WPIX 11
1297 Protest In Support of Weberman Victim 12/04/12 WPIX 11
1298 Despite Intimidation, Alleged Victim Testifies Against Accused Rapist 12/03/12 The Daily Beast
1299 Ex-Yeshiva Principal Yegutkin Convicted Of 75 Abuse Counts 12/03/12 Jewish Week
1300 Emanuel Yegutkin Convicted 12/03/12 Failed Messiah
1301 Brooklyn Yeshiva Principal Convicted of Sex Abuse 12/03/12 NY Post
1302 Principal of Private Jewish School Convicted for Sexual Abuse 12/03/12 Brooklyn News Corp
1303 Ex-Principal Is Convicted of Sex Abuse 12/03/12 NY Times
1304 Brooklyn Yeshiva Principal Guilty of Molesting Boys 12/03/12 NY Daily News
1305 Brooklyn Yeshiva Principal Convicted of Sex Abuse 12/03/12 Associated Press
1306 Jewish Principal Convicted of 75 Sex Abuse Counts 12/03/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1307 Former Principal of Jewish High School Convicted of Sexually Abusing 3 Boys 12/03/12 DNA Info
1308 Trial Set To Continue For Brooklyn Orthodox Leader Accused Of Sex Abuse 12/02/12 CBS News
1309 Shame on ‘Religious Jews’ for Harrassing an Alleged Victim of Sexual Abuse 12/02/12 The Algemeiner
1310 Satmar Rebbe Blames Alleged Victim In Weberman Case 12/02/12 Failed Messiah
1311 London Rabbis Will Call on Colleague to Resign Following Sex Scandal 12/01/12 Times of Israel
1312 Outrage at Four Men Accused of Intimidating Accuser at Hasidic Leader’s Sex-abuse Trial 12/01/12 NY Post
1313 A Challenge For Joe Hynes 12/01/12 NY Post
1314 I Had to Reenact Porn, Victim of Weberman Testifies 12/01/12 NY Daily News
1315 Accuser in Orthodox Abuse Trial Testified out of ‘Responsibility’ 11/30/12 Wall Street Journal
1316 Four Orthodox Jewish Men Arrested For Court Pix of Sex Accuser 11/30/12 NY Post
1317 Four More Hasids Accused Of Interfering With Orthodox Sex Abuse Trial 11/30/12 Village Voice
1318 Four Orthodox Jewish Men Arrested After Photographing Sex Abuse Victim 11/30/12 CBS News
1319 Orthodox Men Charged With Snapping Court Pics Arraigned on Sabbath 11/30/12 DNA Info
1320 Panic in Jerusalem 11/29/12 Tablet Magazine
1321 Accused Hasidic Perv Twist 11/29/12 NY Post
1322 Four Men Are Questioned Over Photos From Orthodox Abuse Trial 11/29/12 Wall Street Journal
1323 Photos of Accuser on Stand Disrupt Sexual Abuse Trial 11/29/12 NY Times
1324 Judge Detains Four Men Over Illegal Photos 11/29/12 NY Daily News
1325 Brooklyn Orthodox Leader’s Defense Attorney Seeks To Discredit Sex Abuse Victim’s Claims 11/29/12 CBS News
1326 Nechemya Weberman, Hasidic Counselor In Brooklyn, On Trial For Sexual Abuse Of Teen Girl 11/28/12 Huffington Post
1327 Sign in Williamsburg Hasidic synagogue calling for support and prayers in support of Nechemia Weberman during his trial 11/28/12 Administrator
1328 Accused Molester Nechemya Weberman Appears to Menacingly Stare at Teenage Accuser 11/28/12 NY Daily News
1329 ‘Monster’ Rabbi: Girl’s Chilling Testimony 11/28/12 NY Post
1330 Teen Takes Stand in Abuse Trial Against Orthodox Leader 11/28/12 Wall Street Journal
1331 The Mafia Tactics of Satmar 11/28/12 Harry Maryles
1332 At Abuse Trial, Support for Orthodox Jewish Girl 11/27/12 NY Times
1333 Gay Men Sue Counselors Who Promised to Make Them Straight 11/27/12 CNN
1334 Gay ‘Conversion Therapy’ Faces Test in Courts 11/27/12 NY Times
1335 Teen Testifies That Haredi Rabbi "Got Into Bed With Me And I Wanted To Die" 11/27/12 Failed Messiah
1336 Victim in Sex Abuse Trial of Prominent Orthodox Leader Nechemya Weberman: 'I wanted to die rather than live with myself' 11/27/12 NY Daily News
1337 Orthodox Teen Testifies Counselor Sexually Violated Her 11/27/12 WPIX 11
1338 Rabbi In Strict Jewish Sex Forced Himself on 12-Year-Old Girl 11/27/12 The Daily Mail
1339 Woman Testifies That Satmar Member Molested Her 11/27/12 ABC News
1340 Trial Against Religious Counselor Begins 11/27/12 UPI
1341 Teen Accusing Orthodox Jewish Leader Of Sex Abuse Testifies ‘I Wanted To Die’ 11/27/12 CBS News
1342 Taubenfeld Case Adjourned for Now 11/26/12 Rockland County Times
1343 Sex Abuse Trial of Prominent Orthodox Leader Begins 11/26/12 NY Daily News
1344 Sexual Abuse Trial of Brooklyn Man Begins 11/26/12 NY Times
1345 Sex Abuse Trial Starts For B'klyn Rabbi Accused of Molesting 12-year-old Girl 11/26/12 NY Post
1346 New Child Sex Scandal Erupts in Australia 11/24/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1347 Actions of Hynes Aide Comes Under Questioning 11/24/12 NY Daily News
1348 Multiple Sex Offence Trial Rocks Australia 11/23/12 The Jewish Chronicle
1349 Prominent London Rabbi Resigns in Growing Haredi Sex Scandal 11/20/12 Times of Israel
1350 Haredi Spokesman Confuses Simple Talmud Passage In His Defense Of Haredi Pedophile Coverups 11/18/12 Shmarya Rosenberg
1351 Misrepresentation and Ignoring Chazal 11/17/12 Rabbi Natan Slifkin
1352 R' Avi Shafran's Offensive Article Regarding Child Abuse 11/17/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
1353 Robert Kolker Responds to Avi Shafran's, "The Evil Eleventh" 11/16/12 Robert Kolker
1354 The Evil Eleventh 11/16/12 Avi Shafran
1355 The Dangerous Side Effects of Hierarchy 11/15/12 Eugene Cullen Kennedy
1356 Toronto Police Report Regarding Harvey Ehrlich 11/15/12 Toronto Police
1357 Sex Abuse Scandals and Ultra-Orthodox Jews: Is the Internet the Problem? 11/13/12 Ayala Fader
1358 Re-Capturing The Friedman Story 11/13/12 Jewish Week
1359 David Zwiebel - Forward 50 11/09/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1360 New Sex Scandal Brewing in the Race for the 'Super Jewish' State Senate Seat Covering Borough Park 11/05/12 NY Daily News
1361 Graham Spanier Charged in Penn State Scandal; Charges Added Against Two Other Administrators 11/01/12 Washington Post
1362 Former Penn State President Is Charged in Sandusky Case 11/01/12 NY Times
1363 Rumors of Rabbi’s Sexual Misconduct Raise Tensions Among UK Haredim 10/31/12 Times of Israel
1364 Sex Abuse Accusations by Teen Stir Uproar in Brooklyn Hasidic Sect 10/29/12 NY Daily News
1365 מישפּט פֿון פֿאַרדעכטיקטן באַלעסטיקער, הרבֿ וועבערמאַן, הייבט זיך אָן 10/26/12 Yiddish Forward
1366 Rape Accuser: Rabbis Would Not Help Me 10/25/12 The Jewish Chronicle
1367 Lying Season 10/24/12 The Times of Israel
1368 Turning a Blind Eye to Abuse 10/21/12 The Jewish Chronicle
1369 Boy Scout Files Give Glimpse Into 20 Years of Sex Abuse 10/18/12 NY Times
1370 Beating Highlights Orthodox Split With Police 10/18/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1371 Attorneys to Release Confidential Boy Scouts Files on Alleged Child Sex Abusers 10/18/12 CNN
1372 Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes Has New Challenger: Former Attorney for DSK Accuser Kenneth Thompson 10/16/12 Village Voice
1373 Principal Emanuel Yegutkin Now On Trial Almost 4 Years After Arrest For Sexually Abusing Two Teens 10/16/12 Frum Follies blog
1374 Predators on Pedestals 10/14/12 NY Times
1376 Staten Island Man Accused of Molesting Boy Inside Religious Center 10/06/12 Staten Island Advance
1377 South Carolina: Citadel Vows Steps Against Sex Abuse 10/03/12 NY Times
1378 The Redemption of Sinead O'Connor 10/03/12 The Atlantic
1379 In Brooklyn, Lopez’s Ties to a Bishop Seem Frayed 09/30/12 NY Times
1380 "A Scandal Grows in Brooklyn" -- the Problem When a D.A. Plays Politics 09/28/12 Huffington Post
1381 Q&A: Marci Hamilton 09/27/12 New York Law Journal
1382 Boy Scouts Assert ‘Good Faith Effort’ to Protect Youths 09/25/12 NY Times
1383 How Can We Stop Pedophiles? 09/24/12 Slate
1384 How Child Molesters Get Away With It 09/20/12 The New Yorker
1385 A Tribe’s Epidemic of Child Sex Abuse, Minimized for Years 09/19/12 NY Times
1386 Hiding In Plain Sight 09/19/12 Failed Messiah
1387 Brooklyn DA to Keep Underage Sex Video Locked Up in Hasidic Spiritual Counselor Case 09/19/12 NY Post
1388 Boy Scouts Helped Alleged Molesters Cover Tracks, Files Show 09/16/12 LA Times
1389 Jewish Groups Seeking Lead Role in Preventing Child Abuse, a ‘Totally Jewish’ Value 09/13/12 JTA
1390 Orthodox Advocates for Child Abuse Victims Break with Brooklyn DA 09/12/12 The Jewish Voice
1391 The Prosecutor Plays Defense: Can D.A. Hynes have it both ways on Hasidic molesters? 09/11/12 New York Observer
1392 Suffer the Children 09/10/12 NY Times
1393 How an Entire Community Of Sheep Were Deceived By Weberman 09/08/12 Pearl Engelman
1394 Kansas City Bishop Convicted of Shielding Pedophile Priest 09/06/12 NY Times
1395 In Support of the Victim 09/06/12 Hershey (Boorey) Deutsch
1396 Bishop: I thought paedophilia was 'friendship that crossed a boundary line 09/05/12 Irish Examiner
1397 Advocates for Jewish victims of child sex abuse cancel meeting with Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes 09/05/12 NY Daily News
1398 Some Victims’ Advocates Balk On More Meetings With Brooklyn DA On Child Sex Abuse 09/05/12 Failed Messiah
1399 Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Community Tackles the Issue of Sexual Abuse 09/04/12 Haaretz
1400 Horace Mann Students Can Send Their Virtual Diplomas Back to School to Protest Handling of Sex Abuse Scandal 09/04/12 New York Observer
1401 Legislators Debate Expulsion in Sexual Harassment Case; Lopez Vows to Remain 09/04/12 NY Times
1402 Even Pedophile Son Will Be A Rebbe 09/03/12 Failed Messiah
1403 All Sons of Shomrei Emunim Rebbe ZATZAL to Serve as Rebbes 09/02/12 Yeshiva World News
1404 Lopez Case Gets the Independent Prosecutor It Needs 09/01/12 NY Daily News
1405 Toronto Pedophile Arrest 08/31/12 Failed Messiah
1406 Special Prosecutor to Investigate Lawmaker in Harassment Case 08/31/12 NY Times
1407 Special Prosecutor Sought for Vito Lopez Probe 08/31/12 Wall Street Journal
1408 Vito Lopez In Sex And The Assembly: How To Sweep A Scandal Under The Rug 08/31/12 Village Voice
1409 Sex Abuse Suit Against Poly Prep Survives School's Bid to Dismiss 08/30/12 New York Law Journal
1410 Lawyers Say Ruling Allows Abuse Suits 08/30/12 Wall Street Journal
1411 Vito Lopez Sex Harassment Accusers Sought $1.2M 08/30/12 Associated Press
1412 The Sexual Bully in Albany 08/30/12 NY Times
1413 Simpson Thacher Partner's Sex Abuse Claims Against Brooklyn Prep School Will Proceed 08/29/12 The Am Law Daily
1414 Federal Judge’s Ruling on Poly Prep Sex Abuse Case Buoys Horace Mann’s Accusers 08/29/12 New York Observer
1415 Sex Abuse Suit Against B'klyn's Poly Prep Can Go Forward 08/29/12 NY Post
1416 School Abuse Case May Proceed, Judge Says 08/28/12 NY Times
1417 Assembly Speaker Admits Fault Amid Calls to Investigate Secret Settlement 08/28/12 NY Times
1418 Judge Will Allow Poly Prep Sex-abuse Lawsuit to Proceed 08/28/12 NY Daily News
1419 "Grabby" Vito Lopez and the Bishop in His Pocket 08/28/12 Huffington Post
1420 Assembly Paid $103,000 in Harassment Case 08/27/12 NY Times
1421 Cuomo calls for Vito Lopez to Resign in Wake of Censure 08/26/12 NY Daily News
1422 Lawmaker Is Censured Over Sexual Harassment 08/24/12 NY Times
1423 Vito Lopez Loses Housing Committee Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations 08/24/12 Politicker
1424 Monsey Sex Offender Trespasses Campgrounds 08/23/12 Rockland County Times
1425 Walking Away From Judaism 08/21/12 Ezzie Goldish
1426 WPIX Fluff Piece on Alleged Abuse at Camp Shalva 08/21/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidenson
1427 Were There More Agudah Child Sex Abuse Victims? 08/21/12 Failed Messiah
1428 Sex Offender Who Snuck into Sleepaway Camp 08/20/12 WPIX 11
1429 עיר חרדי התלונן: הותקפתי בעת טבילה במקווה 08/20/12 Kikar Shabbat
1430 Haredi Boy Assaulted In Bnei Brak Mikva 08/20/12 Failed Messiah
1431 Sex Offender Allegedly Wanders Into Boys Camp In Sullivan County 08/19/12 News 12 Hudson News
1432 Cops Say Sex Offender Trespassed in Camp Dorm 08/18/12 Times Herald Record
1433 Mesirah or Molesting? 08/18/12 Yerachmiel Lopin
1434 Food Truck Driver Banned From Summer Camp 08/17/12 Your News Now
1435 Monsey Sex Offender Ordered To Stay Away From Upstate Summer Camp After Trespass Charge 08/17/12 The Journal News
1436 Monsey Sex Offender Yoel Oberlander Slips Into Boys' Dorm, Cops Say 08/17/12 Newsday
1437 An Implausible Bobov Lie 08/17/12 Failed Messiah
1438 Sex Offender Arrested After Crashing Orthodox Summer Camp 08/17/12 Jewish Press
1439 Driver Ordered to Stay Away From NY Summer Camp 08/17/12 WSJ / Associated Press
1440 35 Hours 08/17/12 Harry Maryles
1441 Candidly, Camera Project is Nothing But a Boondoggle 08/17/12 NY Daily News
1442 Sex Offender Busted After Sneaking in Where Orthodox Jewish Kids Were Sleeping at Camp 08/16/12 NY Post
1443 Camp Shalva Lawyer: No Abuse Confirmed At This Time 08/16/12 Vos Iz Neias
1444 Blogger Exposes Sexual Abuse in Orthodox Jewish Community 08/16/12 Forbes
1445 Abuse Allegations At Orthodox Camp Unfounded; Offender Arrested For Trespassing 08/16/12 Vos Iz Neias
1446 Some Addenda on the Bobov Summer Camp Case 08/16/12 Yerachmiel Lopin
1447 Monsey Sex Offender Charged With Trespass at Camp 08/16/12 The Journal News
1448 Registered Sex Offender Sneaks Into Catskills Sleep-Away Camp 08/15/12 CBS News
1449 Assault Claim at Jewish Youth Camp 08/15/12 The Jewish Chronicle
1450 Camp Calamity 08/15/12 World Jewish Daily
1451 $1 Million Brooklyn Camera Program Stalls 08/15/12 NY Daily News
1452 State Senate to Vote Monday on Ending Statute of Limitations on Civil Sex Abuse Claims 08/15/12 NJ Star Ledger
1453 Boys Allegedly Sexually Abused At N.Y. Jewish Summer Camp 08/14/12 JTA
1454 Baltimore Haredi Rabbi Warns Community About Pedophile 08/14/12 Failed Messiah
1455 Campers Abused by Kosher Food Truck Man 08/14/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1456 Police Investigate Alleged Sex Abuse at Religious Camp 08/14/12 Hudson Valley News
1457 Penn State Warned by Accreditation Panel 08/14/12 NY Times
1458 State Police Investigating Alleged Sex Abuse at Religious Camp in Sullivan 08/13/12 Times Herald Record
1459 Haredi Rabbis Allegedly Hid Evidence Of Child Rapes, Granted Haredi Rapist Access To His Children 08/12/12 Failed Messiah
1460 Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Surface At Orthodox Jewish Camp 08/12/12 Vos Iz Neias
1461 ‘Perv’ Preyed at Orthodox Summer Camp 08/12/12 NY Post
1462 New Child Sexual Abuse At A Bobover Camp Shows How Things Have – And Have Not – Changed For Haredim With Regard To Reporting Abuse 08/10/12 Failed Messiah
1463 Tangled Web, Part 5: Internet's Lure Gaining On Orthodox Youth, Expert Finds 08/10/12 NY1 News
1464 How Lawyers Can Minimize Professional Mistakes During a Scandal Like That at Penn State 08/10/12
1465 Judge Finds No Jury Tampering In Kolko Trial 08/09/12 Failed Messiah
1466 Abe George, Joe Hynes Trade Barbs 08/09/12 Politicker
1467 שרעקליכע מעשה אין קעמפ 'מחנה שלוה' באבוב 08/09/12 Kave Shtiebel Forum
1468 Tangled Web, Part 4: Chabad Rabbis Embrace The Web To Spread Jewish Learning 08/09/12 NY1 News
1469 Hey, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes? You Need To Go. Here Are 8 Reasons Why. 08/09/12 Brooklyn Magazine
1470 Shomrim Don't Want Police To See Security Video 08/08/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1471 Tangled Web, Part 3: Midwest Blogger Finds Many Readers, Enemies Among New York's Orthodox Jews 08/08/12 NY1 News
1472 Court Finds No Juror Misconduct in Brooklyn Rabbi Case 08/07/12 Reuters
1473 Tangled Web, Part 2: Woman Behind Outspoken Website Addresses Sexual Abuse Among Orthodox Jews 08/07/12 NY1 News
1474 The Times’ Kosher Berger 08/07/12 Jewish Week
1475 Horace Mann Draws Fire for Response 08/06/12 Wall Street Journal
1476 Horace Mann Details Steps to Address Sexual Abuse Cases 08/06/12 NY Times
1477 Agudath Israel Of America's Very Own Child Molester 08/06/12 Failed Messiah
1478 Tangled Web, Part 1: Some Religious Jews See Web As A Challenge To Rabbinic Authority 08/06/12 NY1 News
1479 He Calls Him "Glatt"! 08/05/12 UOJ blog
1480 Court Should Have Ordered Prison for Abusive Rabbi 08/04/12 Boston Globe
1481 Nonprofit Group to Aid Horace Mann Alumni Who Say They Were Victims of Abuse 08/03/12 NY Times
1482 Rabbi Admits to Sex Abuse of Students In 1970s 08/01/12 Boston Globe
1483 Online Pedophile Ring Exposed in Israel 07/31/12
1484 Police Move On Priests Over Abuse 'Cover-up' 07/31/12 Sydney Morning Herald
1485 From Shuls to Locker Rooms, Stop the Silent Accomplices 07/31/12 The Times of Israel
1486 30 Suspected Pedophiles Arrested in Massive Sting 07/31/12 Jerusalem Post
1487 Mondrowitz – Three Ways To Get Him 07/30/12 The Times of Israel
1488 Giving a Voice to Childhood Sex Abuse Victims 07/30/12 Northeast Times Star
1489 Waks, WIZO and Sexual Abuse 07/29/12 J-Wire
1490 Comeuppance for the Church Hierarchy 07/29/12 NY Times
1491 Talking With an Expert About Serious Attorney-Client Privilege Confusion During the Penn State Child-Abuse Scandal 07/27/12
1492 Why the Summer of 2012 Will Go Down in History as the Breakthrough Summer for Child-Sex-Abuse Victims 07/26/12
1493 Sexual Abuse Scandal Widens At Prestigious Horace Mann School 07/26/12 CBS News
1494 B'klyn Perv Could Be Locked Up For Life 07/25/12 NY Post
1495 Abe George Seeks To Upend Hynes 07/25/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1496 Penn State Hit With Unprecedented Penalties for Sandusky Scandal 07/23/12 Reuters
1497 Abuse Suspect Tries to Void Guilty Plea 07/21/12
1498 Awareness Is Our Best Defense Against Pedophiles Like Jerry Sandusky 07/21/12 Washington Times
1499 Former Penn State Board of Trustees Head Resigns Amid Sex-Abuse Scandal 07/19/12 Reuters
1500 Defense Claims Teen Rape Accuser of Hasidic Leader Nechemya Weberman is Seeking 'Revenge' 07/18/12 NY Daily News
1501 DA Charles Hynes Running a Corrupt Office, Challenger Claims 07/18/12 Brooklyn Daily
1502 Victims of Abuse – Victims of the Culture 07/17/12 Harry Maryles
1503 Hynes Credits Task Force For Intimidation Crackdown 07/17/12 Jewish Week
1504 Most Brooklyn Abuse Cases Involve Kin 07/16/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1505 Indicted Pedophile Reportedly Welcomed At Gerrer Synagogue 07/16/12 Failed Messiah
1506 Baltimore Rabbi Warns Community About Alleged Sex Offender 07/15/12
1507 The Woman Who Stood Up to Joe Paterno 07/15/12 CNN
1508 Bucky Shvitz in the Memory Box 07/13/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1509 Confessed Pervert Tells Stunned Brooklyn Courtroom he Loves His Victim 07/13/12 NY Daily News
1510 Big Crime, Little Time 07/13/12 NY Post
1511 Rabbi Condemns Judge For Lenient Sentence In Abuse Case 07/13/12 Vos Iz Neias
1512 Bikers Against Child Abuse Make Abuse Victims Feel Safe 07/13/12 The Arizona Republic
1513 Man Files Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against Harvard 07/12/12 Boston Globe
1514 B'klyn Perv Only Gets 2 Years Behind Bars After Molesting Boy For Years 07/12/12 NY Post
1515 Abuse Inquiry Faults Paterno and Others at Penn State 07/12/12 NY Times
1516 What the Freeh Report Does—and Does Not—Tell Us About Child Sexual Abuse at Penn State 07/12/12
1517 Hynes Brings Longtime Critics Into Fold 07/11/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1518 Horace Mann Sex Scandal — A Mother's Story 07/11/12 CBS News
1519 Cover-Ups, Justice and Reform 07/08/12 NY Times
1520 DA CHALLENGE: Abraham George rips Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes 07/07/12 NY Daily News
1521 Man Who Attacked Priest in Revenge is Not Guilty of Felonies 07/06/12 LA Times
1522 Abe George, Challenger To Joe Hynes, Wants To Bring a Little Manhattan to Brooklyn DA’s Office 07/06/12 Politicker
1523 Ex-Manhattan A.D.A. Plans Primary Challenge to Hynes 07/06/12 NY Law Journal
1524 Man Accused of Raping a Teen Has Been Working at a Brooklyn Yeshiva 07/05/12 NY Daily News
1525 Pursuing Mondrowitz: What is the Brooklyn DA Doing About It? 07/04/12 The Jewish Voice
1526 A Call To Action 07/04/12 Jewish Press
1527 Unholy Rationalizations 07/04/12 The Chief
1528 Jewish Week Receives Casey Medal Honor 07/03/12 Jewish Week
1529 Orthodox Gay-Prey Kin Suit 07/03/12 NY Post
1530 Brooklyn DA Blames Israel for Mondrowitz Scandal 07/02/12 Jewish Press
1531 Boyfriend of Alleged Orthodox Abuse Victim Says He's Been Threatened 07/02/12 DNAinfo
1532 Pa. Advocates Say Don't Rush Into Toughening Laws on Reporting Child Sex Abuse 07/01/12 Philadelphia Inquirer
1533 Penn State Officials Decided Against Reporting Sandusky After Talking With Paterno 06/30/12 NY Post
1534 Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Must Explain How His Office Flubbed Sex-slave Case 06/30/12 NY Daily News
1535 Law Gives Prosecutors Tool To Explain Victims' Delay In Reporting Sex Crimes 06/30/12 The Morning Call
1536 Sex Abuse Reporting Requirements Taking Effect Nationwide 06/30/12 The Palm Beach Post
1537 Brooklyn D.A.'s International Hunt for an Alleged Pedophile May Be Slightly Exaggerated 06/29/12 NY Magazine
1538 2012 Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism 06/29/12 Journalism Center on Children and Families
1539 D.A.'s International Hunt For An Alleged Pedophile Seems Exaggerated 06/29/12 Vos Iz Neias
1540 Brooklyn DA Defends Handling of Orthodox Sex Abuse Case 06/29/12 WNYC News
1541 Letter To the Editor - NY Times 6/29/12 06/29/12 Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes
1542 Did Brooklyn DA Do Anything To Get "Compulsive Pedophile" Back From Israel? 06/29/12 Gothamist
1543 Revisionist History in Abuse Cases 06/29/12 NY Times
1544 Brooklyn Prosecutor's Role in Abuse Case Is Examined 06/28/12 NY Times
1545 Indicted Pedophile Avrohom Mondrowitz Allegedly Works With Haredi City's Troubled Kids 06/28/12 Failed Messiah
1546 Researchers See Decline in Child Sexual Abuse Rate 06/28/12 NY Times
1547 The Jewish Week Honored in Casey Medal Judging 06/27/12 Fund for Investigative Journalism
1548 D.A. Says He Asked For Avrohom Mondrowitz's Extradition In April 2007 06/27/12 Failed Messiah
1549 Jury Acquits Brooklyn Rabbi Joel Kolko of Staring at Boy He Was Once Accused of Molesting 06/26/12 NY Daily News
1550 Kolko Acquitted In Contempt Case 06/26/12 Jewish Week
1551 Praise, Questions For Hynes After Arrests 06/26/12 Jewish Week
1552 Brooklyn Rabbi Acquitted of All Charges in Child Molestation Case 06/26/12 NY Post
1553 Kolko Acquitted Of Leering At Boy Who Accused Him Of Bring A Perv 06/26/12 Vos Iz Neias
1554 Jerry Sandusky's Victims Aren't Alone On Their Road To Recovery 06/25/12 Dana Jacobson
1555 Harassment Of Alleged Chabad Abuse Victims Increases 06/24/12 Failed Messiah
1556 Hynes Finally Gets It 06/24/12 NY Post
1557 Will The Real Stan Please Stand Up 06/24/12 Rabbi Natan Slifkin
1558 Kolko Accuser, Now 13, Faces Alleged Abuser In Court 06/23/12 Jewish Week
1559 It's Time to Ask Your Kids if They Understand What the Sandusky Case Was About 06/23/12 Dr. Janet Rosenzweig
1560 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Accused of Intimidating Victim in Sex Abuse Case 06/22/12 NY Magazine
1561 The Kosher Nostra 06/22/12 NY Post
1562 Cardinal's Aide Is Found Guilty in Abuse Case 06/22/12 NY Times
1563 Ultra-Orthodox Men Charged With Trying to Silence Accuser 06/21/12 NY Times
1564 Bribe Alleged In Brooklyn Abuse Case 06/21/12 Wall Street Journal
1565 'Scared' Victim of Alleged Perv Rabbi Testifies 06/21/12 NY Post
1566 Four Charged With $500K Abuse Payoff 06/21/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1567 Four Arrested for Offering Teen Girl $500,000 to Drop Molestation Charge 06/21/12 DNAinfo
1568 Creepy Rabbi 'leer' Trial Starts 06/21/12 NY Post
1569 In The Pocket Of The DA 06/21/12 Failed Messiah
1570 Accuser Offered $500k for Silence in NY Abuse Case 06/21/12 Associated Press
1571 Four Ultra-Orthodox Men Charged With Attempted Bribery in Abuse Case 06/21/12 Guardian UK
1572 Brooklyn Men Arraigned in Witness-Tampering Case 06/21/12 Fox 5 News
1573 Four Indicted For Attempting To Cover Up Orthodox Sex Abuse Case 06/21/12 Village Voice
1574 Four Hasidic men accused of bribing sex-assault victim to prevent case coming to court 06/21/12 NY Daily News
1575 Four charged in Brooklyn with intimidating victim of alleged sex abuse 06/21/12 Reuters
1576 Men Face Bribery Charges In Relation To Alleged Sex Abuse Case 06/21/12 NY1 News
1577 4 Men Charged With Intimidating Witnesses In Connection With Rabbi's Sex Abuse Case 06/21/12 CBS News NY
1578 Mafia-style Bribery Charges for Ultra-Orthodox Williamsburg Jews 06/21/12 WPIX 11
1579 Hynes Will Release Pedophile Files 06/20/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1580 DA Hynes Fights Criticism He's Soft on Pedophiles in Orthodox Community 06/20/12 DNAinfo
1581 DA Claims To Have "Locked Up" 102 Haredi Pedophiles 06/20/12 Failed Messiah
1582 Contempt Trial Starts for Brooklyn Rabbi 06/20/12 NY Daily News
1583 Stamford Hill 'Child Assault' Arrest 06/19/12 The Jewish Chronicle
1584 Accused Pervert Rabbi on Trial for Violating Probation 06/18/12 NY Post
1585 Hasidic Child Sex Abuse Allegations 06/18/12 CNN
1586 Pure Torah law vs. pragmatic "weeding out the thorns" - BM 83b 06/18/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
1587 In Sandusky Trial, Testimony Shows How Suspicions Led to Silence 06/17/12 Washington Post
1588 Rabbi Yakov Horowitz Responds 06/17/12 Rabbi Yakov Horowitz
1589 The Children Deserve Justice 06/16/12 NY Times
1590 Moral Dystopia 06/16/12 NY Times
1591 Hynes Right on Sex Abuse Cases 06/15/12 NY Daily News
1592 Haredi Pedophile Innocent, Republican Liaison Intimates 06/15/12 Failed Messiah
1593 Fundraiser Appeal for Accused Molester Yosef Kolko 06/15/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
1594 An Expert Looks Into Mind Of A Child Abuser 06/15/12 CBS News
1595 And We Worry About The Internet? 06/15/12 Harry Maryles
1596 The Grave Truth Threatening Orthodox Communities 06/14/12 Huffington Post
1597 Monsey Man, 31, Admits Molesting Boys 06/14/12
1598 Trial of Accused Perv Hassidic Counselor Nechemya Weberman Postponed 06/14/12 NY Daily News
1599 Hella Winston Wins Two Jewish Journalism Awards For Child Sex Abuse, Shomrim Coverage 06/14/12 Failed Messiah
1600 Rabbi's Sex-Abuse Trial Delayed Because Yeshiva Keeps Ignoring Requests For Information 06/14/12 NY Post
1601 Church Battles Efforts to Ease Sex Abuse Suits 06/14/12 NY Times
1602 We Need Child-Sex-Abuse Whistleblower Laws 06/14/12 Marci A. Hamilton
1603 Catholic Church Lobbies Against Allowing More Sex Abuse Suits 06/14/12 NY Magazine
1604 How a Rav Determines Abuse Allegations Are False 06/14/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
1605 Jewish Week Wins Six Awards From American Jewish Press Association 06/14/12 Jewish Week
1606 Rabbi Faces Up to Facebook 06/13/12 J-Wire
1607 Brooklyn DA Hynes Meets With Jewish Leaders 06/12/12 JTA
1608 Kolko Appears in Brooklyn Criminal Court on Monday 06/12/12 Five Towns Jewish Times
1609 Horace Mann Case Prompts New Look at State Sex Abuse Laws 06/12/12 NY Times
1610 Legal Options Limited for Alumni Who Told of Abuse at Horace Mann 06/12/12 NY Times
1611 DA Hynes Defends Controversial Child Sex Abuse Policy in Crown Heights 06/11/12 DNAinfo
1612 Hasidic Jews Vent Concerns On Handling Of Sex Abuse Cases 06/11/12 NY1 News
1613 Brooklyn DA Holds Closed-Door Meeting With Jewish Leaders 06/11/12 WNYC News
1614 Child Abuse Prevention Takes Center Stage at Crown Heights Seminar 06/11/12 Vos Iz Neias
1615 Hynes Will Name Ultra-Orthodox Abusers, at Victims' Request 06/11/12 Wall Street Journal
1616 Let's Get Serious About Protecting Our Kids 06/11/12 Vos Iz Neias
1617 Sparse Crown Heights Crowd Hears D.A. Talk About Child Sexual Abuse; No Chabad Leaders Participate Or Attend 06/11/12 Failed Messiah
1618 Effort to Change Orthodox Jewish Policies on Sex Abuse 06/11/12 ABC News
1619 Orthodox Jews Slam Hynes' Sex-Abuse Policy 06/11/12 NY Post
1620 Some Is Illuminated 06/11/12 Tablet Magazine
1621 Humiliation, Shame and Fear 06/11/12 NY Times
1622 As a Horace Mann Alumna, I Am Troubled 06/11/12
1623 Orthodox NYC Counselor on Trial in Sex Abuse Case 06/10/12 Associated Press
1624 Letter from Horace Mann School 06/10/12 Horace Mann Administration
1625 Crown Heightsers Take a Stand Against Child Abuse 06/10/12
1626 Abuse Experts: Skip the Rabbis 06/10/12 COLlive
1627 Gathering Online, Alumni of an Elite School Share Their Accounts of Abuse 06/10/12 NY Times
1628 Crown Heights Ultra-Orthodox Jews Meet to Combat Child Sex Abuse 06/10/12 WNYC News
1629 Panel Assembles To Discuss Sex Abuse Cases In Brooklyn 06/10/12 CBS News
1630 Brooklyn DA Fires Back at Critics Over Sex Abuse Policy 06/10/12 NY Daily News
1631 Philadelphia Lynn Trial Revives Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal 06/09/12 USA Today
1632 Rabbis Aren't Always the Enemy 06/08/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1633 Calls Continue For Brooklyn DA To Take Action On Sex-Abuse Cases In Hasidic Community 06/08/12 CBS News
1634 In Response to Rabbi Yaacov Behrman 06/08/12 Zaakah blog
1635 A Troubled Silence 06/07/12 NY Times
1636 Jury Breaks Without Verdict in Philadelphia Church Abuse Case 06/07/12 Reuters
1637 Patterns of Sexual Abuse Clarified 06/06/12 Dr. Michael J. Salamon
1638 Prep-School Predators 06/06/12 NY Times
1639 Rackets Bureau Chief Vows Openness On Witness Intimidation 06/06/12 Jewish Week
1640 The Selective Justice of Charles Hynes 06/06/12 NY Daily News
1641 Persecuted by the Press 06/06/12 Ami Magazine
1642 Letter to NY Times 06/05/12 Jeanette Friedman
1643 The Brooklyn D.A.'s Office Is Having a Terrible Day 06/05/12 NY Magazine
1644 On Apologists 06/05/12 Rabbi Eliyahu Fink
1645 Sex-Abuse Cover Ups: The Mesirah Mess 06/05/12 Jewish Week
1646 Police vs. Prosecutor in '94 Brooklyn Kidnapping Case Against a Rabbi 06/04/12 NY Times
1647 Zweibel (paraphrased): Better a thousand molesters go free then one minute of Torah be wasted 06/04/12 DovBear Blog
1648 Brooklyn DA Is Talking The Talk On Enablers Of Child Abuse In Ultra-Orthodox Community 06/04/12 NY Daily News
1649 Brooklyn's DA Says No Prosecution For Rabbis Who Warn Of Mesirah 06/04/12 Failed Messiah
1650 Jury Selection Set in Sex-Abuse Trial 06/04/12
1651 Brooklyn Child Rape Monster Avrohom Mondrowitz Continues To Meet Troubled Kids In Israel 06/03/12
1652 Agudath Israel's Executive VP Wonders Whether Actions Taken By Bloggers To Save Kids From Abuse Were Worth It 06/03/12 Failed Messiah blog
1653 What's Important To Us As a Community? We Need To Decide 06/03/12 Wolfish Musings blog
1654 Agudah Acknowledges Dropping The Ball On Abuse, Claims Near-Perfection 06/03/12 Natan Slifkin
1655 Brooklyn 'Perv' Rabbi Gershon Kranczer and Son on the Lam in Israel 06/03/12 NY Post
1656 Brooklyn Child-Molest Monster 'Got Away With It' After Fleeing to Israel 06/03/12 NY Post
1657 Hynes' 'Mafia' Excuse 06/03/12 NY Post
1658 The Man Behind The Podium 06/02/12 Mishpacha Magazine
1659 Untangling a Rape Case in Crown Heights 06/02/12 NY Times
1660 Orthodox Sex Abuse Family: They Tried to Shut Us Up With Chivas Regal 06/01/12 WPIX 11
1661 Brooklyn DA Hynes: Orthodox Jewish Sex Abuse Victims Face Intimidation 05/31/12 NY Daily News
1662 Clergy Need to Become 'Mandatory Reporters' 05/31/12 Daily Star
1663 Outing Orthodox Pervs Imperils Victims: Hynes 05/31/12 NY Post
1664 Letter To the Editor - NY Post 5/31/12 05/31/12 NY Post
1665 Letter To the Editor - NY Post 5/31/12 05/31/12 NY Post
1666 Letter To the Editor - NY Post 5/31/12 05/31/12 NY Post
1667 Hynes' Shift on Sex Abuse Cases Puts Him on Collision Course With Agudah 05/30/12 JTA
1668 Brooklyn DA: Intimidation in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sex Abuse Cases Worse Than Mob Cases 05/30/12 WNYC News
1669 In Milwaukee Post, Cardinal Authorized Paying Abusers 05/30/12 NY Times
1670 Mandatory Abuse Reporting: An Act of Faith 05/30/12 Daily Kos
1671 Hynes Fires Back at Critics and Orthodox Leaders 05/29/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1672 Hynes Leaves It Late To Pass Mandate Law 05/29/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1673 Orthodox Cam Plan 05/26/12 NY Post
1674 Faltering First Steps 05/26/12 NY Post
1675 Letter To the Editor - NY Times 5/26/12 05/26/12 NY Times
1676 Letter To the Editor - NY Times 5/26/12 05/26/12 NY Times
1677 Letter To the Editor - NY Times 5/26/12 05/26/12 NY Times
1678 Sex-crimes Prosecutor in Brooklyn DA's Office Out Amid 'Coverup' 05/25/12 NY Post
1679 "אינטערנעץ איז נישט די צרה, די צרה איז סעקסועלע באַלעסטיקונג" 05/25/12 Yiddish Forward
1680 Even After Abuse Exposé, Religious Group Will Continue to Police Itself 05/25/12 Atlantic Monthly
1681 Call to Stand Down Yeshivah Teacher 05/25/12 The Age
1682 Midwood Spy Cams Go to Group Accused of Shielding Sex Predators From Police 05/24/12 Brooklyn Daily
1683 Brooklyn DA Pushes for Rabbis to Report Abuse 05/24/12 WNYC News
1684 After Bad Press, Brooklyn DA Changes Course On Child Sex Abuse 05/24/12 Gothamist
1685 When Rabbis Muzzle Sex Crime Victims, What's a Prosecutor to Do? 05/24/12 Huffington Post
1686 Hynes Warns That Rabbis Could Face Prosecution For First Vetting Abuse Allegations 05/24/12 Jewish Week
1687 Brooklyn DA Warns That Rabbis Could Face Prosecution For First Vetting Abuse Allegations 05/24/12 Vos Iz Neias
1688 Hynes Singles out Haredi Community as Harassers of Sexual Assault Victims 05/24/12 JTA
1689 Brooklyn DA Forming Task Force After Facing Criticism Over Handling Of Child Sex Abuse Cases 05/24/12 CBS News
1690 The Victim's Voice 05/24/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1691 Brooklyn DA Wants to Make Rabbis Report Sexual Abuse 05/24/12 NY Magazine
1692 Protecting the Unholiest Sinners 05/24/12 NY Post
1693 Silow-Carroll on Haredim and Everyone Else... Cue up Andrea Peyser on Brooklyn Justice 05/24/12 JTA
1694 This Is What The NY Post Published About You 05/24/12 Yeshiva World News
1695 Brooklyn DA Defends His Record 05/24/12 WNYC News
1696 Brooklyn Prosecutor Under Fire Over Charedi Sex Abuse 05/24/12 The Jewish Chronicle
1697 Supporters Of Alleged Victims Of Child Sex Abuse In Chabad School Take Out Ad To Protest Harassment, Intimidation 05/23/12 Failed Messiah
1698 Prosecutor Seeks to Force Rabbis to Report on Abuse 05/23/12 NY Times
1699 Agudah Insists Abuse Claims Go to Rabbis 05/23/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1700 Leading Ultra-Orthodox Group, Agudath Israel, Insists Abuse Claims Go To Rabbis First 05/23/12 Huffington Post
1701 Will Arthur Brisbane Scold the 'Times' For its Coverage of Arthur Brisbane? 05/22/12 Capital NY
1702 Brooklyn's D.A. Stacks The Deck 05/22/12 Failed Messiah
1703 Questions Surfacing On Hynes' Task Force On Witness Intimidation 05/22/12 Jewish Week
1704 Sunshine Protects Child Abuse Victims 05/22/12 Huffington Post
1705 At Least The Times' Public Editor Does Right By The Jewish Media 05/22/12 Jewish Week
1706 Brooklyn Man Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Orthodox children 05/22/12 JTA
1707 Letter To the Editor - NY Daily News 5/21/12 05/21/12 NY Daily News
1708 Anti-Internet Rally Hosted by Ultra-Orthodox Jews Was Streaming Online, Shilling Software 05/21/12 NY Magazine
1709 What Happens When 40,000 Orthodox Jewish Men Take Over Citi Field? 05/21/12 New York Press
1710 Attribution Problems With NY Times Orthodox Sex Abuse Series, Public Editor Says 05/21/12 Village Voice
1711 Can Ultra-Orthodox Jews Live With the Web? 05/21/12 BBC
1712 Judge Urges Jews to Report Child Sex Abuse as He Sentences Molester 05/21/12 NY Daily News
1713 Taking Back Our Souls, A Response to Sexual Abuse 05/21/12 Jewish Journal
1714 Abuse Among the Orthodox: Bad News, Good News 05/21/12 Jewish Ideas Daily
1715 Here Comes Nobody 05/20/12 NY Times
1716 The Rabbis Are Right To Be Afraid 05/20/12 Religion Dispatches
1717 DA Releases Report On Nearly 100 Orthodox Jews Being Investigated For Sex Crimes 05/20/12 CBS News
1718 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Discuss Dangers Of The Internet At Citi Field 05/20/12 NY1 News
1719 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally to Discuss Risks of Internet 05/20/12 NY Times
1720 Orthodox Jews Discuss Proper Ways to Use Internet 05/20/12
1721 Ultra-Orthodox Hold Large NYC Meeting on Net Risks 05/20/12 Associated Press
1722 Brooklyn DA Reveals New Details on Nearly 100 Orthodox Sex Abuse Cases 05/20/12 NY Post
1723 Ultra-Orthodox Hosts Sold-Out Event at Citi Field on Tech Risks 05/20/12 WNYC News
1724 40,000 Turn Out For Haredi Orthodox Rally on Internet 05/20/12 JTA
1725 MaleSurvivor Urges Brooklyn DA Hynes, Ultra-Orthodox Community to Protect Survivors of Abuse 05/20/12
1726 Jewish Community Split Over Internet Issue, Gathering And Rally Held At Citi Field Highlight Differing Views 05/20/12 CBS News
1727 More Credit Where Credit is Due 05/20/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1728 Move Over, Joe 05/19/12 NY Post
1729 Our Broken Truth 05/19/12 Judy Braun
1730 Credit Where Credit Is Due 05/19/12 NY Times
1731 Brooklyn DA Sets Up Taskforce to Tackle Intimidation of Orthodox Abuse Victims 05/19/12 Guardian UK
1732 New York's ultra-Orthodox Battle-the-Internet Gathering Goes Viral 05/19/12 Times of Israel
1733 Does Talmudic Law Require Jews To Report Sex Crimes? 05/19/12 Village Voice
1734 Australian Sex Abuse Scandal Tars Name of Venerated Chabad Rabbi 05/19/12 Haaretz
1735 DA Hynes In Stern Warning To Jewish Community: I'm Out To Get The Charedi Mafia Style Intimidators 05/18/12 Vos Iz Neias
1736 Brooklyn D.A. Continues Push Back on His Handling of Sex Abuse Cases 05/18/12 Politicker
1737 New Focus on Agudah's Abuse Stance 05/18/12 New Jersey Jewish Standard
1738 Brooklyn DA Hynes Does Damage Control Over Orthodox Sex Scandal 05/18/12 Village Voice
1739 With Spotlight on Orthodox Community, A Bill That Would Challenge Sex Offenders 05/18/12 WNYC News
1740 Ultra-Orthodox Jews to Gather at Citi Field for Event on Evils of Internet 05/18/12 Emily Wax for the Washington Post
1741 Letter To the Editor - NY Times 5/18/12 05/18/12 NY Times
1742 Letter To the Editor - NY Times 5/18/12 05/18/12 NY Times
1743 Brooklyn Prosecutor to Target Intimidation in Ultra-Orthodox Abuse Cases 05/18/12 NY Times
1744 Ultra-Orthodox Jews To Hold Huge Rally Against The Internet At Citi Field 05/18/12 Huffington Post
1745 60K Expected At Sold-Out Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Rally Against Internet's Evils Sunday 05/18/12 Gothamist
1746 WABC Special Report - Protect Our Children: Unlocking the Mind 05/18/12 ABC News
1747 Out Of The Mouths Of Haredi PR Flacks 05/17/12 Failed Messiah
1748 שליחות פֿון אַ חסידישן טאַטן 05/17/12 Yiddish Forward
1749 DA's Handling of Orthodox Cases Could be Troubling For All Jews 05/17/12 Cleveland Jewish News
1750 For Jewish Orthodox Children: No Justice -- No Peace 05/17/12 Dr. Asher Lipner - Huffington Post
1751 Hynes Considering Expert Panel To Deal With Witness Intimidation By Rabbis 05/17/12 Jewish Week
1752 From Circumcision To Molestation, How the Orthodox Place Children at Risk 05/17/12 The Daily Beast
1753 Community Members Protest Fundraiser for Alleged Serial Child Molester 05/17/12 Vicki Polin
1754 Fundraiser For Alleged Child Molester In Williamsburg Draws Protests 05/17/12 Gothamist
1755 Abuse Headlines Gives Push to Tough Laws 05/17/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1756 Principal Aware of Cyprys Abuse Rumours 05/17/12 Australian Jewish News
1757 Heated Reaction 05/17/12 Thomson Reuters
1758 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Turn Out by the Hundreds for Accused Sex Offender 05/17/12 Guardian UK
1759 Ultra-Orthodox Jews to Hold Big Meeting on Internet Risks 05/17/12 NY Times
1760 Rallying Against the Internet 05/17/12 Tablet Magazine
1761 Grace Perez, Domestic and Sex Offense Expert, on Nechemya Weberman and Ultra-Orthodox Jews' Reactions to Sex Abuse Allegations 05/17/12 Village Voice
1762 Accused Rabbi's Supporters Clash With Protesters 05/17/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1763 Victim's Boyfriend Sparks Rowdy Protest in Jewish Williamsburg 05/17/12 NY Daily News
1764 That Massive 'Jews Against the Internet' Rally This Weekend Is Not Very Press-Friendly 05/17/12
1765 Fundraiser for Man Accused of Child Molestation 05/16/12 NBC News
1766 For Ultra-Orthodox, Clash Over Allegations 05/16/12 NY Times
1767 Protesters Make A Stand At Fundraiser For Rabbi Accused Of Sex Abuse 05/16/12 NY1 News
1768 Two Arrested Outside Sold Out Weberman Fundraiser 05/16/12 Failed Messiah
1769 DA Denies He's Soft On Pedophiles In Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn 05/16/12 WPIX 11
1770 Tensions Boil Over Outside Fundraiser for Accused Rapist in Brooklyn 05/16/12 Fox 5 News
1771 Weberman Sexual Molestation Case Drives Wedge in Community 05/16/12
1772 Fundraiser To Be Held In Brooklyn For Therapist Accused Of Sexually Abusing Young Girl 05/16/12 CBS News
1773 Fundraiser for Williamsburg Man Draws Outrage 05/16/12 ABC News
1774 D.A. Denies Sex Prosecution Allegations 05/16/12 Tablet Magazine
1775 Brooklyn Prosecutor Defends Record on Sex Abuse Cases 05/16/12 NY Times
1776 Abuse Cases in Brooklyn 05/16/12 New York Observer
1777 Brooklyn's Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally Behind Accused in Child Abuse Case 05/16/12 Guardian UK
1778 Former Brooklyn ADA Criticizes Hynes' 'Pact With the Devil' 05/16/12 Capital NY
1779 Protecting Sexual Abusers 05/16/12 Times of Israel
1780 Brooklyn's D.A. Insists He's Done No Wrong – But Is He Telling The Truth? 05/16/12 Failed Messiah
1781 We Work to Protect All Brooklyn Kids 05/16/12 Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes for The Daily News
1782 Failure of Leadership on Child Sex Abuse 05/16/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1783 Ultra-Orthodox Community in Brooklyn Wrongly Mistrusts Justice System 05/16/12 NY Daily News
1784 Tensions Boil Over Outside Fundraiser For Accused Rapist In Williamsburg; Arrests Made 05/16/12 Vos Iz Neias
1785 Few Politicians Will Challenge Hynes On Kol Tzedek Secrecy 05/15/12 Jewish Week
1786 As Pressure On Hynes Builds, New Revelations Of Rabbis' Intimidation 05/15/12 Jewish Week
1787 Dogged Reporting By An Independent Journalist 05/15/12 The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism
1788 Hebrew Posters Appeal For Money For Alleged Child Molester In Brooklyn 05/15/12 CBS News
1789 From Rising Jewish Ed Star To Kiddie Porn Perp 05/15/12 Jewish Week
1790 Hasidic Child Molester Talking Points 05/15/12 Heeb Magazine
1791 Sins Of Omission At The Times 05/15/12 Jewish Week
1792 Melbourne Rabbi Changes Statement in Child Molestation Case 05/15/12 JTA
1793 Fury Over Posters Advertising Fundraiser for Rabbi Accused of Molesting a Child 05/15/12 Daily Mail
1794 As the Times Looks at Orthodox Sex Abuse, Critics Say It Should Credit Others' Reporting 05/15/12 Village Voice
1795 Rabbi Knew of Molestation Rumours 05/15/12 The Age
1796 Class Shows Haredi Readiness to Tackle Sex Abuse 05/15/12 Jerusalem Post
1797 Child Abuse in the Ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Community 05/15/12 Mayor Ed Koch
1798 Brooklyn Jewish Community Divided By Fundraising For Accused Child Molester 05/15/12 WPIX 11
1799 Child Abuse Must Be Reported by Hasidim 05/14/12 Mayor Ed Koch
1800 DA's Vaunted Haredi Child Sex Abuse Hotline AWOL 05/14/12 Failed Messiah
1801 Brooklyn DA Hynes Under Fire For Handling Of Abuse Cases In Orthodox-Jewish Community 05/14/12 CBS News
1802 Prosecutorial Discretion And Child Sexual Abuse 05/14/12 Atlantic Monthly
1803 Yiddish Posters Up in Williamsburg Asking for Cash for Accused Child Molester Angering Victim's Family 05/14/12 NY Daily News
1804 A Total Eclipse Of The Sun 05/14/12 Failed Messiah
1805 Bloomberg vs. the Rabbis 05/14/12 NY Sun
1806 Whistle Blowers Who Protect Children Must Not be Ostracized 05/12/12 San Diego Jewish World
1807 Brooklyn DA Responds To Criticism Of His Handling Of Sex Abuse Cases In Jewish Orthodox Community 05/12/12 CBS News
1808 Sexual Abuse Scandals Threaten to Tear the Fabric of Brooklyn's Ultra-Orthodox Community 05/12/12 Haaretz
1809 Bloomberg Objects To Brooklyn DA's Treatment Of Sexual Abuse In Hasidic Communities 05/12/12 Gothamist
1810 NY Times: Brooklyn D.A. Inflated Success of Program Against Haredi Sex Abuse 05/12/12 Jewish Press
1811 Bloomberg Criticises Brooklyn DA Over Handling of Orthodox Sex Abuse Cases 05/12/12 Guardian UK
1812 Q & A With Times Reporters About Abuse in Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Communities 05/11/12 NY Times
1813 Is Brooklyn DA Letting Ultra-Orthodox Rabbis Shield Sex Offenders? 05/11/12 Gothamist
1814 Ultra-Orthodox Jews Still Have a Sex-Crime Problem 05/11/12 NY Magazine
1815 Brooklyn DA Gives Special Treatment To Ultra-Orthodox Defendants In Sex Abuse Cases 05/11/12 CBS News
1816 Childhood Victims of Sexual Abuse Shunned by Hasidic Community 05/11/12 Shalom Life
1817 Different Rules? 05/11/12 Thomson Reuters
1818 Good Shepherd’s Monsignor Brady Escapes Indictment On Sex Abuse Charges 05/11/12 Sheepshead Bites
1819 Brooklyn DA Hynes has Special Way of Handling Sex Abuse Cases in Ultra-Orthodox Neighborhoods 05/11/12 Capital NY
1820 'Joe Hynes has to live in the real world and he has to live in the world that they're in' 05/11/12 Capital NY
1821 For Ultra-Orthodox in Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules 05/11/12 Democratic Underground
1822 Grand Jury Fails to Indict Monsignor Brady 05/11/12 Brooklyn Daily
1823 Brooklyn D.A. Inflated Impact of Effort Against Sex Abuse Among Haredim 05/11/12 JTA
1824 Bloomberg Among Critics of Prosecutor in Brooklyn 05/11/12 NY Times
1825 Who Speaks for the Children? 05/11/12 NY Times
1826 Sickening! 05/11/12 Harry Maryles
1827 For Ultra-Orthodox in Abuse Cases, Prosecutor Has Different Rules 05/10/12 NY Times
1828 Pressure Mounts on Brooklyn DA Over Orthodox Sex Abuse Cases 05/10/12 Guardian UK
1829 Down with the Internet! 05/10/12 DovBear Blog
1830 Exposing Child Sexual Abuse Among the Ultra-Orthodox 05/10/12 The Atlantic Monthly
1831 Accused Child Rapist Fronts Magistrates Court 05/10/12 Australian Jewish News
1832 NY Times Covers The Harassment Of Victims Of Child Sex Abuse In The Haredi Community: Six Years Late 05/10/12 Failed Messiah
1833 Brooklyn DA Defends Handling of Ultra-Orthodox Child Abuse Cases 05/10/12 Guardian UK
1834 'NYT' Exposes Pattern of Ultra Orthodox Community Covering up Sex Abuse, Punishing Accusers 05/10/12 Mondoweiss
1835 Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse 05/09/12 NY Times
1836 Is Brooklyn's D.A. Really Better Than All The Rest? 05/09/12 Failed Messiah
1837 FBI Says Teacher Hoarded Child Porn 05/09/12 The Riverdale Press
1838 Verdict Not In On Hynes 05/08/12 Jewish Week
1839 Rabbi Ignored Warnings on Sexual Abuse, Say Parents 05/08/12 The Age
1840 Marine Park Man Confesses To Sexual Abuse Of Two Kids, Sentenced To 20 Years 05/08/12 Sheepshead Bites
1841 Brooklyn Man Who Admitted Sexually Abusing 2 Kids Sentenced to 20 Years to Life 05/07/12 NY Daily News
1842 Victims Protest: Rabbis, Protect Our Children 05/07/12 Huffington Post
1843 Registered Nurse Sentenced to 20 Years to Life in Child Sex Case 05/07/12 NY Post
1844 'No' To Push For School Sex Evidence To Come Out In Open Court 05/07/12 The Age
1845 Success Amid Secrets for Brooklyn D.A. 05/07/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1846 Ireland: Catholic Church Leader Apologizes, but Will Not Resign 05/07/12 Reuters
1847 Ultra Orthodox Jewish Children Talk About Being Raped By Their Teachers 05/07/12
1848 More Time for Justice 05/06/12 NY Times
1849 The Passivity of the Catholic Church 05/06/12 Washington Post
1850 The Powers of New York - The Catholic Church 05/05/12 NY Times
1851 The Powers of New York - Orthodox Jews 05/05/12 NY Times
1852 פּלאַנירטער מאַסן־פּראָטעסט קעגן אינטערנעץ רופֿט אַרויס קאָנטער־דעמאָנסטראַציע 05/04/12 Yiddish Forward
1853 Court Overturns Brooklyn Rabbi's Abuse Conviction 05/02/12
1854 Brooklyn Rabbi’s Sexual Abuse Conviction Overturned on Appeal 05/02/12 JTA
1855 Jerusalemites Resort to Vigilante Justice Over Pedophilia 05/02/12 Jerusalem Post
1856 Letter To the Editor - NY Post 5/1/12 05/01/12 NY Post
1857 Letter To the Editor - NY Post 5/1/12 05/01/12 NY Post
1858 Letter To the Editor - NY Post 5/1/12 05/01/12 NY Post
1859 The Internet Is Banned; Long Live the Internet 05/01/12 Huffington Post
1860 Brooklyn DA Plays Sex-Abuse Politics 04/29/12 NY Post
1861 No Secrets 04/27/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1862 Brooklyn DA Refuses to Release Details of Orthodox Sex Abuse Suspects 04/26/12 Guardian UK
1863 Orthodox Child Sex Abuse Suspects Exempt From Public Disclosure Rules 04/26/12 Haaretz
1864 Court Nixes Conviction of Brooklyn Rabbi on Sex-Abuse Charges 04/25/12 NY Daily News
1865 Lebovits Abuse Conviction Is Overturned 04/25/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1866 Orthodox Opposition to No-Names Policy 04/25/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1867 Unorthodox Exception Or Preferential Treatment? 04/25/12 Jonathan Turley
1868 Appeals Panel Overturns Conviction of Lebovits in Sexual Abuse Case 04/25/12 NY Times
1869 Brooklyn DA, In Shift, Opens Window On Abusers' Names 04/24/12 Jewish Week
1870 Abuse Case Dates Suggest Brooklyn DA Is Cooking Numbers For Kol Tzedek Hotline 04/24/12 Jewish Week
1871 Brooklyn DA Won't Release Names Of Orthodox Jewish Sex Offenders 04/24/12 Gothamist
1872 Orthodox Abuse Suspects Get Exemption 04/24/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1873 Brooklyn D.A. Refusing to Identify Orthodox Jews Charged With Sex Crimes 04/24/12 NY Magazine
1874 Brooklyn DA Protecting Names of Alleged Chasidic Child Sex Abusers 04/24/12 JTA
1875 Orthodox Suspects' Names Held Back by Brooklyn DA 04/24/12 Associated Press
1876 Queens - Parents of Young Girls Sexually Assaulted by Yeshiva Tutor Lash Out at Perv 04/17/12 NY Post
1877 Waks Welcomes Religious Abuse Enquiry 04/17/12 J-Wire
1878 High Court Rules on Controversial FOIL Case 04/16/12 The Legislative Gazette
1879 High Court Ruling On Mondrowitz 'Troublesome' 04/10/12 Jewish Week
1880 Jewish Film Festival in Hot Water Over Sex-Abuse Documentary 04/09/12
1881 Judge Orders Kansas City Bishop To Stand Trial In Abuse Case 04/05/12 National Catholic Reporter
1882 Official Ruling in Lesher v. Hynes 04/04/12 New York State Court of Appeals
1883 Police Seek Kramer Extradition From US 04/04/12 Australian Jewish News
1884 Police to Ask US to Hand Over Ex-Teacher 04/03/12 The Age
1885 NY Court Clarifies Disclosures in Criminal Probes 04/03/12 Associated Press
1886 Ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn Jews Covering Up Child Abuse 04/03/12
1887 Brooklyn DA Condemned For Not Prosecuting More Hasidic, Orthodox Jewish Sex Abusers 03/29/12 CBS News
1888 Brooklyn DA Accused Of Failing To Tackle Orthodox Jews' Cover-Up Of Sex Abuse 03/29/12 Guardian UK
1889 Silence And Self-Rule: Brooklyn's Orthodox Child Abuse Cover-Up 03/29/12 Guardian UK
1890 Victim’s Father Determined To Break Cycle Of Abuse In Brooklyn’s Hasidic, Orthodox Communities 03/28/12 CBS News
1891 Philly Parish Told Pastor on ‘Health Leave’ When He Was in Sex Therapy After Complaint 03/27/12 Associated Press
1892 Producer Threatens L.A. Jewish Film Festival Over Rejection of Sex-Abuse Documentary 03/27/12 JTA
1893 Monsignor’s Role at Issue as Trial Opens 03/26/12 Philadelphia Inquirer
1894 Supervising Priest Goes on Trial in Abuse Case 03/26/12 NY Times
1895 Ex-Priest Admits Abusing an Altar Boy 03/22/12 Associated Press
1896 Letter From Haredi 'Gadol' Rabbi Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg Says Notorious Pedophile Innocent 03/21/12 Failed Messiah
1897 Vatican Inquiry Finds Progress in Irish Abuse Scandal 03/20/12 NY Times
1898 Abuse Victims' Advocates Turn to the Internet 03/19/12 Washington Post
1899 'Standing Silent' Follows Uncovering of Sexual Abuse in Baltimore's Orthodox Jewish Community 03/19/12 Washington Post
1900 Clerical Abusers and the First Amendment 03/14/12 NY Times
1901 Banned Mohel Still Apparently Performing ‘Metzitzah’ 03/13/12 Jewish Week
1902 הרב דרוקמן: "צר לי שלא דיווחתי למשטרה" 03/13/12 Ma'ariv
1903 Church Puts Legal Pressure on Abuse Victims' Group 03/12/12 NY Times
1904 Children in Peril in New York 03/08/12
1905 New Group Combating Child Molestation in Ultra Orthodox Enclave 03/05/12 Jewish Press
1906 Clergy-Abuse Reporting Under Fire From DAs 03/05/12 Times Union
1907 Subpoena Sent To Penn State Suggests Feds Investigating Potential Fraud To Cover Up Jerry Sandusky's Sex-Abuse Scandal 03/02/12 NY Daily News
1908 Yeshiva Student Pleads Guilty to Sexually Molesting Two Fourth-graders 02/29/12 NY Post
1909 Abuse Case Raising Statute Questions 02/28/12 Jewish Week
1910 High Court Hears Foil Case Related To Brooklyn Sex Abuse 02/21/12 Legislative Gazette
1911 Child Molestation in Israel's Chareidi Community Reaching Alarming Rate 02/19/12 Vos Iz Neias
1912 Helping Law Enforcement Track Child Sex Offenders 02/19/12 Washington Post
1913 Child Sex-Abuse Scandal in Australia's Jewish Community Spills Into U.S. 02/17/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1914 Chancellor Vows to Fire Those Guilty of Sexually Abusing Students 02/17/12 NY Times
1915 'Unorthodox' Author's Claim Of Murder Cover-up Rebutted 02/16/12 Jewish Week
1916 Convicted Haredi Pedophile Back In Brooklyn 02/16/12 Failed Messiah
1917 Child Abuse Case Tests the Freedom of Information Law 02/16/12 Voices of NY
1918 Haredim Increasingly Open to Addressing Sexual Abuse 02/15/12 Jerusalem Post
1919 Delicate Questions of Abuse 02/14/12 Wall Street Journal
1920 Confronting a Rabbi and a Prosecutor 02/14/12 Thomson Reuters
1921 US Lawyer Takes Prosecutor To Court Over Files On Alleged Ultra-Orthodox Abuse Victims 02/13/12 Haaretz
1922 Public Secrecy About Child Sexual Abuse 02/13/12 The Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism
1923 His Eminence in Denial 02/13/12 NY Times
1924 Threats vs. Rabbi Accuser 02/12/12 NY Post
1925 Plucky Lawyer Fights for Abuse Case Files 02/10/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1926 Teaneck Rabbi Indicted on Sex Charges 02/09/12
1927 When The Greater Good Isn't Good Enough 02/09/12 The Jewish Star
1928 Alleged Victims of Bernie Fine to Urge Lawmakers to Open Litigation Window for Sexual Abuse Cases 02/08/12 NY Daily News
1929 F.B.I. Seeks More Abuse Victims at School 02/08/12 NY Times
1930 Fight Over Mondrowitz Documents Coming To A Head 02/07/12 Jewish Week
1931 Experts To Bishops: Pedophiles Lie, Trust Victims 02/07/12 Associated Press
1932 Catholic Leaders Convene to Discuss Abuse Prevention 02/06/12 NY Times
1933 School Linked to Abuse Claims Will Replace Entire Faculty 02/06/12 NY Times
1934 Sex Abuse Must Be Reported To Police Not The Church, Vatican Says 02/06/12 Vos Iz Neias
1935 Sexual Abuse in Institutions of Education 02/06/12 The Beacon
1936 Open Season on Charedim - And Torah 02/01/12 Rabbi Avi Shafran - Ami Magazine
1937 Letter To the Editor - NY Post 1/29/12 01/29/12 NY Post
1938 Hateful Op-Ed Article in NY Newspaper Aims to Import Incitement Against Haredim in NY - English Translation 01/27/12 Der Yid
1939 Hateful Op-Ed Article in NY Newspaper Aims to Import Incitement Against Haredim in NY - Yiddish 01/27/12 Der Yid
1940 Men Struggle for Rape Awareness 01/23/12 NY Times
1941 A Jewish Civil War 01/21/12 Ben Hirsch for the NY Post
1942 ‘He Masterminded Systematic Rape of Over 100 Kids' 01/20/12 Jerusalem Post
1943 Penn State's Trustees Recount Painful Decision to Fire Paterno 01/18/12 NY Times
1944 Stop Enabling Our Jewish Fanatics 01/17/12 Jewish Week
1945 Will 'Sex Abuse Ring' Yield Vigilante Justice? 01/16/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1946 A New Law Firm With 161 Years of Experience 01/15/12 NY Times
1947 Brother Of Sex Offender Busted For Covering Up Alleged Sibling Crime 01/14/12 NY Daily News
1948 Did Rabbi Downplay Incest Rape? 01/14/12
1949 אימה של ילדי נחלאות 01/13/12
1950 Religious Groups Given ‘Exception’ to Work Bias Law 01/11/12 NY Times
1951 When Holocaust Analogies Run Amok 01/09/12 JTA
1952 Prominent Israel Rabbi Indicted for Sexually Assaulting Minors 01/08/12 Haaretz
1953 Three More Arrested in Nahlaot Pedophile Case 01/08/12 Jerusalem Post
1954 Fighting Back Against Fundamentalism 01/06/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
1955 Assembly Panel Approves Bill To Remove Statute Of Limitations On Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits 01/05/12
1956 "מדובר בפרשת הפדופיליה הגדולה מאז קום המדינה" 01/03/12
1957 Priest Accused Of Sex Abuse Honored At Marine Park Church’s Tree Lighting 01/03/12 NY Daily News
1958 More Time: NY Should Extend Statute of Limitations on Child Sexual Abuse 01/02/12
1959 Famed Philadelphia Sportswriter Bill Conlin Accused of Child Sex Abuse, Quits Newspaper 12/20/11
1960 Brooklyn DA Released Abusers' Names In Recent Years 12/20/11 Jewish Week
1961 Former Bishop Will Meet With Irish Abuse Victims 12/20/11 NY Times
1962 Critics Furious At Brooklyn DA For Refusing To Name Orthodox Child-Sex Suspects 12/18/11 NY Post
1963 VIN Comments on NY Post Article 12/18/11 Vos Iz Neias
1964 Abuse Victims Need Time to Seek Justice 12/18/11 NY Daily News
1965 DA Hides Names of Child Abusers 12/18/11 Drudge Report
1966 Judge Orders Trial for Two Penn State Officials 12/16/11 USA Today
1967 End Statute of Limitations on Child Sex Crimes 12/16/11 CNN
1968 Few Penalties for Keeping Child Abuse Secret 12/16/11 USA Today
1969 Renewed Firestorm Over Orthodox Sex Abuse in Brooklyn 12/15/11 Village Voice
1970 Tear Down Statute of Limitations on Cases of Sexual Abuse of Children 12/15/11 Irish Central
1971 Herschel Taubenfeld received Smicha 12/15/11 Nuchem Rosenberg
1972 Governor Cuomo to Introduce Legislation to Crack Down on Sexual Abuse at High Schools and Universities 12/14/11 Press Release
1973 Former Teacher Accused Of “Inappropriate Sexual Contact” With Torah Academy Student 12/14/11 New Jersey Jewish Standard
1974 Brooklyn D.A. Refuses To Name Child Sex Abusers 12/14/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
1975 Judge Furious When Rabbi Backs Away From Planned Guilty Plea 12/14/11 WCVB Boston
1976 A Renewed Push to Allow Later Reports of Sexual Abuse 12/14/11 Associated Press
1977 Crackdown on Sex Crimes Continues 12/14/11 Rockland County Times
1978 Rabbi Expected to Plead Guilty to Sex Abuse 12/14/11 Boston Globe
1979 Brooklyn DA Appears To Violate The Law To Protect Haredim From Bad Press 12/13/11 Failed Messiah
1980 News Of Abuse Arrests Hailed, Questioned 12/13/11 Jewish Week
1981 Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Sex Abuse Scandal 12/13/11 The American Conservative
1982 Sex Abuse in Flatbush 12/13/11 The Midwood Blog
1983 New York Man Faces 144-Count Sex Abuse Indictment 12/13/11 Associated Press
1984 Syracuse Child Abuse Cases Spur Calls To Reform New York Statutes Of Limitations 12/13/11 Huffington Post
1985 The New York Post Reports Night Is Day, Blocks Sun With Blackout Shades To Prove It 12/11/11 Failed Messiah
1986 Brooklyn DA's Orthodox Jewish Liaison Helps Guide Families Through the Fear 12/11/11 NY Post
1987 Fight Against Intimidation Must Rage On 12/11/11 NY Post
1988 Orthodox Sex Abuse Scandal 12/11/11 NY Post
1989 Orthodox Child Sex Abuse Details Revealed 12/11/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
1990 Brooklyn D.A. Investigation Leads to 85 Sexual Predators Arrested in Orthodox Jewish Community 12/11/11 NY Magazine
1991 Paedophilia Scandal Strikes New York Jewish Community 12/11/11
1992 Coaching Gives Abusers Opportunity and Trust 12/10/11 NY Times
1993 At Elite Prep School, Abuse Case Won't Go Away 12/09/11 NY Times
1994 Lawsuit Claims Poly Prep Covered Up Iconic Football Coach Phil Foglietta's Sex Abuse Of Young Boys For Decades 12/07/11 NY Daily News
1995 Commentary: Fire Boeheim, Change Child Sex Abuse Laws 12/07/11 Marci A. Hamilton
1996 Statute of Limitations Passed in Bernie Fine Case: DA 12/07/11 NY Post
1997 DA Says He Can’t Prosecute Abuse Claims 12/07/11 NY Daily News
1998 DA: Bernie Fine Accusers Credible; Statute of Limitations Expired 12/07/11 CNN
1999 Poly Prep Football Players Warned Freshmen of Coach Phil Foglietta's Sex Abuse, School Threatened Discipline Against Reports 12/07/11 NY Daily News
2000 Bernie Fine Investigation: Syracuse DA Says No State Charges, Statute Of Limitations Has Passed 12/07/11 Huffington Post
2001 Protocols of the Elders of Agudah 12/07/11 Ami Magazine - Rabbi Avi Shafran
2002 In Lakewood Abuse Cases, A ‘Parallel Justice System’ 12/06/11 Jewish Week
2003 Brooklyn's Poly Prep Covered Up Football Coach's Sex Abuse 12/06/11 NBC News
2004 The Brooklyn D.A. Stonewalls 12/06/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
2005 Seeing Something, But Saying Nothing 12/04/11 NY Daily News
2006 Center of Penn State Scandal, Sandusky Tells His Own Story 12/03/11 NY Times
2007 It's Not Just Penn State 12/02/11 NY Times
2008 Ami Magazine Op-Ed 12/01/11 Ami Magazine
2009 New Accuser Files Lawsuit in Penn State Abuse Case 12/01/11 Wall Street Journal
2010 Syracuse Criticized for Its Handling of Sexual Abuse Case 12/01/11 NY Times
2011 Lawsuit Is Settled in Penn State Case 12/01/11 NY Times
2012 First Penn State Abuse Suit Comes From New Accuser 11/30/11 Associated Press
2013 Syracuse's Boeheim Not Worried About Job Status 11/30/11 Associated Press
2014 Federal Agents Search ex-Syracuse Assistant Fine’s Office 11/30/11 Associated Press
2015 Penn State: A Familiar Dark Cloud, a Silver Lining 11/30/11 Richard B. Gartner, PhD
2016 The Penn State Scandal 11/30/11 NY Times
2017 New Suit Says Coach Abused Boy for 4 Years 11/30/11 NY Times
2018 Irish Panel on Abuse Cites Failures by Church 11/30/11 NY Times
2019 'Standing Silent' and Speaking Loudly 11/30/11 Washington Jewish Week
2020 Victims' Advocate Says Fourth Victim May Emerge in Syracuse Sex Abuse Case 11/29/11 NY Daily News
2021 Bernie Fine Case Raises Questions About How Journalists Report On Sex Abuse Allegations 11/29/11 Poynter
2022 Brooklyn DA Claims Record Number of Child Sex-Abuse Charges vs. Haredim 11/28/11 JTA
2023 Bernie Fine Fired as Syracuse Assistant Basketball Coach After Taped Calls Revealed 11/28/11 NY Daily News
2024 Bernie Fine Fired: Syracuse Basketball Coach Dismissed, Facing Sexual Abuse Investigation 11/28/11 Huffington Post
2025 U.S. Attorney's Office and Secret Service Take Lead in Bernie Fine Probe 11/28/11 The Post-Standard
2026 As Case Widens, So Do Concerns for Syracuse 11/28/11 NY Times
2027 Op-Ed: Reporting Abuse 11/28/11 NY Times
2028 Feds Take Over Investigation of Fired Syracuse Coach 11/28/11 NY Daily News
2029 Sex-abuse Survivors Group Calls for Jim Boeheim to be Disciplined by Syracuse 11/28/11 NY Daily News
2030 Syracuse Basketball Coach Fired Amid Sex Abuse Investigation 11/27/11 CNN
2031 Have Agudath Israel Of America And Brooklyn's DA Colluded To Allow Haredim To Violate State Mandatory Reporting Law? 11/27/11 Failed Messiah
2032 Breaking The Silence 11/27/11 NY Post
2033 Syracuse Fires Fine After New Allegations in Molestation Case 11/27/11 NY Times
2034 Bernie Fine fired by Syracuse 11/27/11 Associated Press
2035 Editorial: All Voices Must Be Heard 11/23/11 The Jewish Star
2036 Is a Smokescreen Hiding the Issue of Abuse? 11/23/11 The Jewish Star
2037 Brooklyn Community Leaders Pushing To Make Staying Silent On Sex Abuse A Crime 11/23/11 CBS News
2038 Jewish Newspaper Accuses Brooklyn DA Hynes of ‘Going Easy’ On Child Sex Offenders 11/23/11 Capitol Confidential
2039 Jewish Newspapers Criticize Charles Hynes Over Sex Abuse Cases 11/23/11 The Brooklyn Politics
2040 Ex-asst. Principal of Bx. Catholic School Gets No-jail Deal in Kiddie-porn Bust 11/22/11 NY Post
2041 The Uphill Battle To Expose Abusers 11/22/11 Jewish Week
2042 Vatican: Cardinal Who Resigned Amid Scandal Retires 11/22/11 NY Times
2043 A Penn State alum wonders: Why wasn’t more done? 11/22/11 Las Vegas Weekly
2044 Sex Abuse - Unanswered Questions 11/21/11 Rabbi Harry Maryles
2045 Save Our Kids From Pedophiles 11/21/11 NYS Assemblywoman Margaret M. Markey
2046 Syracuse Associate Basketball Coach Calls Allegations 'Patently False' 11/18/11 CNN
2047 Law Limitations May Protect Child Abusers in U.S. 11/18/11 Reuters
2048 Charity Founded by Accused Ex-Coach May Fold 11/18/11 NY Times
2049 The Cruel Lesson of Penn State 11/18/11 Slate
2050 Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse: It's More Complicated 'Than See Something Say Something' 11/17/11 Paul Mones
2051 Child-Protection Laws Under Scrutiny in Wake of Scandals 11/17/11 CNN
2052 Pa. Lawmaker Reveals Own Childhood Sexual Abuse to Push Bills in Wake of Sandusky Scandal 11/16/11 Philadelphia Inquirer
2053 Lessons From Penn State 11/15/11 Elliot Pasik
2054 Penn State Case Presses Others on Abuse Laws 11/15/11 USA Today
2055 Crown Heights Cracking Down on Child Sexual Abuse 11/15/11 Jerusalem Post
2056 Penn State scandal: Learning Torah from the Goyim 11/14/11 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
2057 A Season for Scandal 11/14/11 Jerusalem Post
2058 On Campus, a Law Enforcement System to Itself 11/12/11 NY Times
2059 The Institutional Pass 11/12/11 NY Times
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2062 The Inexplicable Events at Penn State 11/10/11 Atlantic Monthly
2063 Penn State's Legal Liability is Serious, Analysts Say 11/10/11 Philadelphia Inquirer
2064 Don't Be an Enabler 11/10/11
2065 Paterno Is Finished at Penn State, and President Is Out 11/09/11 NY Times
2066 Investigation of Sandusky in 1998 Raises Questions 11/09/11 NY Times
2067 The Horror Show at Penn State 11/09/11 NY Times
2068 The Molester Next Door 11/08/11 NY Times
2069 Penn State Said to Be Planning Paterno Exit Amid Scandal 11/08/11 NY Times
2070 Legal Limits Enable Sex Abuse 11/08/11 Philadelphia Inquirer
2071 Personal Foul at Penn State 11/08/11 NY Times
2072 In Sexual Abuse Case, a Focus on How Paterno Reacted 11/06/11 NY Times
2073 Penn State Scandal Shakes the Happy Valley Family to Roots 11/06/11 NY Times
2074 Top Penn State University Officials Charged With Perjury & Failure To Report Suspected Child Abuse 11/05/11 Pennsylvania Attorney General
2075 Top University Officials Charged With Failure to Report Allegations of Abuse 11/05/11 NY Times
2076 Movie Review: 'Silent' Film Speaks Loudly 11/04/11 Wicked Local Arts
2077 Crackdown on Child Sex Abuse Unravels 10/31/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
2078 Boy Scouts Failed to Report Abuser 10/30/11 LA Times
2079 Records Shows Boy Scout Officials Failed to Report Leader Who Molested Children in California 10/29/11 Washington Post
2080 Gutnick Knew of Child Sex Claims, Says Bodyguard 10/27/11 The Age
2081 Self-proclaimed Rabbi Pleads Not Guilty to Molestation Charges 10/27/11 News 12
2082 School Guard May Face More Sex Charges 10/26/11 9 News
2083 Alleged Sex Offender Seen With Kids: Court 10/25/11 Sydney Morning Herald
2084 Monsey Man Charged With Sexually Abusing a Boy, 14 10/24/11
2085 Spring Valley Rabbi Accused of Sodomizing Boys 10/21/11 News 12
2086 Fresh Yeshivah Sex Charge 10/19/11 The Age
2087 Australian Jewish Youth Leader Arrested for Child Molestation 10/19/11 JTA
2088 The Religious Sex Abuse Epidemic 10/18/11 Roy Speckhardt for Huffington Post
2089 A Letter To Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky 10/17/11 Benjamin Aryeh Uchytil
2090 In Kansas City Churches, Tiptoeing Around the Latest Scandal 10/16/11 NY Times
2091 Brooklyn Priest Charged with Attempted Sex Abuse 10/15/11 NBC News
2092 Bishop Indicted; Charge Is Failing to Report Abuse 10/14/11 NY Times
2093 Catholic Congregation in Quebec to Pay Up to $18 Million to Sex-abuse Victims 10/06/11 Global Montreal
2094 Religious Groups and Bias Get the Justices’ Attention 10/05/11 NY Times
2095 Third Indictment Filed in Jerusalem Pedophile Case 10/03/11 Jerusalem Post
2096 Bnei Brak Man Accused of Molesting Minors in Mikva 10/02/11 Jerusalem Post
2097 An Unholy Mess in the Holy City 10/02/11 Haaretz
2098 כתב אישום נוסף בפרשת הפדופילים משכונת נחלאות בירושלים 10/02/11 Herald Tribune
2099 A World of Their Own 10/01/11 The Australian
2100 רשת הפדופילים מירושלים: חשודים שוחררו בשל קושי לתרגם עדויות ילדים לכתבי אישום 09/23/11 Haaretz
2101 Five Men Arrested for Sexually Abusing Minors in J'lem 09/15/11 Jerusalem Post
2102 Abuse Victims Ask Court to Prosecute the Vatican 09/13/11 NY Times
2103 Sex Abuse Program at Logan Schools Prompts About 25 Investigations 09/09/11 Pharos-Tribune
2104 Yeshiva 'Turned Blind Eye to Sex Abuse Claims' 09/07/11 The Australian
2105 Sex Suspect Protected 09/07/11 The Age
2106 The Shomrim: Gotham's Crusaders 09/07/11 Village Voice
2107 A Child Abandoned Once Again: Refocusing the Discussion of Ohel vs. The Jewish Week 09/06/11 Asher Lipner
2108 Writing New Chapter in Kid Safety: Spotlight on Molesters in New Book for Orthodox Jews 09/06/11 NY Daily News
2109 Jewish Group 'Protected Sex Offender' 09/06/11 The Australian
2110 Man in Court Over Jewish School Sex Assaults 09/06/11 Sydney Morning Herald
2111 Cultural Reflections on Child Sexual Abuse in the American Haredi Jewish Community 09/01/11 'Healing from Severe Emotional Child Abuse' blog
2112 Do As We Say, Not As We Do 08/31/11 Asher Lipner
2113 Keeping the Faith 08/28/11 The Crime Report
2114 Archdiocese Lists Priests Accused of Abuse 08/25/11 NY Times
2115 When 'Daas Torah' is Not Daas Torah 08/25/11 Emes Ve-Emunah blog
2116 Training Rabbis to Identify Abuse 08/25/11 The Jewish Star
2117 Sexual Abuse: Prevent, Police, Prosecute 08/24/11 Jewish Press
2118 Abuses 08/22/11 Tablet Magazine
2119 A True Story of How Gedolim Dealt Improperly With a Pedophile 08/22/11 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
2120 A Survivor Speaks Out 08/21/11 Ami Magazine
2121 Teaneck Rabbi 'Perplexed' by Molestation Case, Attorney Says 08/18/11
2122 School Alert on Alleged Molester 08/18/11 Sydney Morning Herald
2123 Teaneck Rabbi Accused of Sexually Abusing Two Boys 08/16/11 Teaneck Patch
2124 Teacher Charged With Abusing Israeli Teens 08/16/11 Vos Iz Neias
2125 Teaneck Rabbi Accused of Sexual Contact With Two Underage Israeli Students 08/16/11
2126 Summer Camp Directors Must Report Suspected Child Abuse Cases 08/12/11 NY Daily News
2127 Rabbi Max "Lives" On 08/12/11 Washington Jewish Week
2128 Who Guards the Guards? 08/12/11 The Brooklyn Paper
2129 Police Arrest 4 Orthodox Men on Suspicion of Paedophilia 08/11/11 Jerusalem Post
2130 Unmolested - The Case of Alleged Sex Abuser Avrohom Mondrowitz 08/11/11 Tablet Magazine
2131 Leiby Kletzky Murder Spurs Stricter Child Laws In Orthodox Jewish Community 08/10/11 Huffington Post
2132 With Raglayim Ledovor, We Can Step Forward 08/08/11
2133 Shomrim Shanda 08/07/11 NY Post
2134 Rabbi's Comments Spark War of Words With Jewish Paper 08/06/11 Sydney Morning Herald
2135 Leiby Kletzky Killing Renews Calls For Oversight of Yeshivas 08/05/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
2136 Young Woman Recounts Her Escape From Israeli Cult 08/05/11 Haaretz
2137 Rabbi Yosef Feldman Steps Aside 08/04/11 Australian Jewish News
2138 Indictment Filed Against Bnei Brak Rabbi 08/04/11 Jerusalem Post
2139 Child Abuse Website Investigation Brings Multiple Arrests 08/03/11 Associated Press
2140 A Few Minutes With Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel 08/03/11 Mishpacha Magazine
2141 Q & A With Simcha Bernath, Coordinator of Boro Park's Shomrim 08/03/11 Ami Magazine
2142 Abusive Cult Discovered in Jerusalem 08/02/11
2143 Israel Police Busts Ultra-Orthodox Cult Suspected of Abusing Women and Children 08/02/11 Haaretz
2144 Leiby Kletzky Murder Reignites Fight Over Reporting Abuse 08/02/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
2145 Is It ‘Anti-Orthodox’ To Seek A Safer Community? 08/02/11 Jewish Week
2146 Leiby's Lesson: The Violence of Silence 08/02/11 Rabbi Gary Moskowitz
2147 Sydney Rabbi Resigns Council Post Over Leaked E-Mails 08/01/11 JTA
2148 Ramapo Sex Offender's Brother Charged With Sex Abuse Of 2 Boys 08/01/11
2149 Netanya Rabbi Charged With Rape Will Remain In Custody 08/01/11 Jerusalem Post
2150 Jerusalem: 3 Suspected Of Sexually Abusing Dozens Of Kids 08/01/11
2151 Rabbi Yosef Feldman Claims He Was Defamed 08/01/11 J-Wire
2152 Orthodox Jewish Child Abuse: Shattering a Traumatic Silence 08/01/11 Huffington Post
2153 Suit Against Vegas Synagogues and Rabbis Rejected 08/01/11 Las Vegas Sun
2154 Orthodox Cops: Separate and Unequal 07/31/11 NY Post
2155 Fury Over Rabbi Yosef Feldman's View on Child Sex 07/31/11 The Sunday Telegraph
2156 Agudah's Senior Staffer Says We Must Do More To Protect Our Kids From "The Dangerous Outside World" 07/29/11 Failed Messiah blog
2157 Blasting the Borough Park Shomrim 07/29/11 Cross Currents
2158 Stranger Danger Video Gets New Look, After Leiby Death 07/29/11 WPIX 11
2159 All Roads Lead to Accountability 07/28/11
2160 Law Firm Offers Free Advice on Sex-Abuse Claims 07/27/11 The Age
2161 Top Rabbi Says Don't Report Suspected Pedophiles To Police 07/27/11 Failed Messiah
2162 Rabbi ‘Should Step Down’ 07/27/11 Australian Jewish News
2163 Sexual Abuse: To Report to the Police or a Rabbi? 07/27/11
2164 Orthodox Groups Clarify Positions on Reporting Child Abuse 07/27/11 JTA
2165 Rabbinical Court Advisory on Sex Abuse 'Huge Step' 07/27/11 The Montreal Gazette
2166 Jews' Advice to Parents on Sex Abuse Criticized 07/27/11 Vancouver Sun
2167 A New Low at the Jewish Week 07/27/11 Cross Currents
2168 Rabbinical Court Opens Sex Abuse Debate in Orthodox Community 07/26/11 Vancouver Sun
2169 A calm critique of Agudah's statement on child abuse 07/25/11 DovBear Blog
2170 Rabbi: More Police Checks Needed 07/25/11 Australian Jewish News
2171 RCA Reaffirms Halachic Requirement to Report Knowledge or Suspicion of Abuse or Endangerment to Secular Authorities Without Delay 07/25/11 Rabbinical Council of America
2172 Agudath Israel Confirms Policy: "Ask permission from Rabbi to report when a child is being sexually abused." 07/24/11 Agudath Israel
2173 Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler, Principal Yeshivah College: "Contact me directly if you have any concerns about abuse in relation to the school staff." 07/24/11 Rabbi Yehoshua Smukler
2174 The End of Awe 07/23/11 NY Times
2175 Are The Boro Park Shomrim More Reliable Than the Police? 07/22/11 The Yiddish Forward
2176 English Translation of Yiddish Forward Article "Are the Shomrim of Boro Park More Reliable than the Police?" 07/22/11 The Yiddish Forward
2177 Agudath Israel Statement on Reporting Suspicions of Child Abuse 07/22/11 Rabbi Avi Shafran
2178 Jewish Community in Turmoil Over Sex Assault Probe 07/21/11 The Australian
2179 Rabbi Kamenetsky's Unfortunate Comments 07/21/11 Washington Jewish Week
2180 Kamenetsky: Report Child Abuse to Rabbis, Not Police 07/21/11 JTA
2181 Leiby Kletzky Killing Prompts Questions of Prevention in Borough Park 07/20/11 Village Voice
2182 Tragedy In Borough Park Puts Shomrim Under Scrutiny 07/19/11 Jewish Week
2183 Lessons From Leiby 07/19/11 Jewish Week
2184 Philadelphia’s Cardinal, Amid Scandal, Is Said to Be Retiring 07/18/11 NY Times
2185 Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky: Call Rabbis, Not Police, To Report Child Abuse 07/17/11 Failed Messiah
2186 Orthodox Rules Shield Fiends From Cops 07/17/11 NY Post
2187 Man Charged With Abusing Boy for 4 Years 07/17/11 Chicago Tribune
2188 Levi Aron's Name Not On Shomrim Patrol's List of Known Pervs 07/16/11 NY Daily News
2189 Jewish Boys School Gave Molester Free Run 07/15/11 The Australian
2190 Yeshiva and JCCV – Waks Responds 07/15/11 J-Wire
2191 Leiby Kletzky's Death Is So Difficult to Process 07/15/11 Washington Jewish Week
2192 Killing Rattles a Jewish Community’s Long-Held Trust of Its Own 07/14/11 NY Times
2193 Yadeinu Shafchu Es Hadam Hazeh 07/14/11 Cross Currents
2194 Ireland Confronts the Vatican 07/14/11 NY Times
2195 Irish Government Ask for Vatican Response to Abuse Report 07/14/11 NY Times
2196 Haredi Entertainer Convicted of Indecent Acts 07/13/11
2197 Crown Heights Beit Din Says Report Child Sexual Abuse To Police 07/11/11 Failed Messiah
2198 Lakewood Community Patrol Sends Suspected Molester Out of Town 07/11/11 The Lakewood Scoop
2199 Accusations of Abuse by Priest Dating to Early 1940s 07/10/11 NY Times
2200 Community Leader Sexual Assault Victim 07/08/11 J-Wire
2201 Jewish Community Leader Tells of Sex Abuse 07/07/11 The Age
2202 Police Investigate Former Principal Over Molestation Claims 07/06/11 The Age
2203 Nowhere Left to Hide 07/05/11 Galus Australis
2204 Agudath Israel of America Allegedly Pressuring Yeshivas And Camps To Hire Convicted Sex Offender Rabbi Yehuda Kolko 06/30/11 Failed Messiah
2205 Allegation: "Gedolim" are convincing people to hire convicted child molester Yehdua Kolko 06/30/11 DovBear Blog
2206 Brooklyn Teen Surrenders in Abuse Case 06/26/11 NY Post
2207 Two Boys Molested Within An Hour At Borough Park Synagogue 06/25/11 Gothamist
2208 B'klyn Sicko Lured Young Boys Into Shul, Then Molested Them 06/24/11 NY Post
2209 Agudah and Abuse 06/23/11 DovBear Blog
2210 School's Sex Abuse Secret Probed 06/22/11 The Age
2211 J'lem: Man arrested for sexually assaulting homeless girl 06/20/11 Jerusalem Post
2212 Criminal Justice System of Northern Ireland releases its Victim and Witness Annual Action Plan for 2011-2012 06/19/11 Criminal Justice System of Northern Ireland
2213 Onetime Priest Crusades for Abuse Victims Suing Catholic Church 06/19/11 CNN
2214 Chabad Controlled Rabbinical Council Says Mesira, Prohibition Of Going To Secular Court, Do Not Apply To Child Sexual Abuse 06/17/11 Failed Messiah
2215 Catholic Bishops Uphold 2002 Sex Abuse Policy 06/17/11 NY Times
2216 Bishops Won’t Focus on Abuse Policies 06/17/11 NY Times
2217 NY Lawmakers OK Expanded Child Abuse Reporting 06/16/11
2218 Police Need Your Help 06/15/11 Failed Messiah
2219 Moshe Gerstein One Of 26 Arrested For "Truly Sickening" Child Porn 06/15/11 New York Law Journal
2220 Rabbi Charged with Raping 12-year-old Girl 06/13/11
2221 At the Nexus of Abuse and Execution 06/09/11 NY Times
2222 The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010 06/06/11 John Jay College Research Team
2223 If Ohel Broke The Law, What Could Happen To David Mandel? 06/05/11 Failed Messiah
2224 An Archbishop Burns While Rome Fiddles 06/04/11 NY Times
2225 When Religious Doctrine Undercuts Mandated Reporting On Abuse 06/01/11 Jewish Press
2226 Ohel Campaign To Bolster Image Questioned 05/31/11 Jewish Week
2227 Chulent More Dear Than Moshiach 05/27/11
2228 Chabad Magazine Promotes Accused Serial Rapist 05/27/11 Failed Messiah
2229 Why People Stick by Scandal-Plagued Pastors 05/27/11 CNN
2230 Expert Warns Religious Educators of Denial of Sexual Abuse 05/26/11 Jerusalem Post
2231 Rabbis Finally Break Silence on Sex Abuse 05/26/11 The Jewish Chronicle
2232 Does Agudath Israel Of America Set The Brooklyn D.A.'s Policy On Reporting Child Sex Abuse? 05/25/11 Failed Messiah
2233 Ultra-Orthodox Group Affirms Abuse Cases Go First To Rabbi 05/25/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
2234 Letter to the Editor - Jewish Forward 05/25/11 Elliot Pasik, Esq.
2235 Let Him Prey: High-Ranking Jesuits Helped Keep Pedophile Priest Hidden 05/25/11 SF Weekly
2236 The Vatican Comes Up Short 05/19/11 NY Times
2237 Agudath Israel Of America Says You Have To Ask A Rabbi Before You Can Call The Police On A Child Molester 05/18/11 Failed Messiah
2238 Judge: Comments Made By Teacher Charged With Sex Abuse Admissible In Court 05/18/11 Asbury Park Press
2239 Vatican Urges New Rules on Abuse by Clergy 05/16/11 NY Times
2240 Records Release to Be Considered in Decades-Old Sex Abuse Case 05/15/11 New York Law Journal
2241 Two Monsey Sex Offenders Have New Addresses 05/15/11 Journal News
2242 Court To Rule On Release Of Mondrowitz Records 05/10/11 Jewish Week
2243 Haredi Man Arrested For Child Sexual Abuse 05/03/11 Failed Messiah
2244 Indictment Against Rabbi Samuel Kellner 04/28/11 Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes
2245 Sex Abuse Witness May Have Been Paid To Testify 04/20/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
2246 Exclusive: Interview With The P.I. Who Exposed Rabbi Samuel Kellner's Alleged Extortion 04/14/11 Failed Messiah
2247 Rabbi Accused of Bribing Witness in Case Against Other Rabbi 04/13/11 NBC News
2248 Brooklyn Rabbi Released on Bail After Extortion Scheme Uncovered 04/13/11 Vos Iz Neias
2249 Man Charged With Perjury In Rabbi Sex-Abuse Case; Defendant Was Sentenced To Prison 04/13/11 Associated Press
2250 Prosecutors Defend Rabbi's Child-Molestation Conviction Despite Charging Making False Accusations 04/13/11 NY Daily News
2251 Israel Rabbi Indicted for Sexual Assault 04/12/11
2252 NYU Wagner Newsletter 04/12/11 Prof. Steven M. Cohen, Director, Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner
2253 Judge Hears Arguments on Potential Witness in Camp Counselor Sex Case 03/31/11 Asbury Park Press
2254 Sexual Abuse Case Sheds Light on Emmanuel’s Ethnic Tensions 03/31/11 Jerusalem Post
2255 Suit Says Jesuits Ignored Warnings About Priest 03/28/11 NY Times
2256 Catholic Order Reaches $166 Million Settlement With Sexual Abuse Victims 03/25/11 NY Times
2257 Suspensions Force Bishops to Reassess Rule Changes 03/25/11 NY Times
2258 Avenging Altar Boy 03/15/11 NY Times
2259 Letter To The Editor - Admires Asher Lipner 03/15/11 Jewish Week
2260 Letter to the Editor - Ohel Not to Blame 03/14/11 Jewish Week
2261 At State-Run Homes, Abuse and Impunity 03/12/11 NY Times
2262 The Jewish Week Should Apologize (Ad in the Jewish Week) 03/10/11 Marvin Schick
2263 Sexual Abuse of Children a Problem: Rabbi 03/09/11 Canadian Jewish News
2264 Op-Ed: Ohel, Where's The Beef? 03/08/11 Jewish Week
2265 Letter to the Editor - Failure To Report 03/08/11 Jewish Week
2266 Rabbi Wearing A Badge Not A Police Officer 03/07/11 Times Union
2267 Brooklyn Camp Counselor Charged in Kid-sex Case 03/05/11 NY Post
2268 Jewish Week to Ohel: Where’s The Beef? 03/02/11 Jewish Week
2269 Ohel Says Jewish Week Accusations ‘Unfounded’ 03/02/11 Jewish Week
2270 Ohel's Jewish Week Ad Response to Article 03/02/11 Jewish Week
2271 Acts of Contrition 02/28/11 NY Times
2272 Brooklyn Rabbi Accused Of Molesting Girl Since She Was 12 02/26/11 CBS News
2273 Pediatrician in Abuse Case Killed Himself 02/25/11 NY Times
2274 Inside the Private World of London's Ultra-Orthodox Jews 02/25/11 Telegraph UK
2275 Rabbi Charged as Perv 02/24/11 NY Post
2276 Abuse Case Tests Ohel’s Adherence To Reporting Laws 02/23/11 Jewish Week
2277 Sen. Brown Says He Was Abused by Camp Counselor as a Child 02/16/11 Fox News
2278 Haredi Women Protest Against Brooklyn DA's Jewish Liason And OHEL 02/16/11 Failed Messiah
2279 Rabbi Moti Elon to be Charged With Sex Crimes 02/10/11 Jerusalem Post
2280 Haredi Man Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Minors in Jerusalem 01/31/11 Haaretz
2281 Appeals Court Tosses One Count Against Rabbi Who Molested His Daughter 01/18/11 NY Post
2282 Vatican Letter Warned Bishops on Abuse Policy 01/18/11 NY Times
2283 Denial – and the Online Voice of Torah Jewry 01/11/11 Harry Maryles
2284 Popular Rabbi in North Arrested for Allegedly Molesting Minors 12/31/10 Haaretz
2285 A Monsignor Is Defrocked for Abusing a Student 12/17/10 NY Times
2286 Vatican Shielded Dublin Priest Until He Raped Boy in Pub, Inquiry Says 12/17/10 Associated Press
2287 Speaking Volumes About ‘Hush’ Of Sexual Abuse 12/14/10 Jewish Week
2288 What Was Said Inside Satmar About Yisroel Moshe Weingarten 12/10/10 Translation by Yerachmiel Lopin
2289 Orthodox Jews Begin to Reckon with Sexual Abuse 12/09/10 Religion Dispatches
2290 Letter to the Editor: Clarification Re Abuse Lecture 12/08/10 Jewish Press
2291 YALSA Announces Morris Shortlist 12/06/10 Young Adult Library Services Association
2292 Former Yeshiva Principal Sought on Abuse Charges 12/04/10 NY Times
2293 NYPD Hunting B'klyn Dad & Sons Who Abused Women in Their Family 12/04/10 NY Post
2294 Rabbi's Son Accused of Sexual Abuse Ordered to Stay Away From Underage Victims 12/04/10 NY Daily News
2295 Rabbi Accused of Sexually Abusing Daughters 12/03/10 NY Newsday
2296 Brooklyn Rabbi Gershon Kranczer and Sons Accused of Sexually Abusing Relatives, Young Girls 12/03/10 NY Daily News
2297 Father, Sons Face Sex-Abuse Claims 12/03/10 Wall Street Journal
2298 Hasidic Rabbi, Sons Accused of Sexually Abusing Girls 12/03/10 Associated Press
2299 Q & A with Eishes Chayil 12/02/10 The Jewish Star
2300 Police: Father of 12 Sexually Assaulted Daughters 11/28/10 Jerusalem Post
2301 Brooklyn Rabbi Busted for Violating Order of Protection Against Boy, 12 11/23/10 NY Daily News
2302 Judge Warns Rabbi to Stay Away From Boy 11/22/10 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
2303 'Leer' Snares Accused Perv Rabbi 11/22/10 NY Post
2304 Yehuda Kolko Released After a Night 11/21/10 The Jewish Star
2305 Rabbi Yehudah Kolko Arrested 11/21/10 Vos Iz Neias
2306 Yehuda Kolko Arrested 11/20/10 The Jewish Star
2307 Kolko Allegedly Intimidating Boy Set To Testify In Abuse Case 11/19/10 Jewish Week
2308 Letter to the Editor - Still Angry at Ohel 11/11/10 Ben Hirsch
2309 Letter to the Editor - Jewish Star Unfair to Ohel 11/10/10 The Jewish Star
2310 Out of the Silence 11/08/10 Tablet Magazine
2311 Alleged Jerusalem Serial Child Molester Charged 11/04/10 Jerusalem Post
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2313 Notorious Hasidic Pederast Returns to B’klyn Court 10/06/10 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
2314 Speak Out Against Child Abuse - Now 10/06/10 Jewish Press
2315 Deaf Victim Of Sex Abuse Is Suing Pope, And Going Public With His Story For The First Time 09/23/10 CNN
2316 Most Yeshivas Aware of Abuse; Few Would Know if They Saw it 09/22/10 The Jewish Star
2317 Pope Apologizes for Abuse 09/18/10 NY Times
2318 Day Schools Focusing On Combating Abuse 09/15/10 Jewish Week
2319 Orthodox Jews Spotlight Sex Abuse 09/07/10 The Jewish Chronicle
2320 A Crisis in Amish Country 09/02/10 NY Times
2321 Suffering in Silence: A News 12 Special Report 08/31/10 News 12 Long Island
2322 Child Abuse in Afghanistan 08/30/10
2323 Lakewood Orthodox Jewish Leaders Want Abuse Accusations Addressed 08/25/10 Asbury Park Press
2324 Sex Abuse Cases Must Be Reported to Law Enforcement 08/23/10 Asbury Park Press
2325 Rabbis Fail to Report Sexual Harassment 08/12/10
2326 A Victim in Every Home 08/06/10 Haaretz
2327 Dozens of Boys Abused in Komemiyut 08/06/10 Jerusalem Post
2328 Rabbi's, Time to Flash Your Badges 08/04/10 Jewish Press
2329 Teacher Molested Kids For 20 Years, While Community Turned Blind Eye 07/29/10 Haaretz
2330 Preventing Child Sex Abuse Begins at Home 07/24/10 Cliffview
2331 Letter To the Editor - Jewish Star 7/23/10 07/23/10 Ben Hirsch to the JS
2332 Letter To the Editor - Jewish Star 7/23/10 07/23/10 Rephael Skaist to the JS
2333 Op-Ed: Honoring the Badge 07/22/10 The Jewish Star
2334 Sex-Abuse Case Against Rabbi Raises Larger Issues 07/20/10 Boston Globe
2335 Speaking Out For Abuse Victims 07/20/10 Jewish Week
2336 Tone-Deaf in Rome 07/16/10 NY Times
2337 Rome Fiddles, We Burn 07/16/10 NY Times
2338 Vatican Revises Abuse Process, but Causes Stir 07/15/10 NY Times
2339 Letter To the Editor - Jewish Star 7/16/10 07/14/10 Aaron Kotler, BMG
2340 Letter To the Editor - Jewish Star 7/16/10 07/14/10 Alexander Novak
2341 Abuse Took Years to Ignite Belgian Clergy Inquiry 07/13/10 NY Times
2342 Tapes Show Simon Taub Tried to Blackmail Son of Sex-offender Baruch Lebovits 07/13/10 NY Post
2343 Police Arrest Serial Child Molester in Bnei Brak 07/12/10
2344 Simon Taub Charged With Trying to Extort Molester Son 07/12/10 NY Daily News
2345 Brooklyn Man Sentenced To 2 Years In Sodomy Case 07/08/10 News 12 Long Island
2346 Hasid Pleads Guilty to Sodomy 07/08/10 Brooklyn Daily Eagle
2347 Beis Medrash Govoha Implicated In Preventing Police From Following Up Sexual Abuser 07/07/10 The Jewish Star
2348 פֿאַר וואָס באַשטראָפֿט מען ניט די סעקסועלע באַלעסטיקער פֿון ייִדישע קינדער? 07/03/10 Yiddish Forward
2349 English Translation of Yiddish Forward Article 07/02/10 Yiddish Forward
2350 Church Office Failed to Act on Abuse Scandal 07/01/10 NY Times
2351 Ex-Lakewood Camp Counselor Indicted on Child Sex Assault Charges 06/30/10 Asbury Park Press
2352 Accused Pedophile To Resign From Queens Rabbinical Board 06/29/10 Jewish Week
2353 Supreme Court Allows Sex-abuse Case to Proceed Against the Vatican 06/28/10 Christian Science Monitor
2354 In Rare Memo, Vatican Rebukes Cardinal 06/28/10 NY Times
2355 Warning About Church’s Abuse Documents Led Belgian Police to Raid Its Offices 06/28/10 NY Times
2356 Ex-Mass. Rabbi Charged Again in Child Abuse 06/27/10 Boston Herald
2357 Pope Lashes Out at Belgium After Raid on Church 06/27/10 NY Times
2358 Abuse Loosens Church’s Culture of Silence in Italy 06/26/10 NY Times
2359 Stopping the Abuse 06/24/10 Asher Lipner to the FTJS
2360 Demands Apology 06/24/10 Ben Hirsch to the FTJS
2361 Letter to The Editor - FTJS 06/24/10 Anonymous
2362 Out Of The Shadows 06/22/10 Jewish Week
2363 Jewish Community Still Behind On Confronting Abuse 06/22/10 Jewish Week
2364 New People Come Forward Saying Rabbi Baruch Lebovits Molested Them, Too 06/20/10 NY Daily News
2365 Call The Cops: Ohel Recommends Alerting The Authorities 06/18/10 The Jewish Star
2366 A Decade Later, More Willingness To Confront Rabbinic Abuse 06/16/10 Jewish Week
2367 Pope Pleads for Forgiveness Over Abuse Scandal 06/11/10 NY Times
2368 Registered Nurse Michael Sabo, Father Of Four, Charged With Molesting Five Kids 06/10/10 NY Daily News
2369 Elementary School Teacher Suspected of Molesting Students 06/04/10 Haaretz
2370 Emes and Shalom 06/03/10 Rabbi Pinchos Lipschutz
2371 Panel Seeks More Police Training on Sex Crimes 06/02/10 NY Times
2372 For 5th Year, Child Sex Abuse Bill Dies in Legislature 06/02/10 NY Times
2373 Schools Failing on Perv Fingerprint Checks 05/30/10 NY Post
2374 The Trial of Benedict XVI 05/27/10 Time Magazine
2375 Defiant Judge Takes On Child Pornography Law 05/22/10 NY Times
2376 Letter To The Editor - Intolerable Silence 05/18/10 Jewish Press
2377 Complex Struggle: Prelate's Record in Abuse Crisis 05/17/10 NY Times
2378 Court: Sexually Dangerous Can Be Kept In Prison 05/17/10 Washington Post
2379 Sen. Tom Duane letter to NY Times 05/17/10 Senator Tom Duane
2380 Op-Ed: Justice for Child Abuse Victims 05/14/10 NY Times
2381 Lebovits Abused Me Too, Claims Orthodox Man Charged With Molesting Boy 05/13/10 NY Daily News
2382 More Sabo Victims Revealed 05/05/10 The Jewish Star
2383 The Ultra-Orthodox Face Up to Abuse 05/05/10 Guardian UK
2384 Camp Directors Learn About Preventing Abuse 05/05/10 The Jewish Star
2385 'Pedophile' Protest Outside Brooklyn Criminal Court 05/03/10
2386 Predators Stay Away 04/30/10 Hamodia
2387 Flatbush Shomrim Nab Predator 04/30/10 Yeshiva World News
2388 How Orthodox Judiasm Echoes the Roman Catholic Church's Rule Against Scandal 04/29/10 Marci A. Hamilton
2389 In Abuse Crisis, a Church Is Pitted Against Society and Itself 04/29/10 NY Times