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1 Activists to Novominsk Rebbe: Support Victims, Not Predators 10/19/17 The Jewish Daily Forward
2 Agudah Follows the Romans For the Same Dirty Reasons 06/15/17 Frum Follies blog
3 Calling Bullshit On Supposed Charedi Sexual Abuse Progress 05/10/17 Asher Lovy
4 Has Ultra-Orthodox Group Agudath Israel Changed Its Tune On Sex Abuse Lawsuits? 02/09/17 The Jewish Daily Forward
5 ‘This Is Something That We Can’t Ignore’ 02/07/17 Jewish Week
6 Agudath Israel Sort of Addresses Meisels and Other Sex Scandals 11/20/14 Frum Follies blog
7 Prominent Orthodox Rabbi Condemns Vaccines as a 'Hoax' 09/12/14 The Jewish Daily Forward
8 De Blasio Remains Mum on Rabbi’s Remarks 05/30/14 NY Times
9 At a Jewish Gala, de Blasio Skips His Cue to Speak Out 05/29/14 NY Times
10 Mayor, distracted by well-wishers, didn’t take note of Orthodox rabbi’s tirade: aides 05/29/14 NY Daily News
11 Speech of Rabbi Perlow at Agudah Convention 05/27/14 Rabbi Yakov Perlow
12 Aguda's twisted path regarding abuse & calling police 10/02/13 Daas Torah blog
13 Channel 4 Programme Asks: Do Rabbis Cover Up Abuse? 01/25/13 The Jewish Chronicle
14 UK Haredi Chief Caught Telling Alleged Victim Not to Tell Police About Abuse 01/24/13 Times of Israel
15 British Haredi Leader Caught On Video Telling Alleged Child Sex Abuse Victim That It Is Forbidden To Report The Crime To Police 01/24/13 Failed Messiah
16 Agudah flyer regarding "Protecting Our Children" 12/30/12 Agudath Israel
17 Haredi Spokesman Confuses Simple Talmud Passage In His Defense Of Haredi Pedophile Coverups 11/18/12 Shmarya Rosenberg
18 Misrepresentation and Ignoring Chazal 11/17/12 Rabbi Natan Slifkin
19 R' Avi Shafran's Offensive Article Regarding Child Abuse 11/17/12 Rabbi Daniel Eidensohn
20 Robert Kolker Responds to Avi Shafran's, "The Evil Eleventh" 11/16/12 Robert Kolker
21 The Evil Eleventh 11/16/12 Avi Shafran
22 David Zwiebel - Forward 50 11/09/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
23 Were There More Agudah Child Sex Abuse Victims? 08/21/12 Failed Messiah
24 Agudath Israel Of America's Very Own Child Molester 08/06/12 Failed Messiah
25 He Calls Him "Glatt"! 08/05/12 UOJ blog
26 Will The Real Stan Please Stand Up 06/24/12 Rabbi Natan Slifkin
27 Rabbis Aren't Always the Enemy 06/08/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
28 On Apologists 06/05/12 Rabbi Eliyahu Fink
29 Zweibel (paraphrased): Better a thousand molesters go free then one minute of Torah be wasted 06/04/12 DovBear Blog
30 Agudath Israel's Executive VP Wonders Whether Actions Taken By Bloggers To Save Kids From Abuse Were Worth It 06/03/12 Failed Messiah blog
31 What's Important To Us As a Community? We Need To Decide 06/03/12 Wolfish Musings blog
32 Agudah Acknowledges Dropping The Ball On Abuse, Claims Near-Perfection 06/03/12 Natan Slifkin
33 The Man Behind The Podium 06/02/12 Mishpacha Magazine
34 Hynes' Shift on Sex Abuse Cases Puts Him on Collision Course With Agudah 05/30/12 JTA
35 Orthodox Cam Plan 05/26/12 NY Post
36 Even After Abuse Exposé, Religious Group Will Continue to Police Itself 05/25/12 Atlantic Monthly
37 Midwood Spy Cams Go to Group Accused of Shielding Sex Predators From Police 05/24/12 Brooklyn Daily
38 The Victim's Voice 05/24/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
39 Agudah Insists Abuse Claims Go to Rabbis 05/23/12 The Jewish Daily Forward
40 Leading Ultra-Orthodox Group, Agudath Israel, Insists Abuse Claims Go To Rabbis First 05/23/12 Huffington Post
41 New Focus on Agudah's Abuse Stance 05/18/12 New Jersey Jewish Standard
42 Letter To the Editor - NY Times 5/18/12 05/18/12 NY Times
43 Letter To the Editor - NY Times 5/18/12 05/18/12 NY Times
44 Down with the Internet! 05/10/12 DovBear Blog
45 Protocols of the Elders of Agudah 12/07/11 Ami Magazine - Rabbi Avi Shafran
46 A Letter To Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky 10/17/11 Benjamin Aryeh Uchytil
47 Do As We Say, Not As We Do 08/31/11 Asher Lipner
48 With Raglayim Ledovor, We Can Step Forward 08/08/11
49 A Few Minutes With Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zwiebel 08/03/11 Mishpacha Magazine
50 Leiby Kletzky Murder Reignites Fight Over Reporting Abuse 08/02/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
51 Sexual Abuse: To Report to the Police or a Rabbi? 07/27/11
52 Orthodox Groups Clarify Positions on Reporting Child Abuse 07/27/11 JTA
53 A calm critique of Agudah's statement on child abuse 07/25/11 DovBear Blog
54 Agudath Israel Confirms Policy: "Ask permission from Rabbi to report when a child is being sexually abused." 07/24/11 Agudath Israel
55 Agudath Israel Statement on Reporting Suspicions of Child Abuse 07/22/11 Rabbi Avi Shafran
56 Kamenetsky: Report Child Abuse to Rabbis, Not Police 07/21/11 JTA
57 Rabbi Kamenetsky's Unfortunate Comments 07/21/11 Washington Jewish Week
58 Tragedy In Borough Park Puts Shomrim Under Scrutiny 07/19/11 Jewish Week
59 Leiby Kletzky's Death Is So Difficult to Process 07/15/11 Washington Jewish Week
60 Agudah and Abuse 06/23/11 DovBear Blog
61 Does Agudath Israel Of America Set The Brooklyn D.A.'s Policy On Reporting Child Sex Abuse? 05/25/11 Failed Messiah
62 Ultra-Orthodox Group Affirms Abuse Cases Go First To Rabbi 05/25/11 The Jewish Daily Forward
63 Letter to the Editor - Jewish Forward 05/25/11 Elliot Pasik, Esq.
64 Agudath Israel Of America Says You Have To Ask A Rabbi Before You Can Call The Police On A Child Molester 05/18/11 Failed Messiah
65 Agudah’s ‘Yes We Can’ Moment 04/28/10 The Jewish Star
66 Op-Ed: Why Wait For Agudah? 12/04/09 The Jewish Star
67 Rabbis Still Want Role in Abuse Cases 10/14/09 The Jewish Daily Forward
68 The Markey Bill and Beyond: If Rabbis Really Cared... 05/26/09 Jewish Week
69 Escalating Tensions, Protesters Rile Agudah over Sex-Abuse Bill 05/19/09 The Jewish Daily Forward
70 Protest at Agudah 05/19/09 Jewish Week
71 Agudah Opposes Child Victim Act Despite Conflict 04/30/09 The Jewish Star
72 Agudah Acknowledges Conflict Over Summer Camp But Also Opposes Child Victim Act 04/26/09 The Jewish Star
73 Haredi Groups Oppose Abuse Bill 04/21/09 Jewish Week
74 Two Orthodox Groups Are Opposing Sex Abuse Bill 04/21/09 The Jewish Daily Forward
75 Joint Statement from Agudath Israel and Torah Umesorah‏ Regarding Statutes of Limitations For Civil Claims 04/21/09 The Moetzes Gedolai HaTorah of Agudath Israel of America
76 Showdown Over Bills on Sex-Abuse Statute 04/11/09 Jewish Week
77 Satmer-Backed Abuse Bill Excludes Many Adults 03/31/09 The Jewish Daily Forward
78 Sex-Abuse Statute Bill Clears Hurdle 03/17/09 Jewish Week
79 Religious Leaders Battle Abuse Bill in New York 03/11/09 NY Times
80 Sex-Abuse Statute of Limitations May Be Extended 03/10/09 Jewish Week
81 Agudath Israel Supports Fingerprinting Bill 11/14/08 The Jewish Star
82 Editorial: Haredim Begin Confronting Pedophilia 10/01/08 The Jewish Daily Forward
83 Rabbinic Molesters Issue Moving Agudah 09/23/08 Jewish Week